Pocket World 3D MOD APK (Unlocked All Cities)


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Mar 30, 2023
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Android 4.4 and up

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How to install Pocket World 3D MOD APK v2.3.6 (Unlocked All Cities) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Pocket World 3D MOD APK v2.3.6 (Unlocked All Cities) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Pocket World 3D MOD APK v2.3.6 (Unlocked All Cities) Game for Android


it may have a big ability, a lot relies on purchasing, occasions more often than not, free gamers are missing out on so many 3d puzzles, it is very unfair. Also it’s inflicting me a few huge eye pressure, because you can’t pinch to zoom while building, after which vicinity peices, a few are sooo small, it is hurting my eyes. I kinda want to revel in it, however a lot of these paid activities forestall me from enjoying and starting more puzzles. I’m debating wether to maintain or dispose of.

I like the game and the concept, however I cannot play in a relaxing manner because the academic is down my throat. I was precise to move after the primary degree, and clearly didn’t want the academic forcing me to click on stuff after I’ve unlocked the second one map (there may be no “x” for any of the tutorial “guidelines” both). There’s additionally no choice to disable the academic in the settings. I actually simply want to play the sport, if there was an choice for disabling this I might recollect reinstalling.

Love this sport however desiring Travel Tickets to transport onto the next metropolis definitely drives me mad. Always appear to use the two free a day then ought to wait 24hr before I can flow on to build more. That will be the only issue I would change.

I recollect gambling this game 2 years in the past, downloaded it once more to sense nostalgia. And it felt like the identical, the tune, models, and plenty more are captivating, specially the musics. But the issue needed to restoration is the version down load time. It’s a bit lengthy even though it become only some parts. The 2d component is the model loading time, it felt like longer than typical. (talking about u the fashions that needed to be downloaded) But the entirety else is OK. Hope you men can enhance it!

Please builders, I ask you to restore this computer virus. While I became getting the defensive wall, there’s a worm, also I got all of the medals wished, but the settlement venture is “Your rank is journey lover I your agreement rank is hiker IV” Thank you

Really interesting and fun sport, specifically for me who genuinely enjoys puzzles. One hassle is that the ads are pretty traumatic time beyond regulation. They start popping out very regularly, even for the ones puzzles which do not want advertisements to be unlocked. The ads just continues popping out for almost each single puzzle. I apprehend that commercials are needed, in particular for free video games like this, however it can simply get too much so it’ll be great to simply reduce the number of ads 🙂

I’m a big fan of 3-D models considering that for all time so this recreation virtually hits all of the sweet spots. Except, there are 2 things that really need improvements. 1st, please supply us the ability to zoom in at the individual portions earlier than we area them, a few are too hard to look due to their size. 2nd, let us download all of the puzzles at the identical time. I don’t mind if you display ads all through the down load, I simply want with a view to play completely offline.

Love the sport. As a suggestion, it would be quality a good way to by some means recognize which places at the Journey listing aren’t completed. Alternatively, whilst looking on the Punch The Earth list, it would be high-quality if with the aid of tapping on a place, it would at once take you to that place on the Journey listing. I am converting my assessment from five stars to three because I am starting to get commercials which are one minute long! I understand the need for commercials, but this is ridiculous.

It’s splendid, and quite amusing. My simplest qualms are with the controls. The transfer among scrolling via gadgets and picking them up is so sensitive that it just provides pressure to an in any other case quite soothing sport, particularly within the times events. Couple that with the reality which you can not place objects even as you are zoomed in and you lose a number of the game best. I hope within the future these items may be addressed, due to the fact the sport concept is a stunning way to unwind.

I LOVE the puzzles. I’m best on the London level proper now, and I liked all of the puzzles I’ve completed. I also like how there may be so much more puzzles to do. However, I dislike a lot how there are numerous unnecessary features, like Arena, Characters, Garden, and so on. Those are not wanted for a 3D puzzle game. The UI also needs to development. I get which you want to earn money from us by some means, but please simplify the sport’s capabilities.

It’s difficult at a few factors, at a few points is quite enjoyable. There have even been some factors wherein I got frustrated to the factor where I became almost convinced it became a rage recreation. When you are taking most of these elements and mix them up though what you’ve got is one thoroughly exciting have which everybody can experience. Have a laugh with it men, and keep in mind: “It’s most effective a sport!”

It’s multiple stories in one: It’s addicting as plenty as it’s far instructional. It can be tough every so often with the amount of small pieces on a large set but that problem balances the sport flawlessly. Vibrant. Beautiful. Recommend to all of us and every body. Edit: It remains a laugh, and holds the equal functions. Though after coming lower back it seems there’s a wave of recent concepts that confuse me, given no instruction. They’re overloading and make the game extraordinarily laggy.


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