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How to install Drops Language Learning MOD APK 36.43 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Drops Language Learning MOD APK 36.43 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Drops MOD APK is an entirely new style language learning software for Android phones. From now on, eliminate any uninteresting, cumbersome stuff out of your memory.

Introduce about Drops
Learning languages is incredibly entertaining and easy to remember.

Learning a new language is no longer tired and depressed
As the name Drops, this is a unique language study tool, that in my opinion, is quite good for goldfish minds. You have downloaded a series of foreign language study apps and finally pity to erase all these apps from your phone, merely because it is too boring. Then here, Drops has an associated picture method to explain the word. You don’t even have to click on the intricacies of the lexical interpretation, simply glance at the picture to comprehend.

Drops MOD APK download \sDrops MOD by APKMODY
Drops Premium Unlocked
And yet, the application also contains a series of mini-games for each image to make memorizing both the word and the semantics easier and more fun. Learn without getting bored.

And because this life is incredibly taxing, Drop also filtered out all the tedious, brain-messing items that impact the student’s focus, with a super minimalistic graphical design. Only photos in shadow and color background. That is all. Anyone who has learnt via the design will understand how tough it is to build a smooth, simple design with only line colors and still represent the concept adequately. Some research demonstrate that these basic graphics help learners easier retain and grasp words than typical visuals.

The value of simplicity and enjoyment in learning languages
Especially beneficial for brain memory. Especially when we are no longer at the age of 1-6 to be able to absorb knowledge as enthusiastic as a sponge absorb water. It is this condensed image, not boring, not distasteful, but also nothing complex to comprehend, to remember that enables the process of inscribing words into the brain become deeper and easier.

Drops is also quite kind and understands the struggles of adults. If we state that a child can concentrate for 45 minutes, the real time for adults is more less. Drops provides brief 5-minute sessions, which are suited for “home language class” for both young and adults. Especially when it involves movements that 3 years old kid can do: just touch, swipe, select, read, swipe, select.

In each language, you have many distinct options for the topic, level and color tone of the pictures displayed. Everything is arranged briefly and simply in the form of color and text blocks. As long as you want it to be quickly accessible, no need to make any effort to get acclimated to the program.

Note for future users
On a side point, Drops concentrates entirely on acquiring and memorizing vocabulary. There is no grammar or writing exercise. So, if all you need is to see, read, understand and recall words, then Drops will be the right pick. If there are higher standards for all four skills, hearing, speaking, reading and writing, it may not be very appropriate.

In terms of listening and reading, a positive aspect in Drops that you need to know before deciding to use it or not is the pronunciation system of this application, in my opinion, is very good and standard. Words are recorded from the readings of prominent voice actors and film performers from throughout the world.

Can people use free trial of Premium features?
If you are seeking to know if you really enjoy Drops or not, you can go here and click the download button at any moment. In the free trial package, there are 5 minutes of rapid learning every day, over 2400 words in 99 categories. If you want to study more intensive and long-term vocabulary, I guess you can register for a premium to open more sophisticated features. And of course, study time is not as limited as free trial version.

Besides, you can study English with several excellent apps on APKMODY such as LingoDeer, Duolingo.

MOD APK version of Drops \sMOD feature \sPremium Unlocked

Download Drops MOD APK for Android
Drops currently have the following languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish (both Spanish in Castilian & Spanish Latin America), English (both American English and English), Estonian, Farsi, French, Finnish, Greek, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Poland, Portuguese (both Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese ), Hebrew, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Bosnian, Croatia, Persia, Serbia, Hindi, Maori, Samoan & Esperanto and Hawaii.

Download and use Drops MOD APK here, everyone.


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