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Apr 19, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install My Little Universe MOD APK v2.0.5-116 (Resources) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded My Little Universe MOD APK v2.0.5-116 (Resources) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] My Little Universe MOD APK v2.0.5-116 (Resources) Game for Android


The game itself is quite enjoyable even after you have paid for ads-free. But I find it too easy to end up spending “universe dollars” on any of the million of “free” deals that continually appear when you navigate the world or making menus. I’ve spent so far 10 of them on small resource trades, which I didn’t have any plan to buy because I was engaged in combat and touched them by accidental.

My first rating was a 2 stars because of all the ads, and I deleted. I checked back later and found it possible to play offline which will stop the advertisements. By purchasing a package, you can eliminate the advertisements. I love the simplicity of the game. However, some areas, like the world of Earth, provide no guidance on how to build anything and eventually, I was able to get an ideas of what I could do. My only complaint is that when you’re in need of a particular ingredient to create something, it displays the tiny icon but doesn’t tell you exactly what the image is.

I believe this game is incredible. I will never stop playing it. I am awestruck by the cute characters that I can’t find with more exploration and I love the music too. I like the various colors and the monsters that offer more things. The ads are also great to opt to watch to get more materials, and then leave to choose a different alternative. This is extremely helpful when I’m having a shortage of things. When im bored. This is the game I play. I will never get bored.

This is by far the most fun phone game I’ve ever played ever since Stardew valley. It’s so enjoyable in every aspect; the music and animations are delightful and it’s a lot of fun but not at all boring It’s not a lot of time wasted waiting for something to be built or for resources to be replenished and the scenery is constantly evolving and growing. It’s a game that I’ll play for the long haul as it’s massive. I’ve been playing for five days, and at the point I believed I would be on track to take it on the first time, it took a unexpected change and the story opened 10 times. I love it.

Fantastic game. Needs some improvement. I really like this game but, as a message to the developers: could you add a method to temporarily block the purchase of items while you’re running around. There is no ‘are you sure purchase’ message. I’ve spent a ton of tickets accidentally and they’re difficult to find. I’d rate you a 5* rating if you include this option. Apart from that, the game is great.

I am in love with this game. It’s so fun. However, one thing that I dislike is the added content. Uugh. Ads are irritating. I would prefer that ads weren’t in games! The primary portion to the game to create a land. However, first you have to cut copple of trees, and then to build your own world. Download it now and start building your own world. SOOO FUN!!! 🙂 ( you also have to fight a few things. The first ones are easy, then following are the normal 3rd, which is somewhat difficult. I’m eager to test the next step!)

I was one of those who enjoyed the game back in the day I went back to it and saw that a lot had changed, but it still maintained the same simplicity that the game offered. I’m happy that over the years, it’s good to see developers trying to improve the game even more.

Super cute game, but extremely glitchy. Some activities require internet access however it is so much that it will not open when connected to the internet. Only able to play a small portion of 2nd World before the game needs internet-only objects. The ads are also excessive and appear randomly without clicking into item caches.

So far, it’s a adorable game, the gameplay is simple, but i would prefer that ads weren’t so long there are advertisements for resources, which is helpful however, I noticed some tasks, like where you must defeat the mushroom men. only 5 of them spawn on the area, which could take a while to finish or even not bothering. I’m still playing and testing it out.seems interesting, however,


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