AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK (Cracked)


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Aug 1, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK v23.15.0 (Cracked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK v23.15.0 (Cracked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK v23.15.0 (Cracked) App for Android


Awesome app! I had some trojan randomly pop up in the middle of games with add and sex references and this app saved me. It scanned all my apps and files and it turned out it wasn’t in the app. It was an advanced type of Trojan, but I don’t have time to explain that. Turns out it stuck to my root files so no matter how many times I reset the phone it would still be there. and this thing saved me. It cleared all the viruses (like 4). Anyway, I recommend it. Awesome app!
I love it. Much more access that other apps don’t have. There is no option to add an event of your choice. Maybe 1 at the start or every 20 clicks, either way it’s worth downloading even if you don’t know what it is. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll use it, look around your phone, or change a few settings you didn’t even know existed.
It gets the job done and who knows what else, but my god those ads are terrible, by far some of the worst I’ve seen. It practically begs you to upgrade to the premium version every time you open the app. Sometimes it even sends you an ad premium alert. If it wasn’t, I might have given it a 5 because its free version is actually pretty good. (Thanks for the reply. The problem is not with the existing ads, but rather with the design in which they are displayed. Frankly, it is very annoying.)
It’s a pretty decent app, but the locking feature is really annoying at times. It’s overlox and over checks and it could be really frustrating trying to get it in and out of settings. Other than that, it seems pretty decent. It would be nice if it could more thoroughly check any type of unofficial third-party software that has been installed or setup. That would mean your devices are redirected or something because they are missing something.
1/28/22 I always use this app on all devices, even the paid version. I enjoyed its security with all the features available. I would love to get it again, but I can’t afford it right now. However, I am still looking for specialties – which involve multiple devices. But as for this free app, I think it’s great, I even saw it tested by a YouTuber years ago. Although I still feel the same way, I hate that the auto scan feature was removed for the free version.
This app is very easy to use. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye. And the features that come with the ultimate subscription are all you’ll need in an antivirus app. Each feature is very easy to use and gives you a full explanation of what was done in terms of scanning or anything that was found. The protection is absolutely amazing! thank you AVG
This app runs smoothly without being intrusive. Easy to set up and intuitive to use. Functions that are not performed automatically are alerted to you so that you can take action when it’s convenient for you (such as deleting redundant files and cached items to free up memory. I’ve been running the program for a while now and it seems to offer good protection as no problems have been reported to date.Thanks AVG for this good experience.
Thanks for the free APP. I am satisfied. Besides the hostility of some ads that can’t be closed and it blocks my phone from using the back button and the only way out is to click the download button. Very unfriendly and insulting to get out. Sad because I like AVG and understand that commercial ads are necessary, but often the ads are dodgy and crazy. Please turn it down a bit.
I have been using the app for several years. Not bad, easy to use. It just can’t be used with streaming apps, it forces you to shut down the app. In addition, it is very useful. I also tried the VPN app and it works too well. Some companies’ text messages and location apps won’t work. Due to app lock and VPN on. It’s still being resolved. But it works. I had a problem with my phone and att couldn’t send me a text link to the remote control app. That’s how I know it works well.
The app is pretty crap when it comes to protecting your device. I like this. Although the app has some limitations. It does not scan items or files on the SD card (memory card), it only scans files on the device’s internal storage. Second, the web shield will automatically turn off unless you turn it manually. I don’t know the reason why it works like that.
I got the dreaded “no longer supported” message from my phone’s manufacturer, but I wanted to keep the phone a little longer so I needed a security alternative. This app is more interactive than the manufacturer’s app and my phone seems to work a little better with it. I was so impressed that I upgraded from the free version after just one day!
It’s the best antivirus and cleaner available for the price. Customer service can be slow but the product is the only one I trust on my devices. The split tunneling on the rack itself is why I use it instead of the built in which is in antivirus and security, but if you don’t need it you’ll be happy with the built in. I have nothing but good things to say about the applications that AVG produces. Customer service is slow but there are forums for help or ask me.
UPDATE: Over 4 years later, still very happy with AVG! Upgraded to paid subscription in 2020! INITIAL CHECK: Something was draining the battery causing it to take 6-8 hours to charge. Installed AVG free AntiVirus, checked and found something to fix. I don’t know what, I’m not that tech savvy. Once resolved my phone charges efficiently. It works for me! Probably going to buy the Pro version for Android. I will give it to my relatives as a Christmas present!


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