Battle Prime Online MOD APK (Mega Menu)


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Mar 29, 2023
2 GB
Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Battle Prime Online MOD APK v8.5 (Mega Menu) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Battle Prime Online MOD APK v8.5 (Mega Menu) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Battle Prime Online MOD APK v8.5 (Mega Menu) Game for Android


I’m in love with everything. The gameplay is fluid and the game continues to want to play all day. It’s very addictive! The cost of the additional features is really reasonable I would say for a game that provides endless hours of fun. I also love that the Piggy Bank system. It’s nice also as an incentive to put in the effort and use to purchase the additional features. Thank you for the update and having fun

This game is an undiscovered treasure. It is absolutely stunning from the graphics that are certainly equivalent to consoles, and the game itself. The game runs extremely smoothly with absolutely no lag. Evidently lots of thought and effort was put into the creation for this particular game. This is another fantastic game.

Game is not great however you can do more than this by improving the animation running animation , greater sensitivity, and more. the times when it slows down. that the character lags a bit and occasionally I ruin my experience playing. With the improvement of all these aspects, you can beat your competition .

I love the game. It sometimes takes some time to load, and there’s some glitches every now and every now and then, but it’s still enjoyable. The only thing I would like it had was a practice mode, so that you can determine what weapons you enjoy and to make adjustments.

A very enjoyable game that I used to play with my Razer Kaiju mobile, following the 1.5 gigabyte update , which seems a little odd for an update to be this in size .. The sensitivity of the left analog stick went extremely slow, and is not fixable by changing the game’s settings.. This effectively destroyed the game with the update.. If the issue can be fixed, i will change the review. ..

This game is awesome and there’s plenty to be done, in fact it’s simple at first, However, the greater the rank and degree the more difficult it gets highly recommended because it’s not my first game that I’m playing, I’m an Apex predator and I love the game. There’s one thing to note: it’s possible that you won’t hear the lobby theme immediately, but I’m sure you will after two games (tutorial? ).

It was fun to play with or without controller. Fantastic mobile shooter. It’s probably the best out on the market. I’m aware of this app being taken off the App Store for a while. I’d like to get compensated for the purchase I had made prior occurring. Would like to keep supporting this book.

It’s like playing Call of Duty Blackops 3 and 4. The game is more exciting than any FPS mobile than I’ve ever played, and in very near time, please do not change the most balanced weapon available in the game. I didn’t mention the motion mechanics are a bit rapid sprinting, similar to the fast-paced game.. The sliding is just so enjoyable.

A great game. The graphics are stunning and they have a variety of weapons as well as their skins. The primary characters have great abilities as do their skins. They are extremely nice. There are many types of containers and events. I like this game extremely greatly. However, I’m giving it 4 stars because of some errors. However, this game is extremely enjoyable and I recommend you to play this game.

Have been playing for about 3 months, I believe?. So far , I’ve only experienced some issues when it was slow however, it could be because the issue with my connection. The game’s graphics is great and I enjoyed playing it because it’s easy to play, just like other game. I’m not a fan of games, but to pass the time but I would suggest this game.

The game is fantastic, but it requires fixing the gyro scope, and also include new maps, and improve the graphics and resolutions some more. And in addition, most importantly, provide methods to earn free Prime Points thru in game tournaments or events with a limited duration and also fix the speed of match making , but otherwise, this game is flawless. …. Keep the game going developers

We’re still at the initial phases, but I’m enjoying the game so far. I’m not a huge player of team death games in matchbox maps, actually I dislike these games… however, I was enthralled by these three games I’ve played. I hope they’re more that just teams vs teams , however.

Fantastic graphics. I allowed my classmate to play the game with my phone. He is very intrigued to it . He would like to download or install the game in order for him to have fun during break times because he loves this type of graphics, physics and optimization. There will be more updates in the near future, God bless y’all devs

As good as games with fps are, they’re as good as they. Except for pubg, I’ve not played any that make a statement. There are too many features and not enough details However, the gameplay is fantastic.

Fantastic game with great play . I don’t like the glitches like turning corners and walls, and then ending up in a different location. It’s also like there are people who shot through walls and were capable of being ripped to the ground and start all over. But I really enjoy the game. Go on!

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