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Dec 30, 2022
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How to install Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK v3.5.5053 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK v3.5.5053 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK v3.5.5053 (Money) Game for Android


For what it’s worth as a mobile game , I believe this game is extremely realistic. ODD Games did an excellent job of creating it. I love the new version which allows the wheels to be broken off, and I enjoy cameras with different angles. Being able be able to control the truck and be able to view them from the crowd’s perspective is something I’m a lover of and is something that’s not in other games, as well as the graphics. I’d like the designer of this game look into this, if not for anything else… Further trucks and tracks please!

It’s an excellent game. I played it for a long time across various devices, certainly difficult at times if you’re not confident in how to handle things. Flat out isn’t as effective the way you think it does. But I’m unable to return my purchases due to reasons. I bought two trucks. However, when I click “restore purchases” nothing happens.

The game has just been updated and I’ve paid for ads with no ads before the update and it’s asking me to pay for ads that are not needed ever again. Could be this fixed? I ended up spending the $2.99 to get it since I had some extra money from surveys However, it’s still a little frustrating that I bought it prior to the new update I was forced to buy it all over again. However, new trucks look great. I’ll give it four stars until the issue can be resolved.

This game is my favorite, it’s my preferred game to play for when I want to kill time. I love that it doesn’t require internet access all the time. Just purchased the latest truck and I love it. My only complaint is the added ads appear even after paying to get rid of them prior to update. If I needed to pay again to get rid of adds, I would, but it states I already own the game. This game lasted longer than the other games.

Fun to play, and a great way to pass the time. It would be nice to have the cloud option or an option to save the game’s progress on your Facebook or some other. Beyond that, I enjoyed the game. The only issue I have is that I paid to get rid of adds, but since the last update I’m getting new adds. If I click the remove adds button, it states that I bought it before, therefore when I go to restore my purchases, it doesn’t stop the ads. Help me fix this. Then , I’ll rate 5 stars.

Fantastic game, love the new feature in which we could have the wheels breaking perhaps a system that we could also break other parts of the truck, like the link bars, and then see the tire damage until they go off. Maybe even a bar at the corner to show the damage to the truck until it shuts out and turn completed? That would be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! !

Hey, weird games! I really like your game but i’d like to request could you add an option within the settings to change back to the original MTD (old tires, rims, and maps that shows). And what do i think about the pictures in that app , it’s like the drag race pictures of bigfoot 1, and carolina crusher

Fantastic game! Fantastic graphics! I love the nostalgia and the homage to classic trucks! It’s fun to play! There are ads however they are just like any of the games available I would recommend it! Worth checking out!

I am a huge fan of this game, however when I upgraded it, it removed my ads to remove and I had to pay for it but you took it off every time you tried trying to buy it again, it would state that you already owned this item , so can you please make a change?

A custom truck and map maker will be amazing in addition to an gear shifter, tire tracks as well as new dust effects. I’m assuming you’ve got plenty to do, so it’s likely to not drop until the end of next year.

I’ve loved this game I’ve been playing this game since I found it in the year 2019. Maybe a stunning graphics and a multifaceted multifacet experience both offline and online. This brings me to reasons I’m talking about it so much. I’d like my Grim back. I purchased that truck and lost my phone, and a while recently I downloaded my MTD application and I’m sure because I’m African American all my truck before the loss were still in existence. All except for Grim please assist ….

I am a fan of the game but since I just received an upgraded phone and the game to restore my purchases but it’s not restoring it. I’m not willing to spend the amount I put into this game just to unlock all of the game’s features again. Please, help me.

I have truly been enthralled by this sport. I’ve been a fan of Mtd Clear since I was in 2nd grade in elementary school. I am hoping they have enjoy a bright next chapter ahead. I would love to see an automobile named in my honor however I can’t see any chance of that happening.

It’s an extremely enjoyable game, but if are driving a vehicle that is more fast, the moment you start to race, and you make a leap, the truck will wheelie at all times. It’s just .

The other day I was able to witness a wild beast and I’m amazed you saw it. The mechanics are amazing. No other game featuring monster trucks can surpass this one. I’ve played for a while and it’s still great and the greatest monster truck to begin with is Bigfoot #16.

I absolutely love this game!! I’ve just begun playing the game and my goodness. It is definitely it is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played! Bravo! Odd Games!!! I’m eagerly awaiting MTD2! !

Do you think it is possible to add rearstearing? I’ve lost the tires, with one exception. It’s not trunnable well , as I have to reverse, go forward and back up again to align it.

Excellent game, but I’ve not seen any new trucks or , if there had been any recent new trucks it was not a huge shift, so yes more trucks means more enjoyment!

It’s a great game. enjoy it, and the controls are great. It’s an enjoyable game, but one thing , could be added more monster trucks. Thanks.

This is among the top monster truck games that I have ever played. began in 2020 on April 12, I am a huge fan of the trucks. I’m a muck. Thanks MTD thanks for the game. five stars for this game. amazing and extremely nice! !

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