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Apr 17, 2023
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How to install PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.48.446 (Mega Menu) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.48.446 (Mega Menu) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.48.446 (Mega Menu) Game for Android


Update: Game is running extremely smooth even on low-end devices, however there are some bugs that which need to be fixed quickly, such as when I ADS, the animation was delayed for a second or so, and it doesn’t allow me to go into a prone position or open doors. This issue persists for a while after restarting the game which gives an in-game disadvantage. The game also gives a errors every time I connect, even though my internet connection is quite good, you need to solve that too. In addition, the game is fun and entertaining to play with your friends

The most advanced and beautiful game I’ve ever played on a mobile. The graphics are stunning the gameplay and mechanics are amazing. But there are bugs, which are for me not a major problem because I am aware that complicated game design can cause many bugs. But please fix the important bugs, such as crashes or locked in one fixed position or stuck in a fixed location. These days, it’s difficult to obtain free upgradeable items as it was before. If I could get upgradeable items, I’ll be more satisfied with the game.

The downloaded resource pack downloads starting over and over there is a bug that causes you to cannot open the door in game. it is necessary to restart the entire game in order to play normally. On my device I’m unable to play the game on Jio Sim. When you begin the game, the game won’t allow me to play it. It instantly restarts or crash and again. airtel works fine in the game is 2051. provide us with more content in the future, and events moderate event mode Royal pass rewards should be made available.

The game is great absolutely no doubt, but it was meant to be futuristic. However, in every map of battle royale there are plenty of grass, trees and open fields. Cities need huge high-rises and bigger structures instead of open fields and trees. Consider it.

I personally love new state more than bgmi and i have a suggestion that the team should add some game mode settings to the game as i sometimes affect the mid range devices and adding game modes enhances the game experience………i love the graphics and game stabilisation…….graphics quality is amazing……thanks for the team for taking such an effort

Nothing much to say here. I was excited for this game since the trailer came out and the game did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations when it was released. The new desert map made the game even more enjoyable. The way that this game has was innovative by introducing a drone system and gun customizations, among other things is among the reasons that I enjoy this game so very much.

I am a huge fan of this game…it has amazing graphics, animations gameplay, modes, etc…but it also has problems with it…one of the main bugs problems is the network issue…even when you have a an excellent network, it will display that you have an “unstable network, please attempt to try again” and an interface states “server is not responding, please check back later”. “…these problems are a huge issue that has been Flustrated…i believe this issue is solved quickly.

Continuous frame drops when constant frame drops BR game mode… Otherwise, the game is enjoyable. Please fix this problem. Physics and graphics are great. The players must realize that, due to the high-quality graphics, enemies are difficult to detect. It is not necessary to think about seasons, just solve these minor issues and this game will be a an excellent alternative to every other mobile battle royale game. Make these rooms cards easy to acquire or even make the creation for free

Wow, after the most recent update, there’s been a lot of bugs. Sometimes I’m unable to unlock a door or go into a car. The most frustrating thing is that sometimes I can’t even revive my knockout player, and it takes a long time to react to open the scope. It is urgent that the New State team please fix these bugs as i enjoy playing this game and I don’t want remove it in the event that this happens, but if it does I’ll have to.


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