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Apr 26, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.76 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.76 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.76 (Premium) Game for Android


I love this game so greatly. Update: Following the latest update (version 3.16.2 released on 3rd April 2023) I believe the changes that occurred have ruined my experience playing the game: I’m not sure why chests don’t come with advertisements anymore, but the first one is accompanied by advertisements, but not the remaining nine. The open chests that had ads offered things after 1 minute waiting time, twice. In addition, the lag between servers has increased. I need to restart S.K. five or six times before I can start a stable game each time, using either LTE and WiFi.

I have a great Internet speed, however I receive notifications that I am on a poor connection. The game is slow to load or disconnects many things. It also doesn’t update a lot of things. The problem started appearing more often after the latest major update. The load times have become significantly longer, too.

Amazing Performance, amazing gaming experience absolutely must play but it is a bit frustrating to purchase other characters or heroes for the sole purpose of playing them with for the full experience rather than play them as part of an exact mission to obtain that particular character or hero and when you succeed in that mission, you will be able to play the character or hero in full. However, the game itself is incredible and breathtaking, even though it is a pay-to-win like game, but still great i enjoy it! !

My account won’t complete the syncing load of the game following the last update and there was a slowing in the acquiring of rewards after watching the ad. The effects have been present for the past week, is there a problem with the server?

The game is fantastic and it’s the one I thought was the best.Fighting moves and skills, everything is amazing but one thing to remember is keep this game for free as there are a lot of applications that can strengthen our characters. Please don’t make in-game purchase of apps.

I believe that people to pay for numerous things that requires money, however there are some who don’t have enough cash. Overall, I believe it’s a fun game

Love the style and the detail that has been included in the game but the most significant issue that I, and other players have has to do with the way that game will crash when you attempt to open specific areas of the game, like the inventory button. when you hit it, you are at an extremely high probability of the game shutting down. Please make this fix. Edit(2) I’m not able to play anything I’d like to see this fixed. Edit(3) The issue with shutting down has been solved thanks to the devs.

The game is a blast with simple controls, stunning graphics, and an incredibly difficult but fair gameplay. The amount of information is shown regarding items such as upgrading mechanics, upgrades and so on. may be a bit overwhelming initially, but the process is fairly straightforward. One issue I’m having is that I’m unable to join the games until I’m connected to wifi. My data is connected however I’m unable to join the game server, even while everything else loads for me.

This is in line with my personal style. I’ve always liked games with amazing mechanics game play, accessibility, and also my own aesthetic appeal, which this game is full of. While in some places there are some spelling and grammar mistakes however, overall I’d give it five stars. Additionally, the advertisements are accessible and give the player a lot of value when you view them, which I believe is more than what I could say about many contemporary mobile games. This is an amazing breath of fresh air.


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