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Jul 25, 2023
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How to install Age of Magic MOD APK v2.10.0 (Full Version) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Age of Magic MOD APK v2.10.0 (Full Version) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Age of Magic MOD APK v2.10.0 (Full Version) Game for Android


it’s really nice to have friends with high levels at the beginning of the game, but it’s a shame that friend heroes can only be used once a day. then leveling up the hero only from the experience bottle not from every win the hero gains XP (leveling up by itself not using the bottle). This makes the game very slow and full of grind, hopefully it can be improved for the better in the future. still 5 stars from me
Beautiful gameplay. I don’t follow the story much, but I like how it includes character animation in the story. I was also impressed by the wide variety of heroes, not to mention the graphics, which are simply amazing. However, the pace is a bit slow and tight. At my current level I am only able to complete three new missions. And the energy consumption is too difficult, so when I have to clear my daily task, I have to do half and wait for the energy to recharge and do the rest afterwards.
Good and nice game. The level progression seems to be fairly even, at least in the beginning. Not too fast or too slow. You need to keep leveling up your heroes in order to progress. My only complaint is that the transitions between combat and out of combat (and some other states) can be very slow at times. Very solid implementation. Good work.
Have lots of fun. A nice little collection game. One thing that broke the game. I used kromme and about 1000 energy to figure it out with his 5 hit ability, but if you kill the target the first time you consecrate a class token, it shows a tooltip and can’t be unclicked because the target is dead.
icactually enjoy it, it’s a game that by playing 30 minutes to 1 hour top a day, and some patient, you can be F2P and have a lot of progress, be 100 in the world arena with F2P, it’s amazing, you just need few. months with these games to get to power.. aim for lvl 20-30 heroes up to lvl 10 gear and no higher than lvl 70-80 first. spend $5 a month on hero’s journey help tremendously, no extra money needed to progress. great plus on the quick grind system… so great,. you’ll save hours of silly gameplay
This game is very interesting in an old school way. I like the storyline, it’s pretty well thought out and flows well. As a former dungeon master with over 20 years of experience in dungeons and dragons, this seems like a plot I would create for my players.
Super fun, lots of heroes to chase, nice graphics and pretty decent storytelling. Yes, it’s a gotcha game, but the rewards you get from the campaign and other locations do a fairly decent job of keeping it f2p and fun. I haven’t had a chance to delve deeper into character skills and upgrades, but what I’ve experienced so far seems to be really good and somewhat fast when I want to upgrade a piece of gear. Memory modules allow auto multi battles which is great for XP and resources. ENTERTAINMENT
Think of it as a less attention hungry version of Raid shadow legends, but with a story! It’s not my cup of tea and it’s a little too (car) simple for my taste, but I can see the love I put into it. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ll probably enjoy it.
Even though I’m an RPG addict, I’m not a fan of turn-based variety, but this one ALMOST feels like you’re in control. I don’t think ANYONE can grind their way to victory. I suddenly found myself needing the silver coins that the game algorithm “digs up” as is common with most games, and I can usually mine what I need. I thought it was silly to try it here. But I spent my budget LAST on this kind of diversion. I’d bet my growing days are almost over.
The graphics and creative characters are Rad… The sound is a bit glitchy/shrill at times and I don’t like having to wait until level 17 to join a clan, but whatever🤷‍♀️ Overall a fun investment.
Currently 4 stars, maybe I’ll change it to 5 stars. The game is one of the truly immersive and engaging types of its genre. First, the game forces you to play it. Again, the graphics are beautiful. Also, the game reminds me of Disciples II, which is awesome. Of course, it aims to make you pay for something, but you can still enjoy the game in its free state. I like and recommend this one.
I absolutely loved the game and I was really looking for a turn based game like this for so long with good and unique characters and skills. Game experience, graphic animation, everything is almost perfect, the reason for giving 4 stars? I don’t think players will even reach half of the rewards for turning in the hero, I only reached 15 levels in 7.1, please reduce the required points so that we reach at least half of the rewards milestone
My only problem with this game was that it was difficult to manage the equipment, but they solved it and I honestly love it.
The graphics are good and the gameplay is not bad. Time will tell if this is a pay to win type or if you can play without spending 💰.
The game is a very enjoyable game, the graphics are quite good, but unfortunately the only problem I see at the moment is the effort required to build your heroes so they don’t die and you can actually get three stars for the content you play.
It’s actually a really fun game, much more fun than I thought! It’s a bit slow though, but that’s just because I don’t have any storage. At all.
The problem was solved in less than an hour. My favorite game and will continue to be. The game started to crash. I paid $15.99 for the gold chest and also used 4.00 Google Play credit. The game froze and didn’t give me the gold I bought AND took money from my account. I have sent 2 emails and no reply yet. I have 5 accounts and spend an average of $400 a month between them. I’m quitting if this isn’t resolved. DreDavinci#12ME
Great game, only complaint is that it takes too long to collect all the necessary resources to upgrade characters
I just started playing but I like the story and the simple combat mechanics. It’s also fairly easy to level now. I also like the choice of heroes.
The constant popups asking you to spend money (login and every time you go back to the game’s home screen) and the instability of the game every time new content is added is frustrating. Also, some of the gear you paid $$ for… waited 2 years before they tried to level up certain gear because I’m not going to pay $20 for 5 pieces of digital gear for one character. 🤦‍♀️
The game is getting more and more difficult with every update, the chance of getting something of high value is very low, the game becomes pay to win, it is very hard and requires hearing improvement in the game without paying and these are the facts that you can see that all the people who they play this game, they say the same thing. Dear playkot, I have been playing this game since 2019 with multiple accounts in different countries, the game has huge potential, but at the same time huge gaps, please at least lower the price when buying the games.

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