Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk v1.205.2023010117 (Money)


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Jan 1, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk v1.205.2023010117 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk v1.205.2023010117 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk v1.205.2023010117 (Money) Game for Android


It’s more visually appealing than the previous one. I rate it 4 stars because of the fact that hostages don’t always give health after saving. The boxes that have timers. The energy required in order to enjoy the game. …. Everything must be changed to the way it was in the initial game. There was nothing wrong, therefore there was no need for a fix or change. Additionally, the blueprints of worth are scarce. …. It’s a great game that is worth playing provided you’re energetic. There are some fundamental elements that the game’s first one got right and this game got wrong.

I’m moving it up to a star. It’s not as enjoyable as the first, but the changes have made it more enjoyable than it used to be. The requirement for energy, the requirements for advancement of medals, the timed boxes as well as timed boxes. are still making the game extremely frustrating. It’s also a lot harder to obtain gold than in the initial version. What about the option to pay a one-time payment, removing the waiting time on boxes, and perhaps the possibility of a gold doubler. Also , the swipe to jump feature could use some improvement. It is more likely for him to shoot than to jump.

I love this game! I can remember playing the first time I played it and loved it. It immediately attracted my attention. The music, the gameplay, Major’s brand new look is amazing. The tiniest of details of giving enemies a voices was a great addition. My issue is the lack of costumes that are available, the energy requirements, and waiting for the chest to open. I love the idea of upgrading your weapons however, waiting long for your chest to open and hoping to locate the blueprints can be boring. Overall, great game.

Fun Shooter with simple enough improvements! I don’t play mobile games for more than a few months! This is the game I always return to. The advertisements and the wait are well-planned and, to my liking, not overbearing! It gives the perfect amount of play time for 10 lives. Awesome! I would like to get an expansion pack that has new levels and a new story lines! I’d buy this as an add-on! It’s a better option than any of the weapons or chrystals, just an idea! Google Play integration would be very welcome!

This game is a lot of fun! I like the over-the extravagant style. The one issue I’m having is that each time I attempt to accelerate a drop box but it won’t appear. I need to switch screens or tap random items just to play the video. Additionally, the ads in this game have frozen my phone , or didn’t allow me to return to the game, leading to complete shut down and restart. It is urgent to fix.

Great little game to play as a time pass. I enjoy the storyline and the connection , however I’m missing the boost and scoring benefits of that original version. I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t switch weapons during the game and being able wear or restore armor and fight. Three hits and you’re finished. I’ve always loved the old style game. However, this is a great game in any case. I can play it for hours repeatedly while waiting for work to start. Better that watching dry paint. And more enjoyable

A great game that is better than the previous. The game gets quite challenging towards the end of the story mode, but it is doable without spending money. There’s a lot more ads to watch than the first game, but I’m sure 1 didn’t earn any money, so I understand the idea. I would prefer it in the event that upgrading weapons were more straightforward. The 2nd version of some arcade-style games become too complex and dull (e.g. Plants against. Zombies). This is not the case. The second version retains the fun. I am looking forward to the next version.

Fun and addictive! My only complaint is that it takes forever to upgrade. It’s good that you can replay the game to see if you can gain gold without having to pay real money. I like the fact that the game doesn’t require you to view ads unless you wish to make it easier to open the crates of awards …. the choice is entirely your choice. But, it’s pretty sturdy.

While I like the ads-free design of the original game it’s still entertaining to play. It doesn’t require any purchase for you to play the game, however you’ll need to watch several advertisements if you wish to move up the weapon level. Overall, I’d say that it’s a step up from the first version in regards to gameplay and is a 5-star application (considering that it’s free).

It’s got some really cool graphics, and I really like how it feels to touch the shooting targets. I’m just beginning to play it, and likely give it an additional star in the near future, once I am fully familiar with its potential. I’ve completed the game and am now trying to get my score perfect. It’s time to add another star in order to ensure that it’s a perfect game. I ran into a glitch about three quarters into the game and the game’s developer was able to fix the issue so quickly that I was awed. Thank you so much for the effort that you put into making me in a position to enjoy myself and have fun! !

A lot of fun, easy controls, and stunning graphics. It can be played completely for free, and without having to watch advertisements. It can be quite difficult If you wish to earn three stars for every mission. It’s extremely frustrating in the event that you want get all the weapons no cost (required to finish all tasks) but it’s possible. The game is still great! The only thing I’m missing is an affordable permanent item I could buy to help our team (e.g. coin doubler in previous game). Not gems.

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