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Sep 14, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install Calm MOD APK v6.32 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Calm MOD APK v6.32 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Calm MOD APK v6.32 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


It is really good and there are many options for things, it works well and I enjoy using it and listening to music when I want to listen to something, I also like how you can change the scene and other music that goes with it Some things in the app include : sleep stories, music, breathing, meditation and more! And no ads at all! But I don’t recommend if you don’t want to pay for anything, finding something good without buying premium is almost impossible.
I love the app and am obsessed with Tamara! She is so soft-spoken and down-to-earth that it’s a breeze to fall asleep in her sessions after a long and often stressful day. I have one feature suggestion that I would request is that some days I forget to attach my sleep data, I would like to be able to go back and add it after the 24 hours have passed. sometimes I’m very busy and I can’t make it. Of course I won’t remember the night 7 weeks ago, but let’s just say having a 3 day window doesn’t sound too crazy.
Love this app. It has changed my sleep hygiene for the better. I use reminders for sleep, gratitude, and mindfulness. Calm has a wide variety of meditations, sleep music, bedtime stories, journals and more. The only thing that would make it better was if users could create their own bedtime story playlists. I want to mix and match to create a 4-5 hour playlist instead of sticking to predetermined ones.
Love the content and design. My main requirement would be to be able to create a sleep playlist. So if I started a story to fall asleep, a bedtime playlist starts at the back end. That way, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can use the music to fall back asleep without having to look at the screen. Voice control of the app using Google Assistant or Galaxy or Siri would also be nice. I try to avoid blue light around my sleep.
I got this app when I started a new job/career and was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. It definitely helped me through those first few months with different programs, calming music to start the day, guided meditations to help me sleep at night…there is so much material on stress, anxiety, depression etc…Most meditations are short enough to get the day off to a good start or provide quick anxiety relief at lunchtime or even during a 10-minute break. I warmly recommend!
It’s an awesome app, but it can be frustrating when you see a little lock symbol on many options in the app. I know you want to make money too, but I wouldn’t pay more than $1/month for an app. You want to charge me what Netflix does but deliver a fraction of the content available. I would also like an alarm clock feature that predicts when I will get up (I see other apps that have this feature) and they are free! The app is well built but the price is too high in my humble opinion.
Very relaxing app, managed to wind me down quickly even when I was full of energy. 2 complaints, one of which is about costs. I would like to see a change in the second one. I can’t personally justify spending $69.99/year for this service, maybe I can. Navigating the app is a bit clunky, and even though it tells you stories, crickets and running water don’t seem to alleviate it much. In my opinion, part of relaxation is dead silence or close to it. It did the job..
I love the app. It would be perfect if sessions didn’t stop suddenly due to notifications coming from other apps. During the exercise you can close your eyes, then you will notice a very long pause in the instructor’s voice. Open your eyes to check what’s going on and you’ll find that the voice has stopped because of a notification from another app. The app also needs a program search function. Currently all you need to find is a manual search.
I love this app! I use it all the time…and love that it’s always there to go back to if I forget it for a while. The only thing I would like to see changed is the music….so why are there 5 minute segments. I only use the hourly ones because I write in them. If it’s going to be a 5-minute music segment, at least give it the option to repeat it. Otherwise, this app is awesome and worth it if you use the paid version.
I really like most of this app. Stories about music and sleep were very helpful in keeping my mind from racing at night. I like the timer function to play for a set time and then turn off. If you choose a time longer than the song you choose, it will choose a different song, and if it’s a song that’s much louder, it actually wakes me up. It’s not cool. Other than that, it was a great addition (pun intended) to comfort.
The one for me. After trying several other mindfulness apps, I chose this one. It’s simple, easy to use, has tons of options, including meditation, bedtime stories to help you sleep better, music, masterclasses on different topics, different background sounds to choose from, and even body care – stretching. The daily mindfulness sessions last 10 minutes and Tamara’s voice is very pleasant and adds just the right touch to my experience. Try this app!!
The app offers interesting material and I use it daily, every morning, on the way to work and back home, before and after training, when I take a bath… The possibilities are endless. It’s worth the paid subscription. But… it would be better if it allowed you to favorite an entire series of shows and not just individual shows within it. It will also be useful to add search options using filters such as categories and keywords.


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