Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.2-23206 (Unlocked/Money)


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Dec 26, 2022
8.0 and up

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How to install Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.2-23206 (Unlocked/Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.2-23206 (Unlocked/Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.2-23206 (Unlocked/Money) Game for Android


Good for free. You can virtually eliminate advertisements, but eventually , you’ll need gold in order to buy equipment. Very mature platformer, great controls, amazing graphics. It’s better than many games I’ve played on mobile.

Smooth controls…lovely graphic design …..not too difficult ….just to play …would suggest a change in the scenery since it becomes monotonous looking with similar backgrounds. Other than that, it’s awesome!

This game is simply amazing! Excellent graphic and gameplay. One thing I do not like is the constant bombardment of ads, even though premium costs only $5. However, the game is awesome as I said, and it would be awesome to add levels. Maybe even the possibility of a multiplayer.

It should be proud of your work It’s remarkable, but it’s very simple when your character is completely equipped with all the equipment. It’s extremely simple, except for the ULTRA HARD MODE which is really difficult as the name implies. However, all other belom is simple when the character has been equipped with the best gear(sword or armor and) . It’s really simple. I can give them a single shot and they’ll be able to buy . It’s a pain in the event that you don’t have maximum equipment . You’ll be irritated in the event that you don’t have maximum equipment .

One of the most action-packed platformers I’ve ever played. I have no complaints concerning this game. The game is absolutely flawless, from a fantastic storyline to an array of armours, weapons and capabilities. My first suggestion for anyone looking to play a thrilling platformer game.

The game is a long-time game that is a favorite of mine. The only problem is the ridiculous number of ads, and the fact that the ultra-hard mode isn’t working. It’s true that it grants you one heart, but the 3x loot bonus is just a lie.

I really like this game and that’s the reason why I awarded it five star’s.The graphics are adorable and pretty, reminding me of the old arcade games.The game’s controls and movements are excellent and simple to master. plus, I’m pleased by the number of levels that it has.Overall it’s a great action game.

I’ve had no issues with any aspect of the game aside from the fact that certain skins could be a bit costly. ( In game currency ) however, overall, this game is phenomenal!

Fun and enjoyable with flawless control and a fast and precise pacing. The game crams hidden items in small , action-packed areas. I enjoy it.

I love this game features retro game look and feel with a contemporary look and feel. The game can be set to an easy-to-read narrative mode or more difficult based on the level of skill.

The only issue is the game being shut down randomly however it’s not a big problem as it happens very rarely. It’s a great game overall.

Amazingly good bosses and adventure however there are only 40 levels with a boss each level, and four biomes that have various weapons, boms and amour. Please include a new story that has an enormous boss for the current story and make the biomes like 10 in addition to make the bosses extremely tough and hard to beat. make the normal boss 10 times better than the boss that is final for this story as well make the bosses have distinct types of bosses, like choosing the bosses with a boss who can fly and another that has super dogging and another which is quick.

It’s so much fun at times it’s difficult and I’m forced to begin all over again from scratch, but I’m ok with it. the game can be fun, even with too many advertisements, but it’s a fantastic game

It’s amazing that you switched between mobile and PC and now you switch to the game is among the most enjoyable pixels games. Additionally, when I played two years ago, it was not at all bad. Keep up the good work.

It’s a great game however there’s one problem that is there’s less skin, apples, but the reason is that there’s so many ads please make advertisements like 5 seconds it’s like 10 sec and 4 stars for this game. make it a little better please.

Excellent game. The hud doesn’t seem to be overcrowded however the dash button sits close to the attack, so I’m constantly zooming around the screen, looking to strike something.

This is a fantastic game it lets the player choose to view ads , and there is only one at the end of each level. It is extremely enjoyable If you’re interested, buy it

Excellent game is not too difficult once you know how to play and i don’t dislike the ads, however they need to add additional skins that you do not need to buy the same goes for the weapons and abilities.

I’ve played quite a few game apps and this one is my favorite. I’m planning to purchase this game for the Nintendo Switch and stream it on Twitch. 5 stars well-deserved.

It’s Ads to-Play, meaning that unless you buy something, such as an skin, you’ll only be seeing ads to earn small amounts of coins (required to unlock items) and also when you begin each level. In all, you could be seeing 3 to five ads per level if you want to earn the most coins at the minimum being 1. The game is easy and enjoyable overall.

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