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Application manual: www.lonelycatgames.com/docs/xplore
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Aug 15, 2022
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How to install X-plore File Manager MOD APK v4.29.06 (Donate Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded X-plore File Manager MOD APK v4.29.06 (Donate Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] X-plore File Manager MOD APK v4.29.06 (Donate Unlocked) App for Android


If it comes to vertical display, X-plore File Manager is a modern directory tree style, with clear directory hierarchies that mix old layering concepts and a new style interface to give it a clearest look and simplest for users.

When using a smartphone, one of the primary difficulties is opening too many tabs, browsing too many folders at once, slowing down the phone, and even freezing. But with X-plore File Manager, showing, viewing, and browsing, even executing some basic actions with these folders on the phone, still does not effect the memory or the device’s capacity. This is the optimal point that I strongly appreciate in this application.
Recommended Alternative: ES File Explorer Manager
ES File Explorer Manager helps you manage folders quickly by categorizing each type of folder such as documents, photos, APK files, and sorting them in a set order. The application also helps you to convert folders from memory card to phone or vice versa. Sometimes, accessing folders on your computer by phone and vice versa takes a lot of your time. ES File Explorer Manager tool will allow you to connect to your PC for fast directory access.

ES File Explorer Manager allows you to organize and operate with folders like on your computer through pick, copy, cut, compress, decompress and commands exceptionally conveniently. ES File Explorer Manager also can export ID codes of each application on your phone so you can quickly monitor and backup or delete any applications you want directly.
Slow file transfer speed. When copying files with the same name, it doesn’t give me the size of the clashing files. Attempting to open files through a LAN connection in an external application doesn’t function. Not sure if it’s because I’m impatient and the application was still copying the file over, but there is no confidence that anything is happening. Despite the difficulties, I’ve never seen a file explorer that operates so stable.
Best, and most unusual file explorer program I’ve ever used. Such a simple, yet amazing concept, performed beautifully with a great UI, good file preview compatibility (handles photos, movies, music, etc, in most formats), truly STABLE network share access (it’s rare, believe me) and customisation out the wazoo! The only thing it lacks is Samsung DeX support. Drag & drop is faulty and it gets confused while resizing the app bigger, yet you can shrink it smaller perfectly. Weird.
This software is not only an excellent file explorer it also replaces some of my previous installed apps:Bulk Renamer,apk backup, apk install and gives loads of information about photo data etc..
The first time I used it I was overwhelmed by the capability & amount of buttons but thankfully everything is highly adjustable. I was missing drag&drop but utilizing the clipboard capability is actually much better. This app is a top-notch program and there is much more to find by reading the manual.
This app practically has-everything everywhere all at once. You can do practically anything technical which a file manager is supposed to accomplish and even more. Just want that there should be a sort or filter function with date filter also that let you chose which kind of file you r looking for otherwise you have to scroll long to find something.
This file manager is not user friendly at all compared to previous managers I’d used but after Android got stupid and made it so they only their file manager can control the data files inside your phone stored in the internal memory, dumbest move Android has made in ages, this is one of the few file managers that will still access where I need to go to move files so I now have to use it. Thanks Android!
Really handy for increased efficency. A little bit difficult while managing photos/videos since videos viewer utilizes the “phone back button” while the photow viewer add its own button which may be in the opposite side dependent by the phone model, plus these additional buttons don’t allow a full screen view.
The device’s relationship with files stored in the cloud can also be seen and updated within the app’s interface. Information connected to your account is simply accessed and changed. You own a piece of music or a photo; you can play them without a hitch. The files with the extension and the SQLite database are grouped in column fashion. Interaction is done on the touch controller; click on the displayed contents and pick the appropriate file. The partition of two compartments makes it feasible for users to deal with many files at the same time. The convenience and speed have made it the finest choice to enjoy.

X-plore will organize a tour and test of the applications existing in your device. Here, users can interact with any file no matter what user scope they belong to. Your benefit when engaging in the capabilities given by the application is watching and editing. Sometimes you may effortlessly shift information from one file to another. Users upgrade the access process by connecting to data or Wifi, and the destination is the operating system you desire. In addition, connecting operations permit PCs and phones to be linked together. Thus, the engagement procedure will be lot simpler and easier.
Updated review because there are two things that need clarification: Google Analytic and Firebase trackers used (there has to be a basic option to disable some of the data collection, for privacy’s sake), and also the idea that a user has to look for the “News” button instead of update notes for the changelog. (Could’ve had them read the changelog on the Play Store, and then provide further details in the “News” button). Otherwise, this app is still really nice all around.
Took a minute to comprehend how to move files. Had to swipe left to view the folder from where the files to move are located then swipe right to locate the folder where the files are to be moved into. KISS philosophy! This program made my file experience so much easy.
Hands down the best for manager for Android out there, and the only one I will ever use. Note: batch rename doesn’t function on files inside archives. This makes sense from a code standpoint, but it took a while to dawn on me.
Amazing! The UI is primarily intended for mobile devices and very intuitive. It’s one of the only apps that could access the writable files and directories of the “Android/data” folder without root following the Android 11 update. It can even reach the root folder, even though obviously it needs root access for you to completely investigate this folder. I will donate to the creators as soon as I can. The only difficulty I encountered is that uploading a file to Google Drive using the app doesn’t work.
THE SYSTEM DEVELOPS SPECIAL Capabilities \sX-plore performs the mission of providing features for viewing and reading documents in files, which users can also interact with and edit. Each visit is considered a read by you. We divide the feature into two unique audiences that will engage in the experience of the content offered. Users will be the ones to observe, rate, and provide their thoughts on these features. The distinctive two-pane interface and treemap will provide you a larger amount of information, making it easier to interact with. We are ready to facilitate your whole sharing, editing, and copying; experience it and give a review.
Excellent really useful app. Best of the file management programs I have used. Helps to make Android a completely working operating system. Easily modify files and folders on internal memory as well as SD card. Access to cloud storage.
LAN connections with SMB2 are not working. SMB1 is currently old and no longer consider secure. When trying to access a pure SMB2 server I get a STATUS ACCESS DENIED error. The SMB server I am connected to must turn on SMB1 compatibility in order to connect which is no longer secure. Can this be fixed? I truly like this app and will have to replace if this is not fixed. Would rate 5 stars but will subtract one for this problem.
It took me a few tries before I got the hang of it, but once I did, I removed my other file programs. It boasts an innovative, mobile-friendly and powerful UI. I should have read the instructions, but as it grows more intuitive, I’m still joyfully astonished by the ongoing discovery of new-to-me capabilities. I didn’t review other reviews, but this should be a shining star in its Playstore category.
Final Words \sX-Plore File Manager Pro MOD APK is a file system administration utility for Android 2.1+ developed by the Slovakian software business Lonely Cat Games. The software is solely accessible for free on Google Play without even the support of advertising banners. However, it is possible to donate to the developer.

The size of the app is significant for the category roughly 2.5MB after completing the installation and first run. But at an absolute level, it is a value that does not scare even the first price devices.

X-Plore File Manager Pro features a sensible interface that is straightforward to use. The software is adaptable and complete, even for the most demanding user with good support for remote resources. There are various features for opening and viewing documents.

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