Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK (Money) + DATA


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Jan 5, 2023
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5.0 and up

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How to install Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK v5.20.0 (Money) + DATA APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK v5.20.0 (Money) + DATA APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK v5.20.0 (Money) + DATA Game for Android


The game is scary, but it is also fun. At least it’s not too boring for me. It’s the most exciting game anywhere in the world. He was dressed in blue and red clothes and was bald as If you’re Egyptian located in Giza. When you’re caught, it can be very scary . I hope you like it. Find out the solutions to all the issues.

It’s a fantastic game and I am in love with it, but the best aspect is that it’s free. You should also check out the scary teacher and scary Robber, they’re both amazing however the issue is that you have to purchase or watch advertisements to unlock a specific chapter or level. I’ve asked for Z and K games that they make levels free of charge and create new levels as fast as they could. A random issue that is present in all games are ads , but I’ve discovered a hack ….. which is to erase all your data on mobile devices! This means no more annoying ads. It’s amazing, you have to give it a try

It’s a fun and interesting game. I enjoyed playing it. I would recommend anyone who enjoys fun pranks to play this game. I enjoy rescuing pets that the stanger locked.I am actually scared when the music gets loud when the stanger sees us. Like other games, chapters are completely free. You just need to watch ads to unlock levels. The problem is that I read reviews about a chapter called Cranky. But I was unable to understand it.I tried to install the game a few times but couldn’t understand it.Please resolve the issue.Best game

This game is awesome! But I’m having trouble! Since the game was first initially launched, I was able to call the doorbell to divert the Mr. Grumpy but now the doorbell isn’t working at all. Even if I sound the sirens of cars Mr. Grumpy completely ignores it. In Scary teacher 3D, I can easily ring the doorbell to keep Miss T. However, in Scary stranger 3D, there’s no way to divert the Mr. Grumpy. This is making it extremely difficult for get through the levels. I hope that Z as well as K games will be able to handle this.

It’s an incredible game.But the best thing I’ve experienced is that we can play the game without using any data . However, i have experienced a terrible thing, that after one chptr, it will say that the 2nd chpter is open with video. If you click on the video and play the game, within 24 hours, the second Chpter won’t be shown as available to us. Another thing that i have experienced is that the game got deleted due to an error, but the next time it’s not downloaded. ask Z & the game to please do something to help Z and k game to do something for.

I suspect you’re in a hurry to play this game since the lenders disappear when I choose them( the leader in brown ) as well as the home is unfairly redressed in my opinion. I am a an avid player of your games. I’m hoping these issues are addressed with the next update. this game will be fantastic in the event that it doesn’t suffer from glitches..

Overall, it’s a excellent game.I simply loved it.The graphic are excellent, but I only gave it 4 Stars due to the fact that it would glitch out at random. It’s true, I’d ask you to create additional levels since I’m done with all levels.So please make more levels. It’s also a excellent game.

Hello! ZNK. It’s a great application! I found out that this app is referred to as “Scary Imposter” on IOS. I downloaded it, and then I reached the final stage “A jaw some prank’ and I’m not able to select the space button when I enter the pin or credit card of stranger. This means that I am unable to buy Blue whale. Please correct this! Otherwise, the app is great! A lot of love… Originating from India

It’s awesome, but the internet is exactly the exact same game Hello NeighborPreviously it was 40 MB. This was the original version. It was terrifying. But now that things have changed size of the internet has been growing rapidly. Every every time updates are made, just one season is added even though we must provide only one season of internet to the amount of time played. limit the amount of internet

It’s a great game that has a tutorial. At the beginning of each the levels they provide tutorials that are excellent . However, it could have many more games to experience .

It’s an excellent game. There are some issue’s due to the fact that if energy is low, we would like to pay for or watch videos or purchase energy using coins If you are able to solve this issue, please fix it. There is no other issue. There’s no have to make a payment for the chapter. If it’s time to go to a movie and that’s it. This is the game to play. Help us solve the frightful teacher’s dilemma. That’s it. Thank you

I enjoy this game due to the fact that the pranks are hilarious . Also, I don’t ever delete this game since every time a the latest update is released, it appears in my game, and it gives the game a unique flavor. I would recommend that you play this game. If you are thinking it’s difficult to play, then don’t be deceived into thinking that you are unable to do. Try , try , but do not delete. Advertisements pop up but I love the game . Brea trap makes the game thrilling. We can also access every draw refrigerator, taps, etc.etc. For me, this is a game.

The game is enjoyable but I’m not sure everyone would like this game due to the fact that the game features three major changes that I did not like at first. Francis before becoming human, but now he is green , second Francis is now bald, however hair has returned to his home was also changed, and these three changes that I did not like in the game, I hope it is like the previous game .


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