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Dec 9, 2022
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How to install Drift Legends MOD APK v1.9.16 (Unlimited Money) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Drift Legends MOD APK v1.9.16 (Unlimited Money) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Drift Legends MOD APK v1.9.16 (Unlimited Money) + Data Game for Android


Excellent drifting app, however you can also add an option such as “hard drift”. If I press either a -> or aand -, it moves. When I release the button, it takes care of itself. If you choose to add the option to the vehicle, it will perform nothing(like it does). Additionally, I am able to improve the grip on the wheel. Additionally, I can decrease the weight of the wheel. I’d like to improve it.

The graphics are top-quality as are the mechanics. amazing however the brakes and controls require some work but the game is fantastic! !

Amazing, most skilled game that has high-quality graphics that feel like real I’d love to express my gratitude and hug the person who created this game and for the concept for the idea … I truly thank you again.

It’s all good However, how do I save the information from this game? I’ve bought a lot of vehicles and I’m worried that one day this game will be removed from my phone.

Great graphics, controls, and physics require some adjustments from the developers. First of all, I’d like to say that the design of the menus and graphics are excellently designed and would really be improved with a bit of polish. Kudos to the designer! A few in-game physics have succeeded in creating the ‘feel’ of a simulator that drifts. Certain aspects of the game’s physics affect the overall aesthetics, for instance that the steering wheels spin beyond the normal 240deg limit and I noticed that the left/right control was inverted when drifting at times.

Fantastic game. But the wheels are slippery, and there are too few graphics settings. The steering wheel will never have the steering wheel working as it does. It’s extremely frustrating to steer the car using an instrument that is this small. Particularly when playing drifting. Overall continue to do a great work. Apart from that there is no need to alter anything else. The other aspects are flawless and remain exactly in the same way. It’s what makes this game so special.

There is no upgrade option, like they are in other games. The steering isn’t great for the slide, it appears that the wheels stop spinning and you are unable to really go through any turns or bends and when I do manage to get into a slide that is good it just sort of slows down and can’t maintain the wheels turning to maintain a smooth drift. I rate the car four stars, however since the overall images are excellent and extremely well-constructed. Keep it up!

Fantastic game, incredible images, awesome cars and simple and smooth controls. It’s just missing more customization options for our cars, as well as more control options (e.g. the slider pedal or manual shift, and delicate brakes, to give you, the sake of having greater control of the vehicles we drive) and point-to-point track instead of closed circuit (for an experience that is greater Japanese (Initial D) similar experience). Apart from that, all in everything, it’s a fantastic game.

I’ve played this game for a small duration of time. This was enough to keep me playing I love the look of the game and I’m awed by how it plays. But I think that the main issue is the way that cars operate and I don’t believe it’s completely broken however the drifting assist is rather heavy and is not natural. It would be amazing to get an opinion on how to eliminate the feature, as in my case I’m always able to use the natural instinct to steer in the opposite direction when my tires begin to slide that causes the car to lose control completely. Just a minor detail I. It’s a great experience to drive, and everything else is amazing The car’s weight and throttle response, and so on. I hope you can figure it out and congrats on doing such an excellent job of your piece of programming.

Best drift game in Play Store! Highly recommend it. (Note gamers) A word of caution however: the car can slide quite a bit when you drift, therefore I would suggest drifting at a slower speed if you are able. Overall, great game but please improve, and also add more cars if possible, as I’m sure I had every car (this is why I became bored after finishing career mode as well as all Pro events). 🙂 P.S. We recommend adding performance statistics for each car. P.P.S. The graphics could stand to be upgraded little.

The game is amazing. I am in love with the graphics. It reminds me of the game called drift PS2. I was having issues with the acceleration button , but I found out what the issue was. It was simply the Bluetooth headphones. The input option called Bluetooth settings. I turned off the button and the game was working flawlessly. Amazing game. I would like to see more games with this kind of quality. I would recommend this game!! !

This is most enjoyable drift game I have ever played on Android. The only thing missing with this particular game the ability to customize. It’s part of the game, but painting your car isn’t really a way to customize it. It’s similar to other games of drift i.e spoilers and both rear and front bumpers, etc. There’s a wide variety of maps, but they’re basically the same similar to the other ( the majority of them ). There should be some offroad maps, and something that isn’t an actual stadium like the ones in Assetto Corsa.

I don’t spend the time to rate games or even write reviews, however this game is absolutely amazing absolutely amazing! The game appears and feels like an inexpensive game of data mining but change the settings, tweak them to your liking and the game is brought alive… I’ve been playing the game for around a month and I can tell you that it’s not an easy game… you need to be proficient to move through it , and it’s fun because it requires your focus and time.i want to see other things you can accomplish and perhaps add some challenges

Fantastic amazing game. It would be nice to have the game remain in the league when an incident has been resolved and also after the selecting the car. It’s quite irritating to constantly be search for where you are. I’m playing on an Note 8, performance is phenomenal and it doesn’t consume battery, and the device doesn’t get too hot like many games. It’s a great game. Kudos!! !

It’s not great, because the locations aren’t amazing and there’s no customization whatsoever, however the list of cars is impressive. The handling model is excellent for a drifting game, as are the events that occur throughout your career. The thing that keeps me coming back is the weekly and daily challenges, which award you with secret rims and cars. I just wish there was an online multiplayer mode that had the possibility of 5 car lobbies or something like that…

I am in love with this game. I played it all day long and played tournaments like there wasn’t a day to come. Then I deleted it to make a joke, but it refused to let me reinstall. I was overwhelmed. However, after I had forgotten about it (and approximately 6 months later) it allowed me to reinstall the game. I cannot even describe my delight. Anyway 5 stars definitely recommend.

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