Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (All Unlimited)


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Mar 10, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.248.0.1 (All Unlimited) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.248.0.1 (All Unlimited) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.248.0.1 (All Unlimited) Game for Android


It’s a wonderful amusing but every now and then it can be so irritating and traumatic mainly when get stuck on the identical stage for the remaining 3 weeks. Keep updating this app however it feels like it is getting worse with each replace. Would now not propose to waste it slow, fitness and life on it to be honest. Also not anything actually unique approximately this app, all of the same tiers loop around. Thanks in your amusement.

I even have to say, the game is guite mind tough. But matters that’s unusual about this recreation is the opposition with different gamers, you get established in a single stage with different for a long time and they might not circulate both. But once you simply escape that degree you’ll see them too at your cutting-edge degree too. How so? Are they bot or… Sometimes you maintain swiping however it is not related to the dreams of that degree. They never get you closer to swiping out what is needed to be swiped out. The game is BORING

Too fun! It ought to be illegal! LoL! It definitely is superb amusing, and the sweet looks like you can reach out & consume it! Pretty clean, difficulty will increase each degree however nothing too loopy yet. I’ve been playing 30 minutes in on level 35 up to now. And the BEST component… NO ADS!! LOVE IT! I’d deliver it 10 out five stars if I should!

I like to play Candy Crush, however with the most latest update, I not often get a free spin earlier than gambling a spherical; the Cinema now and again indicates up for a danger to win a perk, but it regularly disappears as soon as I open it; and I haven’t visible some thing comparable to a vine recreation in numerous weeks…. I am playing challenging stages with attempts for perks each 24 hours, so I die a lot, and I am only allowed 20 lives/day…. I realize the intention Is to get me to spend $, however I am pissed off! 🙁

It’s a laugh and frustrating particularly whilst you get stuck on one degree for a long term. And I also have an issue where while am gambling the sport,then my time’s up,after which I want to watch an ad to get some greater time but the moment I finish watching the advert, everything simply clashes . Overall it’s a pleasing recreation. I adore it ,been playing for a year now

Fun till you get caught. This sport is fun when you cna do the degrees however a few are almost not possible to do without paying for added moves at the quit with gold, I assume there must be an option to watch advertisements to assist get boosters as I hold getting stuck on hard ranges and the only way to get close to passing is to get more actions at the give up or use my contemporary boosters.

I like a number of options to utilize to maintain to transport ahead in the sport and this sport does not disappoint in that location!! I’m back a 2nd time because it’s a game this is greater enjoyable the in addition you get into the degrees. It’s simpler to progress once you have got played it earlier than but the design is complicated enough to nonetheless present a project and amusing!!!

Very fun and addicting! My simplest poor statement about CCS with simplest 200 ranges of revel in is for my part that if a player has hints toggled on, the moves that the “trace-bot” shows ought to be more accurate as a coaching device to conquer the level your on until the player is comfortable sufficient to toggle hints off to head at it commando. The bot is ideal on some stages others it will lead you off course.

I like this recreation because it relaxes me. It’s now not fast pace, not anything jumps out at you, not anything is trying to kill you so there may be no annoying stunning moments. It also has like no ads. Only time you watch advertisements is whilst you pick to. Watching advertisements assist you entire a degree and acquire extra boosters. I honestly adore it.

Its a quite fun recreation, and a timeless enjoy. Wait times for hearts to replenish is quite short and youre now not pressured into microtransactions (other than that piggy bank that taunts me…) You really do get a very good series of power united states of americaand boosters, and theyre to be had without having to spend real forex. Theres a variety of correct mechanics and its now not overwhelming!

It’s Totally amusing and well worth the time. That’s why I rated 4 Stars. But it can probably drop to 3 stars for me due to the fact the “Hard and Super Hard degree” is too much and gets you discouraged sometimes, specifically while your bosters and breakers are exhausted, you just ought to preserve attempting and failing until you exhaust the existence given ;then you definately wait for minutes and every now and then hours it to fill up returned once more. All the ones approaches can be without a doubt discouraging.


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