Angry Birds Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters)


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Apr 29, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.12.1 (Unlimited Boosters) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.12.1 (Unlimited Boosters) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.12.1 (Unlimited Boosters) Game for Android


My only complaint at the moment is that Blue’s Tallest Tower. For the second time in a row I’ve been just a few steps away from the 120 checkpoint, only to get knocked back due to a slowing advert. The first time, I was nervous about restarting my game, so I let the problem alone, hoping it would be resolved the issue, but it did not. I restarted, and I lost 15 days’ progress. This happened again prompting a restart and I’ve wasted another 13 days of trying to reach the same place. This means I’ve wasted my time for a whole month.

The game looks amazing and comes with a myriad of levels that will keep you entertained. My only gripe is that the guideline for aiming is much shorter than the previous games. It makes it more difficult to aim for me.

I enjoy playing tournaments each day. I’m very disappointed if I fail to play any. A majority of the levels are difficult enough to not be easy or difficult. If they are an enjoyable game, you can play and new levels are coming out within a few days. I love it! !

Excellent game. It is based on the same gameplay that was used in the first OG game. Angry Birds has been my most played AB game back in 2009. There are a few enhancements like enhanced graphic and gameplay. Perhaps Rovio can include a theme song selector which allows users to select their preferred theme song like The OG Angry Birds classic…

It was a great time for me, my mom would hand her mobile to me and play this game in order to keep me entertained while she was doing drug deals. The game I grew up with was my absolute favorite and there was a second game with a cartoon-like design and you had to bake a cake, and other things but I’ve yet to locate that game and I’m not sure if I find it, unfortunately. But, this one is an excellent 10/10.

A great game bro. It’s super fun. I give it 5 stars because the game has excellent controls, no lag, no bug and more. Also, this game has great graphics the game is amazing play this game for the first time amazing.

It was among the games that slingshots were played and is constantly updated with new content. I would suggest it to everyone who is looking for an improved version of an old-fashioned.

It’s been playing since 2014(at an age of 2),This is really good and it’s delightful.For it to pass time and get rid of anxiety, This game perfect.Now my age is 10+.still I am playing this game in my spare time. When I play this game, it brings me back in time to my youth. It makes me smile. I’m going to recommend this game.

Sir, the Game is Very excellent! It brings me back to my youth when I played this game, however there are some changes I’d like to see you do first: Skins 2nd: Give characters special abilities, like the one that i love with Chuck-like spins as I play with the ability 3. Give an additional Slingshots Please, all in all 5 stars!

ROVIO I am having a problem that has me unhappy. Why did you remove angry birds Rio space and other from devices with low-end specs? the game has been discontinued and I am playing this game. I hope it could be revived. It’s fantastic game with an easy to understand and intriguing concept. I’m hoping that you can fix it. (THANK You VERY MUCH)

I’ve played angry birds, all of its lderations for many years. It’s fun and it has a relaxing effect on me. Try it to experience both excitement and relaxation all at once. I’m a fan of this game. I’m betting you will, too. Jerry..

The game is truly enjoyable and isn’t so simple that it’s boring, but not complicated enough that it takes an incredibly long time to finish each level. In addition, there are a variety of levels, and each one is unique. I love the fact that you can purchase upgrades without having to spend money, just by using coins you earn through engaging in the game. It is definitely worth downloading it.

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