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Dec 31, 2022
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How to install Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK v2.7.2 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK v2.7.2 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK v2.7.2 (Money) Game for Android


I used to love this game, but now I can’t play it. Google Play Sync didn’t worm after switching phones, and I’ve now lost months of progress. I had all max mechs and equipment, weapons, etc. Now all of that is gone. 🙁 *Edit: After re-installig AND restarting my phone I could get SOME of my progress back, not all, but most, and devs, of you can find the cause of this I urge you go fix it so no one has to loose (even temporarily) their save. 4 stars because I could eventually get it back.

I think this game is great! However, I want a few things in the future updates. One of those being possibly a new engine which allows mechs past level 9 (four legged mechs somewhat like in War Robots) to walk on walls. Maybe make all of the tier engines but the black tier timed, and the black one’s button allow you to jump or disable it. I would be expecting these to be at lowest 800K and top 2 Mil. I believe it would be fair and balanced, for many reasos, but take the stats in any direction!

One of my favorite games, it’s a alot of fun and the graphics are good, been playing it for 2 or 3 years now. Every update is never disappointing. Although I wish they added more mechs and one or two game modes and maps. Definitely worth 5 stars, shoot I would give it 10 stars if I had the option. But would be Awesome if you add more mechs.

Overall, this is a nice game. The ability to change online to offline is a nice feature. And the optimization is also great, you can’t expect any problem to the game not unless your phone have one. But what annoys me is the adds. After 1 to 2 game, adds just pops out. I think you can atleast lessen the frequency of the adds, because it ruins the game experience. One suggestion for me is that you can add first person option to the game, so that it makes the gameplay much fun.

I don’t rate many games, but this one is amazing. It runs smoothly and no lag at all. Also it is not PTW, the more you play the stronger you are. Possible bug: When I start the game I see first logo and after that black screen for 20 seconds. Adding “Now Loading” bar would be nice. Suggestion: Adding Main Menu button to garage. Or repeat stage or stage selection would be nice. Also during campain, when we enter to new stage would be nice to show like “Stage 11” or “Level/Zone No.” Overall, absolutely great work. Please keep it up.

It very good, but the reason why I am giving it 3 is because there are numerous bugs in campaign levels, in level 51, you can fall through the water forever, the only way to get back up is to press garage or restart the mission. Another big is in the tutorial mission for bomb has a bug if you stand on the platform for the bomb, it will show you a white screen and you have to restart. Another one is that if you stand on a control point, it doesn’t go up and you have to restart.

This is a great mecha game. The control isnt clunky, camera sensitivity is adjustable, graphic level is also adjustable, we r able to play offline and online, coin farming rate isnt depressing, and there r huge possibilities of customization. If i should give an advice, maybe a further explanation for some symbols in the equipment menu will be helpful. We need to buy and tryout the equipments in order to know what exactly they do, which is inneffective. Other than that, everything is great.

Honestly this is one of my favourite games ever,I have some suggestions tho,instead of overheat why not instead its ammo’s in the game (except campaign mode), and when they run out of ammo they have to rely on a new ammo pack (just like the health pack),and the dispenser. I know it’s weird but it’s ok if you don’t do it,it is still a great game keep it up.

I love this game. It has so many options and it is perfect that there is an offline squad you can use for road trips. I do have some ideas to make the game way better! First, can there be a second version for online matches:squad war! The idea is that each player is on one of two opposite factions(it would be cool if there were more teams, like green and yellow) and thier offline squads helps your team. I would also wonder if there was flying robots, and they use bombs instead of melee weapons.

Love your game, been playing for a few years, but ever since some updates, the game has introduced me to a lot of bugs which make the game very annoying. When you press menu in the middle of a game and go to garage, the menu will stay on your screen. The A.I also no longer are as smart when it comes to path finding, getting stuck on walls or straight up just not moving at all makes the game slow. Please fix these bugs

I like that you need to go with a certain approach to your vehicle, or else it won’t be effective. Matchmaking is fair, and although some things might seem OP there are weaponry and strategies available to counter those. Offline mode is a good way to start off the game and practicing, but the multiplayer is the best this game has to offer, with team play being very important. Feels a lot like a MOBA. AI could use more work though. Overall, a very good and fun game for pretty much all ages.

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