Doodle Jump APK + MOD (Money/Unlocked)


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Jan 3, 2023
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How to install Doodle Jump v3.11.22 APK + MOD (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Doodle Jump v3.11.22 APK + MOD (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Doodle Jump v3.11.22 APK + MOD (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android


It’s always fun playing this game it’s a classic mobile game. But, what really puzzles me is that, if you don’t choose to resurrect yourself following a loss the game, you will still receive an advertisement, which could sometimes run as long as an entire minute. Furthermore, you will receive an ad at the end of every round without having the option of resurrecting yourself, which can make it incredibly irritating. Overall, a great mobile game, but with excessive advertisements.

Nice time killer. It is especially good for players who are into breaking records. It’s not a game I would describe as enjoyable however it is engaging. It gets monotonous over time So, don’t get too involved in the game, and let the pleasure “recharge” for a while. Overall, the skins as well as themes, abilities and abilities are very creative. The achievements collection brings more fun to the game, aswell in showing players various options of playing the game. Please add additional skins that have abilities to suit different themes. Thanks!

This game is incredible. Everywhere I turn I can find the perfect game. it is constantly introducing new mechanics with a speed that is perfect and the design style is easy, yet perfect. It feels old, yet fresh enough to maintain the balance of the highest quality. you can evaluate scores against others, and it’s easy and straight to the point. Not to mention how awesome the controls are, and how enjoyable it is to play. Get this game today. I could go on about how perfect that this game is, but you need to trust me . I’m not staying for long. GET THIS GAME!!! (there are some adds.)

It’s classic, there’s no doubt about itbut the advertisements. The ads. Each time a game ends players are greeted with a 30 second non-skippable ad that is usually of a snarky TikToker or, worse, Meta content. It’s annoying and intrusive, and can be a real deterrent for players to participate in the game that’s why I’m to begin with.

It’s a cute and fun game! In all the years it’s still a good game! Absolutely recommend. Pay-to-win is not required play, just sign up enjoy yourself, play around, discover new characters and test out other levels and unlock new characters. It is important to note that the game can be incredibly addictive, so be sure to keep it in your mind! Overall, an excellent game!

The game is prone to some sort of gameplay glitch. When you press the middle of the screen, it shoots straight upwards. Always. Whatever side you’re on. This simply indicates that they have remade the game because of some reason or it has always been bugged. I’m not sure and don’t think about it because the sheer amount of advertisements doesn’t really aid either.

An excellent, simple game with rustic appeal and endless locations you can visit. It can be difficult at times , and even frustrating, however once you have beaten your personal best, it’s great. I suggest you utilize soccer maps.

I find this game highly addictive and is enjoyable to play! I’m not really bothered by the ads, and if players receive many ads, all they need to do is switch the Wi-Fi off , and this is the only thing to do.. I would recommend adding to all it’s fantastic

This is a great shooter game, if i’m going to be truthful. It’s not a huge selection of choices but it’s still fun. Now, i would suggest “too much ads”, however this could be addressed with an cheap chunk. If Lima Sky is still going to keep updating the game I would suggest the option to make theme skins for various themes, such as the 80s theme for normal play. Not CUSTOM skins however, because they can be a bit frightful. But custom levels are excellent options, for instance an editor for geometry. There are no custom monster skins however. Also, yes.

This is the one game I’ve played in my initial iPod touch, and I play in my iPhone 6T. It’s not addicting, but it’s a wildly enjoyable classic that will never get old and isn’t destroyed by dumb updates! It has a wide range of themes that are diverse enough to suit different game preferences. I can’t say enough positive things about this game; it’s my favorite of all time!

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