Color Bump 3D MOD APK (Unlocked / Coins)


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Feb 20, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Color Bump 3D MOD APK v5300015 (Unlocked / Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Color Bump 3D MOD APK v5300015 (Unlocked / Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Color Bump 3D MOD APK v5300015 (Unlocked / Coins) Game for Android


3 stars for pics and anesthetics. I experience video games like this very plenty. Visually attractive. This turned into a fun tryout game. Dropping one celebrity for advert troubles. When a participant clicks no thank you an advert performs regardless. Some commercials are too long.

Really fun, addicting and time ingesting! Definitely one to play while you’re bored or caught somewhere. However, the quantity of advertisements is simply not k. Every time I whole a level and move on to the next one, an ad comes up. Most of the time, I attempt to press the “X” inside the corner but apparently I missclicked and it takes me to whete I can set up the game it’s far marketing. I just need to continue playing the game!

Fun, but very smooth. A handful of ranges are a piece hard, 90% you will entire on the first strive. The ranges do not increase in trouble so the sport begins to feel vintage. Finally after 350 stages, the velocity increases a tiny bit and all of it repeats. The velocity bumps up once more at 700 and 1050 stages. I’d in reality like to see a model with more of a puzzle fixing approach, with rewards and consequences for hitting certain shapes.

Very fun and enjoyable sport. Some tiers do make a venture however to date its pretty clean, which is not a bad element. The commercials can get actually on my nerves although. Its now not the worst culprit however if you do get stuck on a degree it’s irritating you cannot just hop right again in and strive again. Sometimes you get regular commercials and thinking about that quite a few ranges may be crushed underneath a minute the ones ads begin to add up. But now not a lot that I need to stop gambling

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a cell recreation! There are a variety of tiny matters preserving it from a really perfect 5/5 even though. First, we should get a few collision sounds or sci-fi history song due to the fact the sport is presently silent except for the blaring ads. Second, the commercials are a bit much. Maybe promote skins as a manner to reduce the range of ads? Last, the gameplay is so a laugh however I virtually think the ranges should boom in problem. Level 1 and lvl 100 are nearly the equal diploma of undertaking :,(

Quite a fun sport, when you get to play it. But 15 seconds of a degree and 30-60 seconds of faffing with advertisements is a long way a ways too out of whack. If you fail a degree? Watch an ad to keep. Or as it seems, an advert to restart. An advert among each (very short) stage etc. It’s a ways too intrusive. The recreation itself is quite a good implementation and a lot of amusing to play with the physics engine. It’s the ready around to play that had me in installing however.

tremendous time killer, however there are a ton of bugs. Items falling from the sky, items disappearing. And once I restart a degree, some of the items appearance tousled to start with. EDIT: I’ve visible plenty of people complaining about the commercials. And there are a TON of them, but you could cast off them with the aid of disconnecting the internet. I also just found out that all of the insects I referred to before are absent with the internet disconnected.

Very addicting. Would rate a 5 if there had been more stages. After 100 the tiers repeat with none greater issue. Like the problem that the jumping block gift. The junk piles are also definitely tough. Also making some stages longer or have a continuous stage might be exact. A pause feature would then be important. More ball shade changers on a degree might also be extra of a mission. Really like the sport, however there may be room for development. Also, trade the call to love “navigation”.

Looks superb and performs very easy on Razer 2 with the spot on physics. I just desire there has been extra task as it’s far quite sluggish and too smooth with out being capable of fall off the rims, no longer to say the option to hold with the aid of watching an advert. I’d as an alternative a permanent advert at the bottom, or a point system in which you’re penalised for using them. Unlike most opinions I’ve exceeded level 60 and best had one advert pop up. It could be cool to look a randomly generated endless runner mode added.

Very properly, alot of others are saying that it is awful, but for me it is simply amusing. I don’t mind the advertisements. However, there are the insects. The recreation tends to flash alot, and there us this one glitch had been the whole degree explodes and all the components get jumbled up. Now, u don’t want to restoration this 1, it is honestly kinda cool. There isn’t any lag or some thing aspect like that. It is a superb game.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘

The only manner to play this game is to show off wifi and statistics to save you adverts. Otherwise you will spend 10-15 seconds gambling a level and 5-30 seconds watching an advert each one or two levels. Other than that, the pictures are super and the gameplay is attractive. However, the ranges rarely range. Level two hundred is not any harder than degree 2, nor any extraordinary. There is big potential for adding matters to the sport – varying physics, magnets and fanatics, ramps, puzzles, immovable blocks, switches and many others.

Color Bump 3-D feels like one of these knock off games of a 2D game. Besides the title the advertisements are really ridiculous for the gameplay. It is a a laugh recreation but it is hard to have an awesome revel in if you have to observe an advert to hold. Remove commercials while you win and preserve the ads when you lose. Losing and getting an ad is a punishment but you get punished for winning. Besides all that the sport has quite smooth controls with descent images leading to a fun sport all round.

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