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Aug 18, 2023
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How to install Age of Magic mod apk v2.11.0 (Damage/Immortal) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Age of Magic mod apk v2.11.0 (Damage/Immortal) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Age of Magic mod apk v2.11.0 (Damage/Immortal) Game for Android


AOM is a great game! I love it and play it every day. This is a strategy game. Learn to use different faction characters with special buffs/depuffs, healing/resurrection, taunt, turn skipping and other cool skills to outsmart/defeat the enemy. Do not use AUTO in battles. Recruit friends of higher levels to help you overcome tough battles. Set a small monthly budget for these benefits when you need them most! Energy, equipment, and shards can be difficult to obtain when trying to progress through the game.
Beautiful gameplay. I don’t follow the story much, but I like how it includes character animation in the story. I was also impressed by the wide variety of heroes, not to mention the graphics, which are simply amazing. However, the pace is a bit slow and tight. At my current level I am only able to complete three new missions. Power consumption is too difficult, so when I have to clear my daily task, I have to do half and wait for the power to recharge and do the rest afterwards.
top notch music, sounds like something made by jeremy soule, great graphics, loads of stuff, simple combat system and also a car. would rate it higher if the character purchase prices actually loaded. ash yes indeed, the mere fact that it’s still loading after 20 minutes makes me quit the game. hope you fix it for others..damn
Love this game, you don’t have to pay to play (you can if you want) but you need patience, even with the money invested, it makes it a much more level playing field. If you like things that are quick and easy, this is not for you, it takes time and persistence, much harder than the normal stuff you get today. All events and PvP fights are geared towards your own level with something to always work towards no matter where you are. Constantly updated and improved.
Good and nice game. The level progression seems to be fairly even, at least in the beginning. Not too fast or too slow. You need to keep leveling up your heroes in order to progress. My only complaint is that the transitions between combat and out of combat (and some other states) can be very slow at times. Very solid design. Good work.
I’ve tried a few turn based games and this one is tied for my favorite so far. It has good graphics and story. Although I just started and completed all the stages in the 1st quest. I haven’t hit a paywall yet and no ads yet, and that’s a big deal for me. Thanks Dev’s for another free and awesome gaming experience….
This is a different take on the hero collection/RTS/RPG. The Good ones seem to have their own unique way of playing… This is turn based and of course you gain and level up gear for your heroes as you collect them. This has a really cool story infused between each battle and a lot of different game types open up as you level up. I just started but I already love it and it’s hard for me plz when it comes to these types of games – I only play RAID, Watcher of Realms and This-‘Age Of Magic’. Everything else is shit
it’s really nice to have friends with high levels at the beginning of the game, but it’s a shame that friend heroes can only be used once a day. then leveling up the hero only from the experience bottle not from every win the hero gains XP (leveling up by itself not using the bottle). This makes the game very slow and full of grind, hopefully it can be improved for the better in the future. still 5 stars from me
It started playing, at first it went well, but then it stopped playing. the only way to continue was shopping. I don’t have money to spend on games so I stopped for a while but now I’m back because it’s a good game. You can probably spend a little on the game now… better job… So basically don’t give up.
I love it. Too many ads to buy things in the game. After everything you do, it will go through like 6 bids before you can continue playing. Graphics, gameplay and everything else is GREAT!
Have lots of fun. A nice little collection game. One turning point. I used kromme and about 1000 energy to figure it out with his 5 hit ability, but if you kill the target the first time you enter the class, you get a tooltip and can’t unclick because the target is dead.


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