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Apr 4, 2023
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Android 4.4 and up

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How to install BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v3.0.4 (Gems/Coins/Energy) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v3.0.4 (Gems/Coins/Energy) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v3.0.4 (Gems/Coins/Energy) Game for Android


I was planning to postpone until after the fifth season to write my review however, I’ll post it now. There were 256 wins 14 losses, and a four-time Champion! It seems like I’ll run it again for the fifth season unless the competition becomes more stiff towards the end. I’ve not bought one item for real money and don’t have plans to. I’ve seen a couple of walk-off homers or extra innings in games as well as some tough losses from teams who aren’t in the bottom feeder. Following this season, I’ll refresh this review with more detail.

If outfilders slide and run to take the ball and then catch it, their success rate is 95% and this is very unreal. If infielders make a mistake the hitter almost always isn’t able to reach the first base at the right time. Throwing should not be 100 100% precise. The pitcher shouldn’t be able to give up (eye sign) when he attempts to knock a the runner off base. Enjoy this game but modify these things and the it will be superior. Additionally, more leagues (east-west conference) with more playoff rounds. The grandstands are crowded with more fans.

I am grateful that you have instituted an unjust rule to the game. Although I love the brutal assaults, it’s going to take some time to finish the job. This is sure to increase my speed even if my statistics decrease a bit.

Love the game . One of the most enjoyable baseball games I’ve played, but since the latest updates in the way that the ball travels when you hit it feels more like random luck instead of actual skill. I’m sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but it’s frustrating as I try to hit it from the left side and it goes flying right next to than that awesome game. Keep going with the great work

It was amazing how you guys have done it, it has made it look more realistic, with the pros and the tweaks are perfect! It’s great to finally play every team in an entire season! I love Evergreen & Rising Stars ballpark and they look much better than real ballparks with the exception of my Guardians BKA Indians the field that is evolving! The next ball park will have the same team that we currently play for because it’s pretty simple Jane and old-fashioned, but aside from that, I’m going back to the one I’m excited to see what the playoff format works!

Overall, a great game. The only thing I’d alter is the duration of seasons. The requirement to go through a whole 150+ game season in order to reach the playoffs is quite a burden to play a mobile game, without having to replicate games. Half of that number of games and 60 to 70 games would be far better.

Amazing game. I’ve learned some pitching techniques and have scored a number of homeruns with the game app. I’d like to know the name of the team I play with and also my stadium. I was able to see an icon on the home screen of my phone and now it’s removed… I tried to download it once more in the Google Play store but it asks me to uninstall, which I don’t really want to do! I would like to get it back for me! I am addicted to playing the game.

I’d like to suggest making it 10-20 games, with less games in order to make it more important in the play-offs. I’m sure the current format for playoffs is excellent but it’s not as competitive. So you could make it like 10-20 teams in each conference and create an initial second third third, then finals type of playoffs. This will improve the quality of playoffs and make them more exciting.

Fun solo play game. Pros: It’s challenging enough that, past the initial season you need to have some real ability to win, without becoming punishingly difficult. Pay-to-win is not a requirement and no forced advertisements. Con: The 82 games of the second season has been a bit of an effort. I don’t know if I can get through the next one, 164 games? Ouch!

No pop-up ads, in-app purchases allow you to upgrade more efficient, but they’re not essential. The only thing I would like is there was a method of simulating games so that you could only play defense or offense. The dynamics of pitch and hit are both good. Calls can make me as crazy as baseball in real life haha

It’s time to repair your pitch aimer, or some other thing because it’s off. You can throw it in the middle, and it’ll tell you ball , it’s done me a few times this way, but otherwise it’s an excellent game, so here’s four stars to can fix and I’ll award you five. Also, when you put the game on hold or shut down the game and then come back to it, having two errors already you’re cheating.

It’s been a favorite game of mine over the last 3-4 years , I’m confident that it’s the most enjoyable baseball game available on Android. It’s fun to play, and sometimes difficult to keep your sheet clean however that’s okay. However, I recommend that you expand player market to every level, not just limited to elite and international level. A greater degree of player-specificity would be advantageous.


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