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Feb 24, 2023
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How to install Among Us MOD APK v2023.2.28 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Among Us MOD APK v2023.2.28 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Among Us MOD APK v2023.2.28 (Unlocked) Game for Android


After a year, I returned to this childhood game. There have been many changes, both good and not so good. The good news is that you can play many roles and have the option to shop. Also, winning games is now more rewarding because of the Beans and XP earned. Bad news is the black screen that appears after the game starts, followed by a sudden drop in Ping, even though my Wi-Fi signal is strong. These are not the main problem that bothers me. Thanks.

This game is great, but it has so many bugs and issues. Server issues are often the reason I am kicked out of a game. I can only enter 10% of the games that I request to join. When I try to join a game I get a black screen. This was always a favorite game of mine, but I have only been able play it a few times now due to all the issues I face.

The game is my favorite. However.. It disconnects me from the game or boots me. Since the update, I have played for three rounds before it kicked me. The game crashes every time I become imposter. It is getting very frustrating. This problem is causing me to be unable to play hide and seek or normal for more than a minute. Please fix this! Update: Although the problem persists, it is now less frequent. I will revise the rating.

It’s a great game. However, I would suggest that you tweak the game lock mechanism to prevent people from leaving a lobby too often. It’s a great feature to discourage people jumping ship. However, there have been times when I was locked out of the game for leaving the lobby “intentionally”. I would love to see a way that doesn’t lock out people whose ping suddenly drops.

It’s a great video game. It was, or maybe it was, a great game. This game was simple and fun to play with friends. But now you have more options, as well as more colours. Because there was an option to censor chat, quick chat was useless. A bunch of unwanted and random updates basically destroyed the game instead of improving it. It was sad, but it did have some momentum because of the ending gameplay.

The new hide and seek game is great. It’s so much fun. However, I only gave it 3 stars because it took a while to load. Sometimes the keyboard does not appear. Sometimes the screen is black and I cannot type. I hope that it will be fixed so that I can enjoy the game more.

This game has amazing graphics and roles. You should also remove the “leave game” button when players are playing the game. This will allow them to finish the game before they leave. The game mode is not able to handle the amount of players and the players keep leaving right after the game begins. This is a major flaw in the game and should be fixed immediately. This should be addressed in future updates.

I love the game and all that it stands for. They must fix verification. After I’ve played a little, it tells me that they cannot verify my login and that I can’t do certain things. It doesn’t allow me to add friends or block people. A third of the people who join a game will leave during it. They may be playing a quick game but not knowing the right options or their color is taken (search must show rooms without your color). Simple solutions to annoying probs

I love this app and am glad that it is becoming more active. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I have been disconnecting and lagging a lot since the update. This problem is common among others. I have checked my wifi settings and tried to update everything I could, but it still bothers me! This issue must be fixed immediately. 4/5 stars: One for fun, one to active players, one each for design and playability, with one less for bugs and other issues.

It’s awesome, I love the visuals and game modes. It’s fun to play with friends and find out who the imposter really is. This game has too many bugs and errors. It would be much better if the servers didn’t disconnect everyone in seconds, making it appear that you were intentionally disconnecting. Everything else is fine.

It’s a great game and I don’t see any problems with it. However, I have some suggestions for this game. My first thought is that it could be difficult to get stars without spending money. My second idea is that for every round where you aren’t impostor, there might be a system. The last idea that I have is to create a custom map maker. Although I know it won’t happen due to the effort required, it’s something I would love to see.


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