Among Us APK MOD v2022.12.14 (Full Unlocked)

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How to install Among Us APK MOD v2022.12.14 (Full Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Among Us APK MOD v2022.12.14 (Full Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


A game that is expected to be popular in 2020, with appealing and delicate gameplay is Among Us. Players are assigned randomly to the Crewmate and Impostor sides and must complete their tasks with total precision. But, at the same time any factor can affect your identity, so you must be mindful when you perform your duties and ensure that you be sure not to lose your place on the ship.


The worlds are diverse as well as thrilling quests that are specific to the location that you’ll be spending the time exploring. Additionally there is a brand new mission that was added recently which is called Vent Clean and the title says all about the need to figure out a method to get this area cleaned. The area is frequently linked in the game with Impostors within the game therefore there are some things to consider. You will be able to confirm that this mission can affect game play.

If you visit an area for cleaning the vent, a surprising incident will occur The Impostor’s wish to run through the vent will be impossible. That is the button won’t be displayed in the event that the Impostor returns to the cleaned area. If an impostor is inside the vent, but isn’t out until a crew member is there to clean it up; In fact, the person inside the vent will be exposed and you’ll be able to figure out how to report the person. When you clean the vent, be sure to go with a group of people who you can trust.



If you are planning to design an interactive game screen, you’ll be interested in several aspects. The main factors you’ll be able to think about include the number of players as well as the number of Impostors, the possibility of having the identity of the enemy made clear by throwing them into space, as well as the time span of the game. These factors can determine the difficulty of the game you have to master. Prior to starting the game, you’ll be required to speak with your host to make adjustments to the game to your needs.

The game’s gameplay Among Us is straightforward, and is based on the game of werewolves where each participant is aware of their role and is determined to complete their job well in order to succeed in winning the level. Crew members will have to take out all Impostors on the ship using the clues they find in the game. However should Crewmate gets reduced to the same level as an Impostor The victory is certain to favor the murderers on this board. This is a fun game.

Sometimes, the implementation of the above goals can require a lengthy time for both sides, therefore the game has a second obligation. It is to finish the set of missions for Crewmate. Afterwards, the Impostor can perform his sabotage acts and then wait until the timer is over. So, every player has be aware of the things he’s doing and pay at his surroundings.



If you are aware of the objectives of these two sides you’ll realize the traits of these two kinds of characters will be totally different , with the exception of one thing that they are able to identify corpses and hold meetings. The Impostors have better night vision and they’re often not able to complete tasks typical of a Crewmate. Therefore, at the beginning of the game the hunter will typically receive an agenda of fake tasks. Their task is to get to the area and remain there so that others don’t become worried.

Crew members will execute flawlessly the tasks assigned to them and attempt to raise the taskbar up to 100 100%. When performing tasks, they are fake, certain tasks come with signaling effects, which the player will be reported as Crewmates. This is why players have to be aware of their surroundings, and the game also has cameras so that you can observe the actions of other players.

When you’ve come to your conclusions about the Impostor and you have made your decision, you are able to arrange a meeting, or sit close to a corpse to announce the decision. Players will discuss their opinions in chatboxes, and when the time for discussion has expired the players will then decide whether to vote for the person they think is suspicious or not take the vote. The person who gets the most votes is eliminated and transformed into ghost. It is able to move around without restriction and carry on doing the work it was left to do, with no regard to kill other players.



It’s an online sport and you won’t be able to miss the games with your fellow players. You are able to join or start an event with a number of players ranging from 4 to 15 players based on your preferences. Like we said, making room must be considered carefully to avoid conflict between the numbers and strength of one team. However the variety of different colors and accessories you can find in the game are captivating and can help you customize your character.

Among Us v2022.12.14 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlocked) Download


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