My Cafe: Recipes & Stories MOD APK v2022.13.1.1 (Money) + Data

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[Free Download] My Cafe: Recipes & Stories MOD APK v2022.13.1.1 (Money) + Data Game for Android


I’ve played for more than three years now. It was an uphill climb at first but I’ve played through a lot of updates in the past and they’ve been quite decent. Make sure you take the phone orders, and then join the township. Follow the videos so you can setup your restaurant to earn the highest (gold) earnings. The second quest at the phone booth not completely enjoyable due to the energy demands and slow regen. But it’s a great time killer and is a great way to make money.

It’s an excellent game. It’s extremely addictive, and rarely do I have little to play. My main problem is that it’s always losing connection. It’s likely that every 3-10 minutes, the game will have to restart. It’s difficult to obtain of exciting things and awesome decoration. Puzzle pieces usually are identical, Ruby box isn’t big enough to purchase something other than the lamp and you’ll need to spend the full price for all of it. Other than that this is an excellent and enjoyable game, and I could play it for many hours.

I am a huge fan of this game and have played it for a long time. But I do wish I could see the cars coming up and trying to figure out the issues although I haven’t was able to finish these . I like the phone puzzles, however this one isn’t letting me locate Santa’s suit. when I attempt to click on an item on the front of the wardrobes for it to be moved, the game informs me that I have to finish other things, but this is the only thing I’m facing. Could you look at it at it and see if you can fix it. Thanks.

It’s a fantastic game. I’m addicted to everything and will definitely recommend it. I’d like to suggest an improvement to allow us to create your own cafe without the need to change everything each time, as anyone who would like to alter the design of their shop is quite difficult when you have customers arriving and staff members walking around trying to alter my design.

Each game begins to be entertaining and addictive until you reach that point that alters everything. The cost of equipment is outrageous, and furniture costs are insane. It is not possible to mix styles that are profitable You can switch styles in the future if you are able to afford it, but it’s not likely that it will function anyway which is why you’re penalized tipwise. TOWNSHIPS are UNFAIR. I’ve yet to find one township that hasn’t betrayed me outright or took my money. Events are ALL basically pay-to-play quests. Are you dissatisfied with the new graphics.

I’ve had fun enjoying playing. I am level 28. It’s almost a need to pay to get higher. If not, it takes time to get leveled. I like the quests, but it is a long way from spending money to having the quests move quickly increases exponentially with higher level, but gradually. The side games can’t be played within the time frame provided unless you pay. These are of no value. I think that developers should be part of those FB groups to find out the things we truly want in order to see to keep their players who pay. The adults.

Despite prices being brought to the heavens and most quests being extremely hard to finish (if at all) I still love the game for its wide pool of customization options and the non-forced/quick/rapid/harsh competitiveness of most games nowadays. It’s a relaxing game that anyone can play by themselves. Particularly if they have the patience to pay enough funds for equipment and doesn’t sound like a baby when faced with the expensive prices and limited equipment.

Fun game with plenty of things to do. I like the prizes we win and also the variety of dishes and the characters. The storylines are a little drawn out but they are fun, and so is the cost of the items you purchase. Wow, very expensive but that’s the way you earn money, right? It’s time to change the pricing. It’s really expensive unless you’re near the bottom .

I thoroughly enjoyed playing for the first couple of months. The game has new challenges and the most bizarre storyline, and plenty of chances to collect diamonds. The only things that I think make the game less enjoyable are the costs for machines, and the fact that the main game does not pause when you’re collecting energy. The higher you go the higher you go, the more expensive your machines get. If the machines rise in cost, more money will be flowing to the cafe. It takes two weeks to purchase one machine.

It’s very addictive. It usually begins with a tiny restaurant before it becomes a huge. It’s the game i’d like to play. At first, there are only a few options and it’s not that many, and I like this. The next step is to customize my character, and even get the name of my restaurant. This is the best perspective i can offer. I would like to make improvements also. First, build more floors and walls. Second, customize the head, eyes, mouth and hair. Then, just increase the views. This is all I like about the game.

I love that the design has been enhanced even more It’s now by far the most beautiful restaurant game available. You can create stunning cafes when you give it a shot. But I’m not happy with the introduction of all the new equipment and equipment, which makes my cafe appear unorganized. This is precisely why I stay away from restaurants games. Later in the game, you’re “forced” to put many items you do not like, but in the end, you don’t have complete freedom to design your cafe to your own personal taste.

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