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Dec 19, 2022
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How to install Kung Fu Karate MOD APK v1.0.93 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Kung Fu Karate MOD APK v1.0.93 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Kung Fu Karate MOD APK v1.0.93 (Unlocked) Game for Android


The game is excellent and graphics are good. It is possible to play offline without worrying about ads. The offline feature is true. It is necessary to include two modes to this computer mode as well as more difficult knockout stages. For instance, if you’re beat by one opponent, and the other one that you’d like to be able to take to the next round or three opponents could be fighting against you simultaneously. The computer mode is the mode where you’ll be able to see two computer adversaries fighting.

The game was fantastic I really enjoyed it as it was a direct inspiration by Mortal Kombat but still there is a glitch. There’s a bug on levels 99 and 100 which is the level that is the end of the campaign. Please fix this bug, Thank you. By the way, i have a few suggestions to include some new fighters into the game.

The game is fun and could be played offline however, the movements aren’t as impressive, and one cannot combine a variety of moves to create a unique move. I’d like to see this improved upon. However, I would like to congratulate the producers of such a amazing and fascinating game.

What date will Levels 99 and 100 will be corrected so that I can complete my career mode. It’s very frustrating and irritating to reach this point in the game only to be unable to finish the last two levels due to a sort of bug in the game’s software. Fix this issue. S. an.. A greater range of finishing options and actions would greatly improve the experience of playing. When I’m done with the career mode, I’ll only have good remarks to share about the game.

Fun game. I love the feeling of the controls but too much in the way of advertisements. This is the reason it’s only 4 stars. If there was no ad for every match, it could be a five stars game, according to me.

It’s a fantastic game that gives you tranquil mind that helps reduce stress. It’s an excellent way to relax your mind, instead of believing that it’s a physical

Oh, I love this game. A few suggestions 1. I’m sure they’ve added more finishers , which I like , however I would love to see more variations of fatalities. For example, you could create an accident where you cut off their legs and arms, cut off their heads and throw it into spikes instead of the same thing each game. 2. If the death is fatal, you must include blood and injury to the victim. The way you are now. It’s like hitting them with an Nerf sword, so you should add blood and real damage.3 Make it more difficult

It’s a fantastic fighting game. I’ve enjoyed playing it over and over. Congratulations to the team. Please add more levels and fighters ‘ skills to the game.

It’s an amazing game however, we need to improve the game by adding more national competitions, and also making an online contest.. The game is too small and playable by anyone.. It is a good idea to include additional competitions..

It’s not terrible, but it’s better that MK on Android since it’s got buttons . It’s also a good way to finish the game ” babiallty ” it’s should be able to change your opponent, not you . It’s still a great look in the near future. sport

It’s great, however I believe this is an excellent way to start. My son is always playing this and it’s great however he told me to inform you guys about the need to enhance the look, background and appearance. A bit of funciness.

It’s a cute and beautiful game. played this game during my youth, and after a long time ago, I’m currently playing this game. Before installing this game, I’m thinking that the Kung Fu Karate game has been removed from the play store, however, it’s not removed. I’m shocked to discover that this game is available. I’m really happy after playing this game. I can recall my childhood memories of when me and my cousins played this game using multi-player options . We sometimes have a fight in real life to play the game. It’s a great game. I love this game very greatly

I am in love with it. It doesn’t require downloading with huge data, and there’s no complain from the phone about memory. You don’t need to purchase any thing if you don’t wish to. The image quality is excellent.

This game is fantastic, there are no complaints here. On the next update add more characters as well as grapple moves. Make it harder after you beat the game. Add a giant bosses, and lastly you can choose an option to block with auto or manual block. Overall am eagerly awaiting the next update

I really enjoy this game, but the only issue is that the game feels slow and stiff, some attacks such as low kick, high kicks are difficult to combine due to the slowness, which makes playing challenging because the cp sniffs your movements. There is also no timer for blocking or blocking during gameplay , which can be irritating! Certain moves can’t be blocked, which is a pain. Additionally, game difficulty levels are recommended for adding a new challenge to this knock-out game mode!. Please add more ways to kill characters and deaths!.

This game I love because it brings me back to my childhood. It has characters that are reminiscent of Mortal Kombat icon’s and even create a character that looks similar to one of my most favorite Marvel superheroes Spiderman. Sincerely, m.mcc.jr

I like your game Soo muucchh…but please add more heroes from another anime, comic etc…And improve the graphics and make it realistic-like..thanks

There are too many commercials, but it’s a great game to play just for the enjoyment of it. I’ve respect for those who have martial arts. They have the ability to defend themselves and have respect for other players.

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