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October 25, 2022
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1. Tap the downloaded PLAYit MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


There is a lot of media content that everyone wants to consume on a daily basis which also implies that they are on the lookout for apps that they can utilize for this reason. There are a myriad of apps you will find but very few of them are complete and even if they are, the fees are not cheap.

But that’s fine since we are bringing to you the Playit application. A 15 Mb movie and audio player by Playit Entertainment which contains practically every function that you would ever need when it comes to playing your media.

Are you interested to see what features the app has that will enhance the convenience and level of your entertainment? Then keep reading since this post is going to brief you on every detail.

PLAYit – Video And Music Player
What is Playit APK?
Playit apk is a movie and music player application available on your app stores for free. The program handles all your media related demands in one go. The app features in-app purchases and adverts. This is a really handy program to manage all your media files and has wonderful features you will not be able to pass up.

Enjoy your videos in the background, convert them to audios, listen and watch online, download and so much more. Playit is a very wonderful creation that keeps getting better with new feature!

What is Playit Mod APK?
Playit mod apk is the modified version of the aforementioned media player. This edition provides the user complete access to all of its features and added bonuses without paying in-app purchases. Such an offer just cannot be rejected!

You may skip advertising and optimize focus by getting the mod version. You can also obtain many other vip features so that you are able to have the best out of this application. To read the features in detail view the following information.

PLAYit – Video And Music Player \sSupports All Video And Audio Formats
All of your audio and video files can be played with Playit without caring about their formats. You can play all videos be it 1080 or even 4k with varied formats such as MPG, 3GP, FLV, M4V and countless more. Similarly you may also access and lay your audio files without reverting to another mosaic tool. Playit makes everything easy by giving you a single application where you can play both your films and audios.

Organizes Your Media Through Auto Detect
WIth Playit you may rest easy and let the application manage all your audio and video files in one place for you. You don’t have to browse over your storage to discover the files, you can just find them here. When you add new files to your phone the app will automatically add it to where the rest of the collection is stored with its auto detect feature. It can also handle the files in your sd card, and arrange it separately to the collection in the internal storage.

Contains VPN Browser
This feature makes the program even more desirable. It comes with a vpn browser which lets you to access the internet while using the program. This method you may listen and watch all the audios and videos out on the web. In addition to that you can download material from all the social media sites such as instagram or facebook by just clicking on the download button. So that you can access the information offline whenever you want without any limits. To visit your desired site merely type in the URL and go on with your task.

Play Your Media in Background or Floating Window
The software has several nice surprises for its users and one of them is that they can play their films through a floating window. Not only that they may also play them in the background like the audios. Now with those that are highly busy they have to multitask quite a lot of times. And Playit is here to simplify this problem for them. So you may listen to your podcasts, shows etc in the background without the visual image or music and keep going with the task that you want to finish.

PLAYit – Video And Music Player \sWatch With Subtitles
Isn’t Playit amazing? On top of everything they also allow you to add your own subtitles to the videos you are watching. You may easily search for your desired subtitles on the web and enable the subtitle file in your videos and enjoy a completely subtitled video.

Video to Audio Converter
Users can also convert a movie into an audio file. Now the next time you need to convert a music video into an audio you don’t have to look anywhere else, Playit delivers everything in one location. This converting capability supports all video formats and you may even make changes to the convert choices.

Easy Controls
Browse around the app with absolute ease, the controls are really clear and simple to use. Many smart gestures are embedded in the app to manage the brightness, playback speed, volume, pause, play and many others. There are numerous other controls that make the app incredibly accessible and straightforward to use.

No Ads
There will be no adverts in the mod version of Playit. It is always a frustrating experience to be interrupted by advertising in the middle of your films and audios, with the mod function you can do rid of this.

PLAYit – Video And Music Player \sUnlock Vip Features
By downloading the mod version you will access numerous premium features free of cost that else you will have to purchase. Enjoy exclusive features like infinite MP3 converter, free selection of skins and so much more.

Who doesn’t need a video and audio player, to see your videos in floating windows, downloading, converting video to audio, whatever it can be the Playit delivers it all in one place. It’s highly useful and wonderful features definitely makes it stand away from the rest of the crowd. And with the free unlocked version of the software available on our site what’s making you wait? You can locate the download button in the beginning of the page. Share with us your comments on Playit and we will also try our best to resolve any confusions you might have.

If you require watching videos in HD, this is a fantastic solution for you. Through the capabilities that this program provides, please use and enjoy it to the maximum. Choose a music or a video you want to appreciate and have enjoyable, relaxed moments with your loved ones.

Coming to PLAYit, users will freely transfer and distribute any number of films to their friends or relatives conveniently and save a lot of time. Besides, this program also has the function of automatically detecting video files that you have saved on your device. You can freely alter and handle all the information and data in this application according to your preferences. Everyone has different ways of organizing media files to show your enthusiasm in the most exciting way.

PLAYit – A New All-in-One Video Player

PLAYit – A New All-in-One Video Player
If you want to view any video, just search and choose a video that you enjoy the most. Then press the “download” button. After only a few seconds, the video will be stored immediately to your phone’s gallery. You have the right to quickly download videos on social networking sites to your device if you wish to keep them for later viewing again. Feel free to download anything you wish to and admire them most peacefully.


it will make it possible for you to watch any video or movie in HD and the most vivid, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the most beautiful and significant moments of relaxation. Here, you have the freedom to change the playback speed screen brightness and modify the volume to meet your preferences. Besides, you may also watch the film in the most engaging style and obtain exciting and significant content in each video.

In PLAYit, the videos you watch will be presented with clear and specific audio. In addition, you can utilize other applications while watching videos or listening to music. Not only that, you hide your secret video products in the most private folder. This application will secure your privacy most attentively and safely, so you don’t need to worry too much. All your folders are relocated to a new and highly protected place.

it will present you with a vast variety of distinctive and new international movies. You can look for subtitles online and download them to watch a film or video in a more simpler way. Besides, you may optionally turn the movies to audio with just one click. Everyone wants to enjoy beautiful music or famous movies, please locate this program and follow it in the most fun method.

After joining PLAYit, you will enjoy a variety of various rewards. All your unhappiness will suddenly evaporate from time to time; instead, you will obtain a lot of new and exquisite joys. Moreover, you are also immersed in the most comfortable entertainment space.

PLAYit – A New All-in-One Video Player

PLAYit – A New All-in-One Video Player
It has the function of playing all videos in HD, expressing to viewers the most realistic and vivid images, providing more fun for them.
You have the right to share any film or music with your friends fast and simply.
Be allowed to control and arrange all cars clearly and exactly according to their way.
Quickly select the videos you want to watch most simply, and you can also download them on your device with only one swipe.
Hide confidential videos in your private folders. This program is capable of securing all your personal information closely and properly.
Update online subtitles in foreign films in the fastest method, making it easier for viewers to grasp the content of that movie.
The application is created to be highly particular, clear, and easy, and the arrangement of each area is likewise lovely and neat.
The application is open to all users, and you can download it for free. Plus, you can listen to music and watch any movie in the most comfort and freedom.
PLAYit v2.6.5.48 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

PLAYit – Video And Music Player \sFAQs
Q. Is Playit a free app?
You must be thinking it’s too good to be true but it isn’t, You can download it for free from Google play store or obtain the mod version from our website.
Q. Can I convert videos to MP3?
Yes you can! Convert your movies to numerous audio formats including MP3.

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