BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.7 (Bitizenship)


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Dec 13, 2022
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How to install BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.7 (Bitizenship) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.7 (Bitizenship) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.7 (Bitizenship) Game for Android


To me, this is an excellent game. It’s enjoyable, and there’s a lot of options of what you can play. The possibilities are limitless (to an extent.) The thing I find difficult is the number of advertisements that the game provides you. The ads have improved since advertisements since you only see them if you specifically click on something. The game can also be played without Internet which means that advertisements are a simple fix. Overall, wonderful game. A lot of enjoyment.

It’s a good game, and I thoroughly am enjoying playing it. I have only three suggestions on this one. 1. A superhero update. It would be awesome in the activity area where there was an option to turn into the superhero of your choice. You can choose your powers. You must watch an advertisement or something else to gain the ability. 2. The ability to purchase clothes. It would be interesting to be able to see your own body. 3. The ability to travel through time. It’s on the game, but I’m talking about Bill as well as Ted Time travel. Hope you guys investigate this. Thank you.

It’s a blast and I’ve played for hours it because it’s addictive. But the advertisements.. They are so irritating. For instance, let’s say that I need to get back to my main menu, which is located under “activities” and when I return there’s an advertisement, every single time. Additionally, I’m having issues with ads because they take me to an advertisement and it will not play and cannot let me out of it. I need to open the application. Other than that, it’s an enjoyable and addictive game.

Bit life is a fantastic game. I’ve been playing it to it since the year 2018 when it was released. I’ve played it on numerous different devices, and so far it’s been great. It’s been enjoyable and there’s a new update coming out as well as some other updates, that are fantastic. I was having fun playing and had an update suggestion, and an afterlife update. We also need an update for werewolves because they’re planning to unleash a vampire, and it’s lacking kind of power like I would like to be able to accomplish everything. I’d like to know if anyone wants to shoot me if I’m looking to shoot.

The game’s playthrough is among one of the most amazing games I’ve ever witnessed! I am playing it for hours, and am now addicted to the application! This is a suggestion everyone would like to see to see in the game: add more countries that are similar to North Korea because it will be fascinating, particularly in conjunction with North Korea. Incorporate years that span from the 19th century up to the 20th century and 21st century, so that you have enjoyable to play in various eras.

The game is absolutely remarkable, except for one thing, there’s no method to transfer the saved progress to different devices!! This means that all the effort in playing the game could go to waste within a minute, should something occurs on the gadget.

I was playing games and it suddenly stopped working. When I restarted it, the person which I played with was not there. It was not in my saved lives. Then I opened it again and over and turned off the phone.

Bitlife is my favorite game for five years now. It’s simple and simple to play, and you don’t need internet access for playing it. I’ve bought every possible in-app purchases from the 2nd to 3rd time in the past (different accounts) I will also continue to buy other ones added. It’s worthwhile! Bitlife constantly updates its app and always keeps me amused. In the Bitlife world I can be whatever I want, wherever I’d like. P.s. Bitlife administrators and developers are extremely quick to address any feedback or concerns

Excellent game! Only one thing: I am annoyed that everyone aside from iPhone users must wait for a long time to get an update. I own an Motorola and am a bit behind, just like those who don’t own iPhones. So I’m wondering if we can have an update some time in the next life? In addition it’s a fantastic game and I would definitely recommend it.

The game is amazing It’s amazing! However, the reason I gave four stars is because it contains a number of items we have to purchase to be attracted to the game! And every when I play the game, it’s directing me to an advertisement! It’s a 4 minute AD! It’s a great game, but I’d love to see new updates! !

I am a bitlife fan but I think that if there were no ads for users on phones, it would be a fantastic improvement and enhance the experience. I would love to see those who aren’t bitzens still had several options but not at the same level as if you were and are less fortunate than a bitzen when making the choices. Overall, bitlife is awesome!


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