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April 13, 2023
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How to install Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.20 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.20 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.20 (Premium) Game for Android


I like the game to a great extent, however, in the past few days, I’ve not been able to log into my Microsoft account, which has led to me being unable to join realms, or even wear my skins. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but it eventually told me “error code: creeper.” After researching what was wrong, the error suggested me a few possible causes, but none of the issues appeared to be the correct one.

I would like to arrange the buttons to allow for touchscreen controls. I also would like to see a deadzone option available for the thumbstick. At first, the touchscreen controls felt awkward, and in some instances they are, for instance the combat, it can feel a little more intense. But in general, the controls on the touchscreen are fantastic and if I had not such big thumbs it would be more enjoyable. But the greatest thing is that I can connect my phone to my adapter and place it in front of the TV, and use the ps5 controller. This is an amazing upgrade to my library of mobile devices.

My favorite game! It’s amazing how well it works on mobile devices. But! when i use the joystick mode, and I have more than one potion effect, the badges and jump button get overlapped, which causes the screen for effects on potion to appear when I want to jump. I’m typing this in the nether, waiting for my potions to go away so that I can get rid of from the ghasts. Thanks

I’m not a fan of this new menu for setting. I thought for a moment that you had removed control splits for the keyboard, and I was gonna be mad man. However, I came to the conclusion. Still a fun game. I’d give it a 3.5 in the event that I could. This new menu has taken it down by half for me. The menu from the old one was so great that the new menu is a bit confusing.

Okay, I’ll only rate the game five stars for two reasons: ONE, I’ve been playing since I was a kid I absolutely love the game. Secondly, it is a endless map of battles, animals construction, nature and even learning how to perform these on the real world. But. What I don’t know is that I’m not able to transfer my galleries’ skins into my Minecraft. I really long for the old minecraft where you could save skins and mods. It was a downgrade, but it only than it upgraded.

This is among the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played! I’ve played it for over 3 years! Also, I am awestruck by the variety of games you can play on such as keys and mice, Mobile Blue tooth controller / Xbox and one of the most cool games, vr! Thank you Mojang also, I’m excited to see an update in the near future (1.20.0) Thanks for everything!

The new Hud is awesome and user-friendly. But could you please create it so that we can alter the way we use the jump buttons are too far to the right, and also to be able to alter each button individually …. Also, previously the game did not have a full screen which was nice but now it’s past the front camera, and the controls become useless. make this fix

Excellent game. Been playing for eight years at this point. I would love it if there was more enchants available for Java and bedrock and that additional potions can be created in the same way. Finally, If an elder guardian was able to be summoned through survival beacons, or something…that would be awesome. (In my view)

It’s an amazing game. I’ve played for years ago and have made many memories with this game. The game lets your imagination go wild in the realm of creative thinking and if you’re feeling a little daunting, you can choose to play in survival mode. The difficulty is ranging between Easy to Hard making mobs that play the game strong based on the difficulty level you select. It’s a entertaining game. I’d recommend playing with a friend anytime you’re feeling bored.

It is a five-star review if it had the option of playing various versions of Minecraft as you do in the PC version by using an application called the Minecraft launcher. In any case, it’s a fantastic game that I would highly recommend purchasing it, particularly if you don’t own a computer or console. This is an excellent alternative that is compatible with all phones.

I’ve been playing the game from when I was eight years old. It’s extremely enjoyable! You can play on servers, in your own worlds and even worlds created by friends. If you don’t own Microsoft or Windows, you will only play with your friends who have the same network as you. However, If you do are using Microsoft you can play with your friends that are all the way from Colorado while you are live in New York! It’s a lot of enjoyable! I’m never bored by it! There are so many skins and there’s an Marketplace. I strongly recommend it. It’s super fun! !

You’ll have to shell out the sum of $10 for changing my user name todaywhich is more than the total game. Additionally the new world-making layout eliminates certain options that could be altered only after the world is created and edited. (???). The crosshair is no longer available. Bluetooth controllers are no longer compatible with Minecraft. You can no longer use custom skins (now you’re required to pay for specific features). Minecraft is an experience that is dear for me, however it’s been slipping downhill. Consider these critiques.


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