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Dec 9, 2022
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How to install Brawl Stars MOD APK v47.200 (Unlimited Money/Crystals) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Brawl Stars MOD APK v47.200 (Unlimited Money/Crystals) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Brawl Stars MOD APK v47.200 (Unlimited Money/Crystals) Game for Android


It’s the best mobile-friendly game that I’ve experienced for some time. The characters are designed well. Each character is distinct enough to make the difference in the characters that are part of your team. It’s an enjoyable time all around. Leveling up seems fair atm. It’s not difficult and doesn’t go too easy. I’d just like to not have to run out of exp on the battle pass once you’ve completed your daily missions.

I’ve been playing brawl star for the past four years and it’s an amazing game with regularly great updates. But, one thing that really annoys me to me, is that there is no way of reporting players who are not active or to fix the game in the trophy road. I’m sure you can accomplish this in the power league, but when you lose trophy after trophy to the other players is a snare. It’s even more frustrating when you have brawlers who are higher ranking and with higher stakes. It really ruins the whole aspect that makes the sport enjoyable. However, aside from that, it’s fun

I really enjoy this game, and I haven’t played the game all the way through. I feel it has an excellent gameplay, and game modes that are unique and less boring. There aren’t any bugs (That I’ve seen) However, there’s one issue, I believe gemstones are expensive and are extremely difficult to obtain them on a regular basis. This is why I think they need to lower the cost of everything in general.

The gameplay is fantastic and features a variety of game modes and characters each with their own distinct gameplay. The excitement of getting new brawlers to play with is thrilling, and you can also achieve milestones. The only issue I encountered was dropping percentages and the fact that you could not control unlocking a brawler that was which you were not able to find, but the developers are working on this as well. This is an incredible game, with a better development team who listens to the players and strives in keeping the experience fun.

The issue has been resolved. It’s a great game to play. In terms of daily quests, you can expect to see too many showdowns. I don’t like showdowns, and I dislike playing quests with characters I dislike. Beyond that, I enjoy the game. We should be able to choose the characters of our choice. I don’t like having complete all the scrolling in order to locate my character. In gem grab, there’s a feature that freezes your character after you have earned 10 gems in order to aid the team of your opponent to make the comeback.

It’s a blast, no matter if you’re a casual or competitive. I’ve had a lot of difficulty unlocking new brawlers since I began to around 8000 trophies. But now I’ve unlocked several. A variety of brawlers as well as game modes ensures that it is not boring, and generally, it is an original and addictive gameplay. Updates are always great whenever they are released. Keep up the good work!

Let’s start by asking the fundamentals: Would you recommend the game? Yes, however there are some negatives 1. Enjoyable causal gameplay 2. Numerous playable characters. There’s always incentive to play (brawl pass and quests, trophy pushes and more.) 4. Fun and funky artwork style 5. Fun to play with your friends 1. Power levels can make competitive modes seem like a prank and makes it feel like the player with the most power level(which you can buy to increase it) gets 2 wins. Always feels slow

Absolutely fantastic. The best Supercell game ever! It’s very easy to learn gameplay , but becomes more difficult as you progress. it’s not a pay-to-win game (like Clash Royale) because around every 2-3 seasons you can buy the Brawlpass by using the money you earn by playing! The only thing I don’t like is the random players, however that’s pretty much every game online, so I’m giving it 5/5 stars 🙂

Brawl Stars hasn’t disappeared from my phone since I downloaded it. Excellent fighting game customization, award system, great handouts. I’ve been playing since the launch and on and more than off! Looking for six more characters to add to the assortment, as well as producing new characters every month or more!

Brawl Stars is a game of cooperation and duo orsolo. There are maps to play and each map is an entire amount of trophy awards. In 3v3 matches you get 8 trophies, in duos you get 9 trophies and in solo you get 10 trophies. New accounts can avail an offer of 15 days free rewards. If you don’t receive an award, the rewards are not be applicable to that account. There is also a SUPERCELL ID. This Supercell ID grants you a skin free of WIZARD BARLEY plus Barley even if you don’t own the. Additionally, you can log in with this account to any device.

My most played game on my phone to date! Although it may take several days to unlock new brawlers, it’s nonetheless very enjoyable and thrilling! I like the variety of game modes and other elements you can put on an existing brawler (gadgets stars, star powers, and gears). Definitely deserves a five star rating!

The thing that irritates me is the throwers. They are the ones who are known for throwing their attacks at walls. When playing 3v3 it’s difficult since I have to pick a thrower to stop the thrower. It’s not a good idea to throwers to win 3v3. In the next showdown, I see team players. The throwers must be overhauled. Get rid of their primary throw mechanic It’s not enjoyable fighting the throwers when they are always hiding in their wall. It’s not an easy task especially if you’re not a wallbreaker.

Similar comments to those made before. Matchmaking is in need of fixing. The practice of playing with trophies that are a number is not efficient. Include the option to report players particularly players who have been AFK since it’s super unfair to many players. Overall , the game would have been more enjoyable by making these small changes. Thanks.


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