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Dec 13, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.54 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.54 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.54 (Money) Game for Android


I am awestruck by game because of its gorgeous graphics and the numerous choices, and this game would be top choice for me if it were not because of the autoplay. Additionally, the quests become somewhat repetitive, in my opinion. My suggestion to the creators to eliminate the autoplay feature or at the very least, put an option to switch it off in the settings, and include more World of Warcraft-like quest lines , and while you’re there, perhaps ensure that the your interface is customizable or has hide options, as it’s quite crowded.

It’s interesting compared to console and PC versions However, it’s not that bad so long as you know the way MMORPG games work accessible on mobile. In addition, I was almost forgetting. The quality of graphics and the speed of performance are amazing. It runs extremely smooth in the S21 Ultra and doesn’t really consume my battery too much when compared to other games, however even so, it’s fine.

As a hardcore player I thoroughly loved playing this game! It has a combat mechanic, storyquest as well as an open world. However, i would give the game as 4/5 as the render distance of graphics is extremely short. The enemy appears in the distance when you change your camera’s vision. The game is fun occasionally my phone would stutter while playing. I would recommend if there was an option to disable auto run after you have completed the quest, and finally include an option to alter the gender of the various classes. That’s all.

It is a great game. PC version is among the most popular games and the mobile version does an excellent job at capturing that fantastic quality in a mobile. I would definitely recommend. It would be nice to see console have a new generation version earlier. I find it a bit ridiculous that the developers aren’t in good communication with players regarding the progress of this version.

It’s not clear why it is slow in my mobile (redmi note11 pro which is quite durable). The autoplay is occasionally a bit irritating. I’m a novice and have never played a PC version, so the elements and other stuff seem a bit confusing for me, making me confused. The game is beautiful, and it’s very enjoyable. game)

I’m enjoying the beginning of the game for fee of a few weeks, the plot is intriguing and fascinating to me, and I am eager to see what is going to take place in the coming weeks. The character creation is huge with tons of editable materials available to select from, which means it will require a lot of time. There’s an auto mode to fight or farming resources (yay it’s usable when I want to rest). Character classes are also enormous. It’s worth a try certain parts are difficult to describe in words, so try it for yourself. ^w^

Absolutely fantastic. If you have a weak phone, don’t buy it. approximately nine GB of memory is a great game and the English voice acting has been found to be… decent in my opinion. It is plagued by the same issue that many mobile games do. Micro transactions comprise a substantial portion of the game however, playing for free is extremely rewarding. The quests are fairly simple, like most RPGs are. Kill a thing here or speak to someone Go here kill something. It has a base and a bit… Uhh

Amazing game that I’ve played it on PC or console and Mobile version of the game is my favorite. It’s a joke however it’s the truth. I’m not saying that the alternatives aren’t worth it. For me, this is the best one. The p2p isn’t good, but the f2p can be remarkable however. Haven’t spent a dime. Only time that you have to pay real money in case you’d like to play more slots. You get 3 free.

A stunningly designed world that is fueled by phenomenonlism. Everything about this game is engaging. The game is a constant adventure. There’s always a variety of missions and quests to finish. The characters are numerous amazing, captivating and well-designed. The world is brimming with an array of weapons, items or armor, accessories and so on. Contrary to similar games they never seem unattainable or useless. The game is, without doubt, an incredibly rewarding. Try it!

Absolutely amazing, I love all the things about it. Really though. The graphics are amazing and full of life. The game is over high-end in many ways right from the beginning. However, it’s the quality that keeps players coming back every day. It’s a lot of fun for a game on mobile. It’s better on a PC , in fact. Well done Devs.


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