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Dec 8, 2022
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Android 10 and up

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How to install Evernote Premium v10.45 APK (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Evernote Premium v10.45 APK (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Evernote Premium v10.45 APK (Unlocked) App for Android


The app is a bit sluggish, but I’ll use it. I’ve used it regularly for a long time and over the past two years, it’s increased to the point that the desktop version can’t be used as the app has stopped working several times per day. The search function isn’t working properly; technical support, which is only available to those who pay for versions, hasn’t solved any of my problems. As a user of 5k notes, I’m stuck and I’m sorry for it.

Update: Fortunately the issue with the jump cursor has been solved, and I’m able to utilize Evernote for a lot of my tasks once more. Recently, I’ve observed that there are often multiple versions of notes that are appearing. I was a fan of Evernote. Since a recent update I am unable to modify my notepads without my cursor going towards the beginning of each word. It’s so annoying! I need to fix this! I’m running Android on the Moto G Power phone, and everything else works great.

Review updated: I’ve been using Evernote since 2010, and loved it. Happy to pay for Premium. The month of November 2022 was inaccessible, especially for android. Duplication, loss of notes and not saving them, slow or can’t open notes, the circle of death, and search isn’t working. After researching, I decided to uninstall the app from my device, then restarted it to be able to recognize fix versions correctly. It is now working properly. What an improvement! BUT huge confidence loss. Releases are clearly not properly tested. If this happens again, I’ll be moving on.

It was a great tool back to the times when it was free (at at least, I’m pretty sure that it was). Then I found the paid version but am using the free version because it covers the majority of my requirements. The paid version is expensive, however it might be worth it for certain. Excellent app with full of features, nice design and clear interface. Im intending to use it to replace my Samsung notes app that I have on my phone.

Excellent app for Windows (version however, versions for Android as well as Chrome version of the OS (version 8) far in comparison to. 5-stars for the Windows version that I’ve been using daily for the past eight years. Three stars are for the inferior Chrome Version, which I utilize but have a difficult time to use (really slow and numerous cache issues). I am using the paid version, which means there are no advertisements are shown in the app. So please don’t ask me to read the advertisements when I’m not seeing any!

I’ve deleted my review from the past since it appears that issues I was having with notes multiplying has been fixed. I haven’t uninstalled the application as I wanted to preserve all the notes I took throughout the years. This version for free is fairly basic, but it meets my needs to keep records of the various books I’ve have read. I was not satisfied with the application I switched to.

I enjoy Evernote because I am able to access and edit it from both my phone and laptop. It’s convenient to check it out when you’re offline. One thing I don’t see as an improvement is the fact that it doesn’t ask you whether you’d like to save any changes prior to leaving. One thing I would love to have is when there’s the possibility of a note conflict, it could highlight the distinctions were between the two versions. Also, it should identify what’s in one version compared to the other since there could be deletions and changes. Thanks!

I’ve been using Evernote for more than 20 years. Although the interface has evolved over time however, the bugs have grown drastically. Today, I’m unable to save a note. I can create a brand new note and add as many as I want but nothing is ever saved. It’s the most basic function of the appis that it’s no longer working. Update: Support called me to inform me that they’d found the reason for the issue and provided me with a speedy and efficient solution. Despite some lingering glitches Nothing else can beat Evernote

An extremely useful app to note down notes. It’s also helpful that notes are saved within the cloud which means you are able to access them from any device. However, there’s a frustrating issue with my notes: they continue to duplicate without reason. It’s becoming frustrating to go through and delete multiple duplicates of the identical note. I’m not sure what’s going on I’ve never purposely duplicated notes.

It’s changed my life. That isn’t it? But as someone suffering from ADHD who enjoys organization (or trying to become organised at all!) I find it very useful to keep everything organized in one place as well as the user interface that is stunning and simple to use. I was an avid notebook keeper until I discovered Evernote and now everything is all in one place, and my brain isn’t as overwhelmed.

I’m a devoted notetaker and have used Evernote for over 13 years. I was initially impressed by the easy UI and the peace of mind the fact that all my data was secure in the cloud, and also synced to my mobile devices. I was able to easily pick up where I left off , and there was no hassle. The sync is now extremely unstable, constant conflicts. It is constantly pushing Premium option. I’ve considered it many times to pay – I’ve enjoyed a free ride for quite a while, but I’m afraid it’s not worth the price especially at the moment.

I’ve been using the app since 2013. If you’re looking to grow your business it is more than a simple to-do-list app. Evernote is one of the ways to move. I recently upgraded to a new smartphone as well as the Evernote app from version 8 to version 10. It was an abrupt change initially but the new version has helped me save time with the customizable home screen. It can display a list of notes, with reminders due today directly on the screen. I’m in a position to speedily and efficiently search for the information I require now.

I’ve used it for approximately 10 years. Overall, it’s good, but isn’t without its flaws. If you use the Bluetooth keyboard with Note 10+, using backspace to erase highlighted text removes the highlighted text, but it also deletes some words that were not highlighted to the left. When you save/syncing notes there is a possibility that the app will automatically duplicate the note. Many users have complained about this issue several years ago, and today it’s also affecting me. Many users remove thousands of duplicates each day.

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