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Cooking will be the battleground in Cooking Madness, requiring you to enjoy it to the fullest. That is the objective that anyone needs to pursue if they want to become a famous chef. It’s not about the title, it’s about the skills and knowledge one has to learn. Cooking tools will be weapons, and foodstuffs will be support tools. So help you defeat the hungry stomach out there in the right approach. No one can blame you for the items you develop being so amazing. This exceptional service will assist us to make an impression on even the most demanding people.

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1 Download Cooking Madness mod – Become a mad chef \s1.1 Various recipes
1.2 Open a new restaurant
1.3 Tool upgrade
It must be mentioned that cooking games are progressively expressing their presence in the market. It is no longer a genre solely for youngsters as people used to imagine. Now everything from form to gameplay has been updated. Suitable for all ages and makes cooking easy for them. Perhaps this is the most exciting way to acquire the nourishment we need. It also supplies specific knowledge that we can learn from. From there, enhance your level in real life and make it better.

Cooking Madness mod

Download Cooking Madness mod – Become a mad cook
Your mission in Cooking Madness is easy, satisfy the customer or lose. So we must clearly comprehend the portions of the task we need to undertake to please clients. There will be a lot of pre-cooked food waiting to be served. You need to get these foods to the clients requesting for them. Need to act swiftly and precisely with what they desire. That manner, the buyer can be satisfied and leave happy. But if you make the wrong order or the service is excessively delayed, they will go with rage. So to win a game screen, you need to focus as much as possible on your strength.

Cooking Madness will enable you experience a fairly beautiful career and is related with the reality TV show that thousands of people love: Chef.


Becoming a chef doesn’t seem that tough. But to become a professional chef, having a highly-skilled, good thinker, managing important things clearly and cleanly, to advance to higher titles in one’s job is not easy at all. Cooking Madness will make you a famous chef over the world, holding several expensive and quality restaurants.

Cooking Madness for Android 1440×810
Essential talents of a chef
As a chef, you will have to cook a lot of tasty, unique cuisine from around the world. Any style of food will not make it difficult for you. You will have to master all the necessary ingredients, learn all the culinary talents and utilize this knowledge to create various dishes of your own.

My experience is that before you get too busy, you should try all the various kitchen appliances, uses, and ways to use them. Make sure you grasp them all and prepare the most of your cooking talents to make tasty food. Later, there was an upgrade to the kitchenware, touching the more advanced dishes will also not be awkward.

Time management, the basis of successful management
In the game, you are not a mere cook. You are also the main accountable person for your restaurant. The objective of the restaurant, of course, is to deliver excellent, quality, clean cuisine, on-demand and especially on time. Don’t let any customers wait over the limit of patience and provide them exactly what they ordered.

Cooking Madness APK download 1440×810
When doing well, you will gain compliment points and money from guests. Money will help you rejuvenate, manage, acquire more ingredients and new kitchen gear, renovate the restaurant, recruit more waiters. Even higher, eventually you can amass money to develop a chain of restaurants with many quality eateries all around the city. Compliment points can let you flaunt your status, make your restaurant more popular and attract more clients in the future.

It sounds easy, but while progressing into higher levels of the game, you will find yourself becoming a mad chef. You’ll be occupied all the time, your mind is on fire because of the succession of instructions out there. Some guest orders the main dish, some order the dessert, the others wish to savor a comprehensive range of fresh seafood dishes. You have to carefully take notes, choose the proper ingredients, follow the recipes, set the sequence of the cooking service first. So that no one is missed, the wait is too lengthy and the meals brought to the table are exactly what each guest wants. Various recipes
The most noteworthy thing Cooking Madness provides to players will be premium recipes. These are all the things utilized in famous restaurants in the cuisine of numerous countries. But it will be simpler using ready-made items. Allows you to combine and produce a whole dish quickly. Speed ​​up cooking as well as deliver it to your clients. From European to Asian dishes, you may prepare with ease. Deliver foods such as steak, hamburger, fries, lobster, or meatloaf to consumers. Make them wonderful and offer you more complements.

Cooking Madness mod free

Open a new restaurant
You won’t have to stay in one place and unhappily limit your cooking ability. It’s completely viable to open new restaurants in new areas and operate them. Each restaurant will be equivalent to a chapter in the novel. After finishing all the stages in the branch, it is believed that you have finished your mission. From there, you can continue to move to a new location and take new jobs. Cultures bring us new culinary techniques. So learning new recipes and consumer preferences is the most crucial thing you need to accomplish.

Cooking Madness mod apk

Tool upgrade
Surely we cannot cook faster without using contemporary gear. It will assist you to process materials in a concise length of time. Pans, spoons, microwave ovens, and blenders must be added to your kitchen. Help optimize their particular processing phases to polish the product. Help every consumer of Cooking Madness mod get a better evaluation of your restaurant.

Download Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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