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Dec 12, 2022
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How to install Temple Run v1.21.1 MOD APK (Ad-Free) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Temple Run v1.21.1 MOD APK (Ad-Free) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Temple Run v1.21.1 MOD APK (Ad-Free) Game for Android


This game is extremely good! It’s because of its amazing speed game play. In the beginning of the run, it is slow, but once you’ve played for a while your character increases the speed. There is a lot of replay value in this classic! The fact that you now have ads after you’ve completed an exercise can be very irritating. However, it keeps the game alive and definitely worth it getting another high score. It’s consistently great and even although the path generation can be often unfair, I always want to get back to it! 9/10

I enjoyed this game back as a teenager but with numerous ads that are disheartening. While playing for 20 minutes, I’ve had to endure many ads of which they last between 15-30 seconds . Sometimes, the ads stop working and won’t let you exit the screen for a return to the game and you’re required to swipe away and then back on to start your game. It’s an insidious way of earning money from people who are trying to have a fun time playing an old classic mobile game, and honestly I’d rather purchase the game if it included an PS

A great one. VI is great and as well manages. The only issue is that the characters are only there to appreciate the road and the view in front of them. You can try beautifying the area when the character moves. It should look authentic.

Beautiful game with stunning scenery. Gives me Tomb Raider vibes. More difficult to beat than Temple Run 2. There’s no exciting things like character selection in the shop, but it’s entertaining regardless and is very addictive. It’s a simple game that will kill your time, at least. However, it’s only 3 stars due to the frequent pop-up ads after each loss. It’s very annoying. It would be nice to reduce them to two deaths of three deaths, but well. The things you can do with the game are extremely restricted therefore.

The game is nice.It contains a lot of goals which I am eager to complete.It also comes with Stats that you can upgrade.When we score higher then the game begins to progress faster.Then it becomes more thrilling.The game’s graphics are also good.But I rate it 4 stars due to the fact that it is filled with advertisements. Please Imangi Studios fix this bug.Otherwise the game is great.

This game is a great way to bring nostalgia, back to the days in the days when it was brand new and there was lots of buzz about it. It’s still an enjoyable game, but with the rise of free maps and first-person shooters today games like this seem old-fashioned, but excellent if you’re looking to have amusement. But i still think that the brave or oz games were better than this, and if I were to have to choose, I would go with brave or oz. this .

I would give it five stars However, my child has been using it for a long time but we’ve never seen any issues until last week when the device began to show no points/score and coins. We attempted to figure out the issue however, nothing worked and she was seeing these green dots pop onto her screen while she’s playing the game. Please correct this. I’m not sure if it is a problem that only affects her, but it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Thank you.

The reason I’m giving the game 4 stars instead of five is due to the constant ads. Apart from that, I believe this game is great and I’ve had a lot of pleasure playing it. If you’re annoyed great extent by the ads that appear in this game , then you need to see the amount of advertisements found in Dragon City. In this game, you’re constantly prompted to buy something. Therefore, I believe Temple Run is an awesome free game.

You are running from creatures. Swipe up for a jump, down for a slide left to turn left, and the right direction to make a right. You will earn coins and be a new player. I would highly recommend it! I’m now off to play this awesome game!

Fantastic game, very enjoyable excursion down memory lane. I always switch my phone into airplane mode prior to playing the game to ensure that I don’t feel annoyed by all the ads. I’m not sure they should have added that many ads however it does detract from the essence of the game.

I am a fan of the game very much and I love the title of the game, however there are two mistakes must be corrected. 1. I dislike the moment when there are two options to choose from. must choose between, and I truly hate it. 2 – I often receive a lot of Ads while playing, even when I have my personal data. The same problem occurs. …. please take the time to eliminate them… however, I enjoy playing the sport ( Temple Run ) A lot and a lot


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