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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
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3.6/5 Votes: 13,138,514
Innersloth LLC
Jun 16, 2022
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How to install Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 (Full Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 (Full Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 (Full Unlocked) Game for Android

Thank you that you fixed the problem with, Innersloth. I particularly love the Mira cosmicube and the list of friends. The reason I’m giving the game four stars is that it has some bugs, but is better than what I played last time. It also has this strange glitch that makes me unable to control buttons and tasks as well as this issue where you aren’t able to look at your clothes once they are put on. But aside from this, everything is fine. Keep it up Innersloth!

I am a huge fan of this game and I had lots amusement playing up until just a few days ago. When I finish an entire round, the game shuts down and I need to restart it each time I’d like to try the game again. I’m not even given the option to stop playing or quit. It does not interfere with games in isolation, however it can ruin the urge to continue playing since I must keep restarting the application. I’ve tried uninstalling as well as clearing my storage or restarting my device, but it won’t stop. Help!

I loved this game. I am a fan of playing it during my free time, but there are there are many issues in this game! First of all, it doesn’t have a the ability to chat with voice. If we add any code, it will show “could not find game” and the final aspect is that if you stop playing for a brief period, it will disconnect from the game that we played prior to. It’s a really annoying problem! !

My experience has been excellent, however it can not resolve the number of times the game crashes for me. Overall, it’s a good game. However, If the game’s developers are following this article, which they most likely do not, I’ve some ideas to solve the game’s issues and what you can do. In the beginning, I believe it’s time to create a brand new map titled “The Remains” which I believe should be a bond hospital with fire that you must avoid and you’ll suffer damages or even health. If you have the map to win, you can create an escape plan since Among Us no offense is dead.

I had a lot of fun playing in the course of and during the time of the pandemic it’s a very well-designed game for parties. However, I do think that the addition of microtransactions, as well as classes has made the game more difficult to play at times, but I find myself churning it out every now and then. The game could be an enormous meme however it’s amazingly designed and extremely entertaining.

I usually gave five stars to it, but the game is constantly glitching. I upgraded my game this week, and it is now shutting down in middle of games. I’m not sure if it is due to me adding more than enough friends or what… however, I suspect that the excessive use of inviting friends option can cause crashes in the game. This is understandable however it’s still annoying because the game’s invite friends feature won’t work (at least , not for multiple players at once) without it crashing.

The game is awesome, but There are some bugs but it’s fine. love it. I think they need to add more roles like shapeshifter and engineer, which can make the game more fun, the main problem is that I want cat ears. They’re not available in the stores, please include cat ears! I’d love to have them back! LoL.

This game is awesome and I’ve had a blast playing it. The issue is when my friend tries to input the code for my game, her game screen that she is not able to locate the game you are trying to find, therefore my friend must search for it in games that are played by public and it can take a while to locate it. It happens to me too Please make this fix. Keep it up, this game is fantastic.

It’s the most enjoyable game ever!! However, there are some problems immediately lose connection in the event that you don’t find any person wearing anything similar to the hat, or even having pets, which means that once the game begins, you’ll only see a black screen and people leave the room.3.sudden deaths, like in the beginning of the game, the dead body is beneath the player. I’m hoping you have a great game and have a good time.

After a few years of playing this game , I’ve discovered a problem. Each time you enter the game, your clothes disappear, and so do that the other players are trying to recover it however when you enter the wardrobe. The entire wardrobe and pets are completely unnoticeable. The only way to fix this is to open the app to try it again. In the meantime, I’d rate this game 4 stars until the issue is resolved. it’s still a decent game.

It’s AWESOME. It gives you the real feeling of a detective as well as a serial killer at the same time. However, I think there should be an overhaul. It will be the most fun game if the developers are able to transform it into 3D and instead of being able to control players from the top, it could be a first-person view. The game will feel better than it does currently, it’s like an classic retro game. It’s still worthwhile to play.

There is a need for an easier method to report users. In the last few minutes I came across a server owned by the name of H00RNYB0Y. I was completely unprepared and had not yet gotten acquainted with the reporting system but before I was able to determine the issue, I was removed off the site. There was no “recently played with” feature was not working, so I could not find the profile of this guy. Create a feature that lets you look up a username, or contact the moderator. This is a simple issue that’s going to create a lot of issues.

It’s a fantastic game and I personally am an avid fan of crime, and this is just amazing However, there are some who may encounter problems, but. However, it’s worth it and there are obviously some issues, that should not be overlooked. I experienced the same issues. I’m glad to say that they’re gone. Recommend 9/10.

I enjoy playing with the other kids. However, it’s not perfect. There are some glitches within the game that impact the speed of play ( stuck in vent, o2 glitch). I am disconnected from games almost every single day. Sometimes I experience issues that my account is unable to authenticate (Fix it by restarting application). My main issue is that my keyboard slows down. Sometimes, it’s impossible to type or even show up until it’s too late to type something in chat. I’m not sure if it’s your phone, or an application having issues, but it’s a problem.

What's new

Our giant bug fix update is here! Make sure you’re on v2022.6.21 to get the changes:

• Added Streamer Mode to the settings: When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and are replaced by “Click to copy".
• Account Linking is back! You can link most platforms together to share cosmetics, experience, etc.
• Added a colorblind mode to the settings.

• Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
• Over 100 more issues fixed! See our website for all the info.



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