Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure MOD APK v6.16.1.20 (Coins)


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Feb 7, 2023
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How to install Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure MOD APK v6.16.1.20 (Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure MOD APK v6.16.1.20 (Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure MOD APK v6.16.1.20 (Coins) Game for Android


The app makes me to walk faster. I would like to see more information and a more thorough tutorial. For example I have spent a lot of time with satellites that were attached to planets that weren’t compatible and didn’t accomplish any thing, since it’s not obvious that you need to be able to match the type of satellite and planet in order to gain advantage from this. It would also be nice to know more transparent about what the labs accomplished and what the value of upgrading planets to their maximum. It could be helpful to know prior to the time.

I enjoy using Walkr to track my daily steps. In addition to being an extremely useful application, but I also have the ability to join with others to expand my world. It’s fun. I would recommend it to everyone.

I am a huge fan of this game! I play it several times per every day. I only know one playing it and they’ve played longer than I’ve played (they have introduced me to the game) but I love playing with new planets whenever we see them.

Loving exploring the planets of the future. The animations are really adorable. One issue I’m having is that the app doesn’t always remain running in the background even after I quit it. It’ll automatically close after it is running for a while, so I need to open it each time. In the end, I discovered the solution to this issue on my own. Thank you for fixing the animation issue. Everything is back to normal. Here’s your five stars.

It’s a very cute interface and the theme-based design does inspire me to move more but I did find it difficult to navigate initially. The instructions were confusing to me initially, but after having used for a while, I’m able to comprehend the application in general, so it could be an issue with my method of learning. I find the message section adorable, but it’s pretty useless and I would like to see some sort of auto-harvesting earlier. Overall, it’s very nice and certainly cute, but it’s a bit overloaded with features.

The app is well-thought out. A great reason to keep playing. The currency in the game is accessible without having to purchase everything. But you can still purchase things if you’d like to, however it’s a slow process to collect all the items. In any case, you’ll still enjoy every feature. There are ads, but they’re not as insane as everybody keeps telling you. You can look at more cubes, and they’re relatively short and you can grind faster than you imagine.

It’s fun and interesting. It’s not easy to grasp what’s happening at first but the tutorials will be extremely useful! It would be extremely useful. People, please, create an appropriate tutorial and in-game explanation of various functions. I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure things out using the an old “click everything and see what it does” method. it’s incredibly annoying, and your adorable world style was really the sole thing to stop me from uninstalling your app at the beginning. It’s a fantastic app.

It would be wonderful to have the ability to choose how much energy is spent on specific items, like reducing the time for planet updates/new planet searches and to reduce time spent on many things at once, and also to donate to Epics or other charities. Also, there should be the option of purchasing the asteroid belts by using coins and energy instead of just buying real currency. Earning energy through it is fun, and is a great incentive to go further and more often! 🙂

I am grateful for the assistance in resolving my login problem, however I am now facing a different issue. The game will automatically quit when you tap on the FAQ section of the settings, which means that i have no option but to report this here because i’m unable to submit it to the FAQ section. I’ve tried reinstalling the app numerous times, but the issue persists.


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