Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 MOD APK (Mega Menu)


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Mar 26, 2023
2 GB
Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 MOD APK v1.0.38 (Mega Menu) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 MOD APK v1.0.38 (Mega Menu) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 MOD APK v1.0.38 (Mega Menu) Game for Android


This game offers leaderboards that are available to everyone. Even individual weapon rankings. Every day there is something new to discover. Still highly recommended. No spam ads either. Thank you for this. I love it now about ads. I don’t like them. I click on an advertisement only to wait for 10 seconds before I receive an image of the ad with an arrow with a double that can be pressed to stop. Then I’m presented with another image in the ad for 5 seconds to press on x. I’m then forced wait for a second time. It’s more difficult to block the advertisement than to sit back and watch it. This is the most effective battle royale game on Android. It has the best graphics with smooth gameplay, as well as a range of modern weapons. I’ve been playing for over two years. However, since the latest Heavy Metal update the game has become somewhat unsteady. Particularly when I enter the game, it runs at 99%, and then says that it’s been unable to finish even having a good internet connection. It is important to fix this problem so it doesn’t hinder my gameplay.
It is the absolute best game I’ve ever played. Excellent graphics, flawless transitions and modern weapons. Two issues: 1. The music played when a player is not playing in a game becomes boring after a time. Learn in Euro Truck Simulator and let players create their own songs. 2. It’s very difficult to obtain CP. Please allow us to earn a lot at once as rewards.
I’ve been a regular gamer for the past three years and I am able to say that this is among the most enjoyable mobile games. The only drawback I can imagine is the amount of space it consumes more than 20GB if you download the entire game. The graphics are stunning and the game keeps updating with new content. I’d like to see them ramp up the aesthetics since this is where the majority of storage is. Around 16 of the 20GB are purely cosmetic and expensive. Overall a decent game.
We’ve been playing intermittently for many years. It is the most addicting and enjoyable mobile game that you can play with your friends. Each game mode is fun and the settings and controls are well-designed and you can make any adjustments you wish. The graphics are great for mobile games, however my phone can sometimes be slow. There are glitches and bugs however, they are much less than the days before. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.
The best game I have ever played I have no complaints. We thank you Activision and Activision for the creation of this amazing game . However, I have an suggestion. I was wondering what you could include. For instance, would you be able to restore the cache of data? The excitement of running around or discovering the cache was incredible. Thank you for making the greatest game ever played on mobile phones. I’m looking eagerly to playing the following season!
The game is incredibly packed with visuals, gameplay and even music. I am in love with it. The only issue is that it runs at 90% when you are on your main display. It the game then displays “timed out” even though you’ve got high speed internet or WiFi. Fix it as it takes between 4 and five games to restart.
I am a huge fan of this game, aren’t you? It’s incredible that you don’t need to spend PS60 in order to get it. However, it’s becoming impossible to play, it’s not about space , or anything else. my phone is great however I’m experiencing major lag issues. The settings were excessive, I’ve reduced the lags now, but it’s irritating because when I’m playing an unranked game, they must solve matchmaking issues because it’s beginning to make me feel like the opposing teams are religious while my team has no way to determine the direction they’re taking. 4 stars..
This is truly amazing. The tutorial was fantastic and the game is amazing. I haven’t come across hackers in the past. But there’s one issue. After I began playing and completed the instructional, I won my first game 20-6 or as such. It is important to allow higher-ranked players to participate in lower-ranked games. I’m simply seeking an opportunity to test myself. It’s also huge.
I fell in love with the game the moment I tried it. There is a vast variety of game modes you can participate in and they’re highly competitive against real players! There are so many characters to play and so many weapons to play with and plenty of games to choose from! This is truly an S+ level game on my top tiers. One thing which frustrates me is the connection issues and screen freezing during mid-game. I have a very fast Wi-Fi connection, yet I am still able to get sluggish when playing rated games. The game will freeze at times.
A fun, enjoyable game with the familiar look of earlier COD versions. Once you’ve got the game’s interface down, it is simple and fluid. There are some glitches that can occur, such as trigger lock and so on. Graphics, good content, and gameplay. Too many kids playing. Hearing their screaming is annoying. Yes, I understand that they could be muted but that’s not really the main point. They’re way too young for this kind of game. However, thanks COD for making a fantastic mobile game.


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