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How will you live your BitLife?
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Candywriter LLC
Aug 31, 2022
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How to install BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.15 (Free Bitizenship) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.15 (Free Bitizenship) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.15 (Free Bitizenship) Game for Android


Love this game, they continually add new stuff to it overtime, thus it never gets bored if you’re like life simulation games. 
Both the commercial and free version of the game is pleasant. 
I’m “bitizen” and it personally think it’s not bad price considering the extra features and if you’re someone like me who enjoys the challenges, but likes to make things easier when possible, the few dollars as one-time thing isn’t bad, especially considering how much is spent on other Xbox games.


The game is already excellent. 
sorta hope that there might be several versions of the game such as: easy, complex, intense. 
Like in each edition there is more stuff to do in just one year, or the life is more harder to fulfill. 
also wish there was choice of how many days, weeks, and months you could skip instead of simply year. 
Just so could get deeper into the game and spend longer time on one life. 
Just some thoughts feel free to copy since id love to try it with these possibilities. 🙂


The game is very enjoyable, play for hours on end and is certainly one of my most fave applications. 
But when can we anticipate an update that would connect the android app to the IOS one? 
As of now, we are losing out on so many things – months behind. 
quit playing largely due of the lack of things to do, despite there supposed to being tons of things to do, because of the lack of updates. 
have done everything and it comes to point of becoming monotonous, even with the weekly challenges.


It’s fantastic simulator, wish certain things were more detailed, additional activity options would be excellent, the Mini Games are all bad, either get rid of them or replace them with something truly amusing…. 
The little games are plain dreadful. 
Accidentally pressing Accessories is usually nightmare because of the notice as well. 
would include additional activities and whatnot. 
Otherwise it’s really decent.


This is an excellent game. 
To truly appreciate it, you do need bitizenship, but it’s well worth it. 
The developers need to be paid for their job, thus there are lot of adverts if you opt out. 
purchased for one shortly when the app entered the play store almost years ago now. 
Unlike other games, you don’t have to pay for material as it is introduced, which is extremely welcomed. 
There are upgrades and challenges periodically to keep it new (which is why still play so often even after years) and the writing is quite brilliant.


This is one of my favorite games on my phone, love the features, realism but yet not too difficult or monotonous and still really thrilling and very entertaining way to live out many ‘fantasies’. 
definitely suggest and honestly it’s so hard to really explain someone about the game and how great it is without simply having them play it. 
Also can’t wait for the Business update, there doing wonderful job and can’t wait for more.


There is variety of things to do, the bought stuff aren’t too pricey, the commercials aren’t too severe but for the individuals not seeking to pay, it can be aggravating. 
know the bitlife team is working on other apps like doglife and Catlife, however there are things wish were added. 
Also the option that makes your character die from heart attack even though they’re healthy isn’t realistic, it’s aggravating especially if your undertaking challenge or if your character isn’t even elderly.


purchased the 4.99 and it only appears to have locked half the items it’s meant to. 
keep attempting to press restore purchase. 
But it don’t do anything. 
It comes up and claims it’s been restored but it still wont allow me do some things…. for example can’t hire hit guy.. will give stars when and if it starts to operate correctly.


don’t have God Mode and I’m not Bitizen so there are tons of advertising but it’s not expensive to get rid of them. 
Even if don’t got the career packs or other goodies it’s still great entertaining game. 
I’m really liking the current Ultimate Bully Challenge because can do it without having paid. 
Thanks for making it so entertaining 🙂


About :
BitLife – Life Simulator is simulation game that replicates the process of person’s full life from being in the womb to death. 
The game was produced by the production team of company Candywriter, LLC. 
If you are lover of simulation and simulation games, this is surely game studio familiar with such games. 
This game is part of the company’s library of emulators. 

However, this game will not be the same or similar to the previous game.

This is one of the most crucial numbers as it impacts your happiness levels. 
While you’re keeping joyful, things would likely to come your way and you’ll feel more gratified when doing tasks. 

On the other hand, having low happiness would mean that your characters would likely to suffer from depression. This makes him/her to become less effective in every activity that he/she is participating in.

Having excellent health is always necessary if you want to live full life. 
This would help you to engage more activities, boost your work performances, and preventing from having short and incomplete existence.

People need to be smart to grasp the things that happen around them. 
That being stated, you should spend specific amount of time studying and learning new topics so that you may enhance your smarts level.
You are born with the faces that your parent provides you. 

It could be ugly or beautiful, don’t matter. In BitLife – Life Simulator, everything can be changed. It just takes a little cashes to back you up. That being said, to improve your looks, you can take on the plastic surgeries which can transform you into a Brad Pitt lookalike. You can even go as far as switching your gender should you feel the old one is no long suitable.


You create the sequence of events for your character by choosing actions in each protagonist’s timelines. BitLife – Life Simulator will create a sequence of events for your character in different stages. As simple as when you are taken by your mother to get vaccinated, the game will give you a choice to protest by biting your mother’s hand, or you become a good child by obediently sitting still.

When the player reaches the age of 6, the age to go to school age, as a student, players can interact with many teachers and friends at school. In addition, you also have the option to join clubs, charities, etc. The game will be designed so that the milestones are like a life of many people. Go to high school and then graduate. At this stage, you will decide what you want to do. You can continue your education by choosing to go to university or find a job and do military service.


Consider the basic stats of your character in BitLife – Life Simulator is Happiness, Health, Intelligence, Appearance. You need to pay attention to the most is Health, with good health, you will have more participation in life activities. Do not be too important about the Appearance factor because it does not affect your future, and it can change when you go for cosmetic surgery. Although you have many choices, each choice brings different endings, even death.

Or will you play choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, fall in love or go on adventures, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. You choose your story…

Discover how bit by bit life choices can add up to determine your success in life the game.

Interactive story games have been around for years. But this is the first text life simulator to truly mash up and simulate adult life.

What is BitLife Life Simulator MOD APK

Now it finally comes to the modification, that if the game includes all the most remarkable features and the fantastic graphics, why would you need modification?

Basically, the developer has included hundreds of in-game purchases within the game interface to monetize it, and that’s all the resources you would desire to make your life game more generous.

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