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May 5, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Google Maps APK v11.77.0301 (Ads Removed/Extra) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Google Maps APK v11.77.0301 (Ads Removed/Extra) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Google Maps APK v11.77.0301 (Ads Removed/Extra) App for Android


1.) A compass direction indicator in the form of a screen would be useful. As one of the eight major directions that show the direction that the car is heading. 2.) move the menu down the lower part of it to its left. This will give the map a more vertical look which I believe is more efficient than the majority of horizontal maps that is always in exactly right angles with directions of travel. 3.) I used the most recent version the other day, and I was not happy not being capable of keying in the destination, add and separating stops

I enjoy exploring Google maps. Short codes are fantastic. Map is simple to use and has excellent spec options. It would be nice to have the settings to look into matters related to EPA, DOC, SCI and Family links by creating an easy to use button. Partnerships should have both sides. I can explore for hours every day and I love it. Thank you, I am looking for more content to add to my application.

Google Maps for some reason recently has not been able to determine where I am. It can result in some unsettling and hazardous circumstances on the road. The best part is that if I stop my trip and begin the same trip, it will show the location I am exactly. My phone GPS is perfect. It doesn’t update. On my last trip the maps didn’t work, and I went with my intuition and looked up the road signs that were visible. Just as I was about getting to my place Google Maps still assumes I’m at the beginning of my trip. Broken app, almost useless.

I depend heavily on Google Maps pretty much daily. It’s simple to use, and for destinations are concerned, it’s pretty precise. My only issue is location monitoring is horrible. It’s not accurate and can lag by numerous of miles or minutes. I use it to have tranquility of assurance when my husband is riding his bike, however I am always having to shut out to get an up-to-date (but not real-time) location.

Since the last update the maps will no more switch to perspective when I switch my phone upside down in order to place in my cradle of my smartphone. It’s extremely uncomfortable to have a vertical map with the phone on its side, or to use your phone in my hands. I’ve checked the settings to find a way to fix this issue, but there is nothing clear. Do I need to download another map application? ?

Google Maps is great, however it’s only useful for certain types of items, like companies and other things of that kind. However, for finding addresses such as houses and other such things, it’s not a good idea. When you arrive at an address, this message appears onto the screen, but it’s covered by the map, and you aren’t able to see it anymore. If I knew how to turn it off I’d say it’s utterly absurd and has destroyed the excellent application.

Very rarely an issue, simple navigation, user-friendly. These offer the day as well as night modes as well as alternative routes. Save your most-loved place such as your home or work. Alternatives to avoid tolls, freeways etc. It also gives you the option of saving fuel or reduce time by using multiple routes. Google Maps will ask how your excursion went with smiling faces. You can modify road closures or sitings of cops (along with other features). I’m satisfied with the application!

Since the last update my map have been functioning wrong. When i reduce the map’s screen it shows the distance between the current turn doesn’t get adjusted. Another issue is my background is set to auto, however it remains in the daytime mode until i manually change it. Additionally the location has changed. I believe i discovered this just on the 7th.

Excellent app, however the controls for media while in driving mode are much smaller that they were previously and are therefore more difficult to reach. It’s more risky since I have to keep my eyes on the road more of roads than I did before (when the buttons were bigger). It might be possible to add a few options to customize the driving interface? Maybe it is possible to integrate the cycling interface too?

Some locations don’t show up when I try to find specific locations or zoomed in. Recently, it started lags frequently or not responding in any way. Thank you to the developers for quickly fixing it however it is still slow at times. I think they took out the “want to go” layer while keeping the “favourites” layer. I would prefer to be able to see “saved” places layer as distinct layer, similar to traffic. Also, shared location Distance is in miles, instead of kilometers.

In general, it perfectly decides on the right way. But the automatic redirecting is an unwelcome nuisance. Sometimes, I’d like to take a longer route, and then suddenly, a button appears to END the rerouting. While driving, I do not glance at the phone screen at all times. This means that it is very often that I don’t manage to push this button and get diverted without my awareness.


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