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Aug 11, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.7.42 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.7.42 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.7.42 (Money) Game for Android


Fun, big game, lots of work. Good grinding. But it’s a little too overwhelming when everything happens at once. The menus are not very clear, rather a bit confusing. Even as very used to MMORPGs. A peel off option would be great as it often doesn’t work on a chromebook so you have to force close. Very time consuming and quite annoying. The joystick is too far on the screen on the chromebook, very difficult to control the character in manual mode, the option of remote controls would be nice. Add translator to chat.
I like it, but I’m missing some key things that could make it better. First up is party mode. I’m told the Korean version has it and I’d like to see it come to the US version. Also, those with higher-end devices or PC emulators would be happy to have a higher anti-aliasing option. I’m playing it on my tablet (galaxy s8 ultra) and it’s so grainy and pixelated. I will definitely give 5 stars if the graphics can be improved.
I played non-stop for almost a year. I love BDM, my first guild experience was great. Great music, well optimized graphics, great story. but I had to change my review from 5 to 4 stars. Still a great game, but in the last few weeks your servers have been extremely unstable, with teleport crashes, especially in g.desert. I’ll be struggling and suddenly I’m moved 5-10 feet in a different direction. Very annoying. Please do something about it and I’ll be happy to change back to 5 ⭐
It would be easy to rate this game 3 stars, but I will give it 4 because I will continue to play it and I want to support the game. There are few full mobile MMORPGs with crafting and such. I have 2 big problems with BDM. The smaller one is that it crashes on my Chromebook. The bigger part is that the entire economy of the game penalizes new players. Everything on the market is overpriced and there is no incentive to sell to new players or for new players to sell on the market.
Update 1: able to detect a small distance for my Archer so it moves back after a certain distance. Able to get all the gear to start the chaos. Super happy about it. The developers have made a great game and fighting a tough monster is a feature, not a bug. Around 20k fighting a 25k monster. Using my method. And those who complain about the autoplay or other feature. Try to complete 180 levels in black spirit and then talk about this game.
VISUALS: 5/5 character creation is the best, world design is great, visual effects are great, UI management is good SOUND: 3/5 Soundtrack on various maps is not very prominent. GAMEPLAY: 4/5 with 30+ classes of different playstyle, items can be used universally by other characters, item progression is well explained, quest progression is shared, deserts and oceans for more exploration, World Boss raids, dungeon explorations (including party with your other characters)
New update, I can’t download data. it says downloaderError: Meta download failed:ConnectionTimeOut when I have high speed internet can you please fix it? I want to play this game again and it won’t let me play anymore. Edit: Thanks for the quick reply, Dev. I restarted my phone and now I can download the data fix. Keep up the good work, respect!
I’m back again this year and overall still great, fresh content every time I get into the game. The game is so focused on AFK, but I guess that’s okay. One thing I don’t like is the graphics, not the look but rather the fact that the game keeps lowering the settings. I like my fps unlimited because 30 fps is too low. So I hope the automatic change can be stopped.


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