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Dec 10, 2022
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How to install Duolingo MOD APK v5.84.3 (Full Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Duolingo MOD APK v5.84.3 (Full Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Duolingo MOD APK v5.84.3 (Full Unlocked) App for Android


DuoLingo is a well-designed application that can help you get going on your language journey. There are a variety of languages available and I am a fan of this new skill tree with linear progression. However there are a few points I think might be improved. In many lessons you will encounter concepts which weren’t presented before being “tested”, and while it is possible to read the exercise discussion however, they’re locked, and can’t be included in the course, which can hinder comprehension. Overall, I strongly recommend downloading the application.

I’m amazed by this application. I’ve been studying French as well as Mandarin for quite a while and they’ve just completed an overhaul that includes small aid books that are included at the start of each lesson. I’m likely to not ever take a class in a foreign language in the future. This app has everything you’ll need. I’d love to include a flashcard option that allows me to make flashcards that have French on one hand while using Mandarin in the opposite side to aid in the process however, I really like this application. 10/10 especially after the latest update. Even worth paying for.

Update is a disaster. I used to be able pick and choose the subject I wanted to study however now I’m being required to complete every lesson in the topic before moving to the next rather than being able advance in several subjects. I’ve noticed that every category which I didn’t have the ability to level up are gone? It’s really difficult to grasp what’s going on with the lessons learned. I’m hoping that developers will listen to feedback and implement changes to help users better.

I am pleased with the new layout but there is plenty to be improved. I have noticed that a lot of people aren’t happy with this new design. So , I think the best alternative for the could be to offer an alternative. If you start the app from the home screen, there should be the option to effortlessly switch between the standard layout or the brand new. (And the new layout ought to be a little more user-friendly, not having to scroll around.) I’m also of the opinion that instances of grammatical usage should be discussed within the section for notebooks.

I’m not a fan of this new system. Before there were more options to select and work on subjects that you enjoy. There is a lot of confusion together, even on days when you want to get a quick lesson done, it’s not possible to just jump in to a topic you are familiar with and get it done quickly. In the end it’s an unintentional steep climb to go in the wrong direction. The app was great before.

This is one among the best apps. Enjoy the interface, methods of teaching and the curriculum. It’s great to be able to master any language with ease. In the case of an updated version, I’ve adapted to this new version quite well. Yes, I enjoyed the stories section as much like everyone else. The rest of the game is fine. However, I’m having trouble with this “Match Madness” issue but it’s ineffective for me.. If I match the initial group of words, I’m stuck. It does not move forward and it always the same. I’d like to know how you can fix it.

I love the app which makes the process of learning languages much easier. But the updated layout of the main page, which is one long path instead of the previous one with lessons in blocks which is more difficult to navigate. This makes learning more rigid, which is not a good thing. Also, it makes it difficult to find the lesson I’d like to take as well as the stories. Additionally, and I’m not sure if it’s only my phone however, the layout creates lots of delays. I’m hoping the layout is restored to the old layout. Still like it.

The recent update has they’ve thrown up a new learning curve. I am feeling like I know less than I did before. The guides were much better than prior to. I’ve lost my way in the form of stories. The exercises aren’t well-thought out. I’m not able to remember the new terms. Then they put those words to the trophy level without indication. I’m stuck on those levels and only barely progressing. For a neuro divergent person having the ability to pick and choose classes was definitely one of the best thing. I’d like to see them bring it to the forefront in this new update.

I believe that it’s a step down as it’s more scrolly and pressing on a button to see exactly what it’s used for. Its changes in XP are a bit annoying as well as it is more gritty and you’re not earning the same amount to practice. It stifled my motivation to play in leagues, particularly when it changed at the midweek point, making earning XP during the second part of the week just as difficult. It’s still among the best designs I’ve seen, and the ads seem reasonable.

I was using the previous layout for just two months and was in love with the layout. The latest update was a mess my progress, and even more it slowed it down. I’m getting the words I’ve already learned as new lessons that are repeated and it’s difficult mixing and matching my knowledge in the way I did, moving from topic to topic according to my own preferences. Additionally I’m no longer making progress in terms of accomplishments. The new update may require some adjustment but I’d prefer to keep the previous one 🙁

I’m sure it helps lots of people to acquire new languages. I’m personally studying Japanese to write simple sentences (over just a couple of weeks ). No one is perfect.) The only issue I can detect is when an advertisement appears and then it basically locks the application, and I don’t find it a problem with the ads in themselves (like what’s the best way to get through the day?) however it’s really just a small glitch that’s been going on for a while and I’d appreciate the fix. I’m sure it’s extremely small, but an issue.

Revert to the original version. The title of each chapter is more relevant to the content. Navigating is much easier instead of having to go through the entire page. Also, for those who are taking Japanese lesson, it appears that a lot Of the advanced courses have been removed in the updated version. Do you know what the reason is? Overall, I’m grateful for this application, because I have gained a lot from it.


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