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Apr 29, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.7.1 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.7.1 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.7.1 (Money) Game for Android


It’s a lot of ads. Every time I went to the products to yank the crap out of my friend and he was a whirlwind. Not just this time, but much more than the one I mentioned. P.S note. Please remove some of the advertisements

This game is hilarious. I used to play it when I was about 6 or 7, but the fact that there are too many advertisements is frustrating when trying to play. I’d prefer that it didn’t be filled with ads for how to earn the price you must traverse a lot of advertisements. This game is fun and enjoyable however it’s a hassle to get through the ads and new weapons and equipment which can take many days

It’s a fun game to play when you’re angry, as you can vent it with your pal. I would highly would recommend the game however it is a bit irritating when the ads come in every minute, but it’s not a bad game. However, I would prefer all the things were available in the game, particularly the weapons, but it’s an extremely enjoyable game. If you’re struggling with problems with anger, I would highly suggest the game .

I rate 5 stars to this, but I would like to see more! There are a lot of advertisements and I’m unable to handle it. It’s a nightmare since when you first begin there’s this hand, and it’s blocking your view. Then, the hand instructs that you must click on something, and if you click it and you are required to view an commercial. I’d like to play this game, but you must be cautious about which you click on because I’ve told you what happens. Let me share an amusing story. The hand icon tells you to click it, but I was unable to remember what would happen when I clicked on it, and then I saw an advertisement

Absolutely love it. However, I do not want to be the one doing it correctly here, but what’s the point of rain? Wouldn’t it be more effective to have lightning that could strike him with or his box is filled with water? But what if it’s rain? and I don’t get coins as I do with other items of torture?

I used to enjoy this game, but due to some reason, they’ve removed some of the wepons, as well as categories like bio wepons. I used to play b3fore, which they claimed was due to be released soon. Also, I am unable to play the game due to the ads. They put an x in the middle, but when you press it, it plays an advertisement

The game was awesome and I started playing at the age of 6 years old. older, but there’s a problem to making the buddy kick when I purchase God of Power and click on angel it will not happen and when i click it, nothing happens but i am able to move the buddy, and that’s it. Thank you.

The game is fun because it’s filled with so many features. It’s got weapons, there are many more, however my only issue is that I do not like are the adds since it is shown to me constantly, every time I hit the blue x button.

I would rate this 5 stars but the ads appear every minute. I can remember as in the midst of my childhood there was ads. Now every second, there are ads, so please get rid of them because I don’t like it.

A great game. One issue that is why half of the content still in construction. I was awed by the bio-related stuff and all that, however when I downloaded it to my mobile, the game appeared as well as the majority of the items were still in construction. The rest was good.

Hey I love this game! I don’t like this game for hurting your buddy. I enjoy the game because you can discover new weapons, and you can even destroy the Buddy and it’s the exact thing as hurting. I like this game because it’s enjoyable and I can play when I’m bored.

This game is by far the most entertaining game I’ve played in my life. It’s engaging and keeps me busy while in the car. My sister is a fan of this game. She’s playing for about 3 things I’ve never heard of and she loves it so much she plays it daily

It’s a great game that lets you release frustration. I am a fan. When I need to let my anger out I play this game.

I’ll rate this game five stars, but you’ll have to spend an enormous amount of money for weapons, and then why are there so many ads like there’s just ad after advert what’s the point when you could put all of the ads in one video? continue breaking it up as I suggested, just put some ads in one big video. Don’t continue to put ads after ads after adds after add after add, just add a tiny bit like a big video, or a small one. I’d suggest if I were you, I’d simply put one ad every around ,

It was a game I purchased to me as well as my daughter. The graphics are beautiful as well. Buddy is hilarious. The advertisements that pop up that are on the internet are constant, they just keep appearing. I do my best to make sure it’s on all the time so that we have free gold every 4 minutes of gameplay, However, these ads can be a bit annoying especially for a 4 year old. It’s expensive to play, and it can take a long time to unlock certain items, that’s why I have it downloaded on three devices. One issue is that it does not always allow me to back up my work on Google play or fail to save. It’s a great game generally. I’d not buy it, however it’s a nice feature to own.

first off, the although the gameplay is excellent, there are some minor errors which can be corrected within a short period of time. The controls of the game aren’t great and when you shoot with the gun, the aim isn’t very good. The aim of the boss is much superior. The graphics of the game are fantastic, however i believe it’s a too expensive but in any case the graphics are great. I would highly recommend this game to all other users.

I am a huge fan of this game! Buddy is like my personal stress ball which I can play at my leisure. The only problem is that there are way too many ads! I’m not afraid to watch advertisements to earn free stuff from the game, but because I’m already watching ads on my own, I’m annoyed when they’re put in my face. Apart from that it’s a lot of enjoyable, addictive and an excellent relief from stress! I’d also like to have an option to tear his limbs to pieces. This would be great an absolute blast!


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