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Dec 13, 2022
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How to install Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK v1.54.1 (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK v1.54.1 (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK v1.54.1 (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android


HCR2 is an incredible game that I’ve played almost every day since launch. The frequent improvements, bug fixes, and an extremely wide range of maps, as well as other things to do keep me coming back for more. It’s definitely been my most played mobile game ever since I first started playing it. I believe it will be difficult for anyone to come up with a mobile game I’ll be enjoying playing like this one. :))))))

It’s a lot of fun and always smiling while playing every time! It’s also quite addictive and you can truly progress without investing any money. It’s also extremely effortless using my Android 10 device. Five stars with no doubt! Update: Still going great, currently own every vehicle maxed out with no spending. As certain reviewers have stated the race tracks are fake. Names of users may be authentic but the other cars are run by games. I’m not worried the game, but it’s hard enough to be a winner. Sometimes it’s glitchy or does not load for me on Android 12.

Fantastic fun and extremely cool! I love the season-long updates that you add They just continue to get higher and more impressive . I’m hoping that the developers continue to improve and develop Hcr2 to the best of its ability. The only issue was that we could not challenge our friends within the game to race in our personal race(regardless of their ranking) If you could please consider to include this feature? it would be awesome! Thank you

I absolutely love this multiplayer game. two suggestions (though ……(to the game’s creator) Please include engine ignition sounds, if you can prior to it starts to play the “3..2..1..Go” cues when the races begin in all modes . Please make sure that the tuning portion of the start increase in Adventure mode, if feasible because once we step on the gas it’s a clear “Go” rather than “3..2..1..Go” In career mode when racing online with other players the sound of our vehicle is heard, while the other sounds are silenced or absent.

Fantastic game but… I decided to start the game since I had wasted lots of money at the start of game. Therefore, when I hit delete account, I was hoping it would start me over. However, when I launch it, I receive an error message saying “account deleted” and I have no choice but to quit. If I remove and then reinstall the game, the same message is displayed. Don’t be fooled by my error. HELP!

I absolutely love this game! I didn’t know it when I first installed it around 2+ decades ago. But today there’s so many cool vehicles! Tracks and modes. Adventure ( simply driving) Cups ( you compete against 3 other people) and team events… to those who sign up for a.team clearly. ( my personal favorite because they are constantly changing and pay good!) Time trials on a weekly or daily basis… as well as public events such as wheelie challenges, jumping jalopies( remain in the air for longest). As for ads I do watch them because you have more of everything, particularly parts.

A really enjoyable game that is really fun. There are too many ads even if you pay to be VIP. Everbody knows that ads are a way to earn money, but this is insane. In the end, you’ll have to spend a lot of time trying to upgrade your cars and once you have won enough money to upgrade your vehicle to a level that is competitive, they’ll just stop in a random manner.

It was a blast, there is one problem however. If you are required to compete in Mackie (boss race) it’s extremely early on. My current vehicle is a bus, and I need the opportunity to run Mackie. Would you please change it so that if you fail, the race, she’ll return later or provide an alternative for those who want to continue trying. Fix it soon, as I can’t play the game while being stuck with this boss. It forces me to go backwards and run races before. It only give me around 200 coins. I’m in need of at least 10000 coins to get my next upgrade. So I’m stuck.

Fantastic game, thrilling and enjoyment. The only issue is that we can get distance readings at two locations. One is in the RPM metre and the other above the fuel gauge. If you can, you change the distance reading in the RPM metre with the speed of your vehicle. This will look more appealing and will help you discern the different performance of automobiles.

I thoroughly enjoy playing. But I wish they were a bit more generous in the amount of money they give you to upgrade your cars. I’ve been playing for quite a long time and I only three of my vehicles are fully updated. and the gears to upgrade your equipment ought to be more abundant.

The game is fantastic but the advertisements are amazing that they are promoting the team events, the races and the public events. the adventure are fantastic selections and the chests come with lots of options and is a huge upgrade over HCR however the advertisements make it four stars. I’m sure my sentence isn’t the best.

I don’t have enough fuel fill-ups in this Super Diesel, I’m constantly running low on fuel on several levels. Also, being forced to repeat levels I’ve completed. It doesn’t seem to make sense. There is a need for more fuel fill-ups across all levels of all vehicles. In addition, the game is fantastic.

I would rate it five stars but it is too slow to load each time an advertisement plays it is crashing. Sometimes, it even will crash randomly. It’s the only thing I dislike in this video game. Could you please make this better?


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