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Aug 14, 2023
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How to install Avee Music Player (Pro) APK v1.2.159 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Avee Music Player (Pro) APK v1.2.159 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Avee Music Player (Pro) APK v1.2.159 (Premium) App for Android


After being initially upset about their pricing changes, I recently got free access to Premium for the next 90 days because I’m a Legacy Premium user. Customer support was direct and fast. This is not a review of the app (because the app is still great), just a small thank you to the Avee team.
Pretty awesome except: 1. only supports embedded album art (most players now support one image file in the same folder). 2. Unable to sort songs by track number. 3. The spectrum panel does not work in native mode. 4. We need better dark themes. Themes are not adaptive or customizable. If there are ways to solve the above problems, please tell me. It is also good to continue to improve it and provide better features for paid users. Thank you!
This is a fantastic app that is super useful. It looks complicated at first when trying to create a video/visualizer, but it really doesn’t take long to get used to what each setting does. Saving templates is very easy, this is by far my favorite app on my phone. The only thing I would ask for is the ability to use short videos as well as gifs and images as backgrounds. But honestly, this app is capable of amazing results if you put your time into it. Worth buying 5/5 *
Hi Daaw, I am a fan of the app and have been using it for over a year. I use it every day for my music, but there is one thing that makes me question it. When I’m connected to Bluetooth or playing on my phone this random instrumental sound plays from the app while nothing else is playing, it’s almost inexplicable, I’m guessing there’s some sound file or bug in the app that’s triggering randomly. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
It has improved since my last review and I am now using the pro version. There was a problem with the sort function. When I change it to modified date, it shows all songs that haven’t been edited in a long time at the top and recently edited songs at the bottom. The down button doesn’t fix it either, as I toggled it on and off several times.
This is probably the only music visualization app that responds to different frequencies. I’ve tried many but this is the only one that comes close to what I’m looking for. Lots of customization options too, so yeah. Sometimes I like to listen to my music while watching the visualizations, they are very mesmerizing. I just wish there was a night mode.
It’s a great app, the only problem I have is every time I export a video with sound, there are always a few sections where the sound breaks, which also messes up the visualizer. The visualizer also crashes even if I don’t export the video with audio. Another problem is that sometimes setting my own background image doesn’t work and the rhythm thing sometimes goes wrong. Due to these issues I had to uninstall this app as it would not be useful.


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