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March 29, 2021
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[Free Download] WPS Office + PDF v13.7 MOD (Premium) APK App for Android

This is a very helpful app. Word does not support Sinhala and Pali languages ​​used in Sri Lanka and support for display in the same application. This does not happen to all characters. When I copy and paste a paragraph, it is different from the original text. If you can figure it out, it’s great. There are still four stars for your effort and the regular version offer.
Managing my papers and work is easy and fast. However, I am not subscribed to any payment account, but I use local products to make my product faster and more efficient. I highly recommend it to my friends and relatives who have not used it before. They came back after thanking them for presenting the app. I want to upgrade to a premium account soon. Sam.
Excellent Document Identifier, integrated into local & cloud storage devices. This is called registration with a Google Account. Fonts are asking to be lost, but they are expected to be available for sale and they are currently on sale. The application performs PDF, Excel and Word calls for Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word & Excel. Documents can also be exchanged through WhatsApp Media. I realized that it allows cloud storage.
This is a great app, especially on the phone. You can open the document by default where the document was generated. If you want to modify it is a bit laborious, you have to find something else or pay a premium.
Another app that requires a premium membership to do basic tasks. I can understand that your effort requires money, it takes time and patience to create an application, but when I was able to get the same functionality from the laptop I first created the odds format file, it was absolutely nothing annoying. Comfort is not as important as being able to function properly on the keyboard, you have failed
It’s really super duper to shut down Pro, people need it for a low price it will damage your phone too !!!! I tried to delete the photos, but still. Books that are not suitable for children will add nonsense about novels or comics. I’m a student, I want this app, it will come and hit you with default, I do not recommend the app, but I recommend a pdf reader for the phone as it is very good for quality. Accept my advice and you will thank me.
After 5 years of using the app, it has been helpful to me as a student. I can access all the files in all formats. However, it is difficult to transfer edited doc / docs files from WPS Office to MS Word on my laptop or phone. The contents of the file have crashed. I hope the developers will still improve the app and upgrade its functionality and reliability.
I have 2 issues. 1. This app starts for money. Say you want to copy your homework to your phone. You must purchase a premium or use the system app Google Lens on the latest Android versions. It asks for a subscription whenever I open it. 2. There are .txt files which is the only application I use when I want to edit text files. Unusable file extension on OS. Help me
I’m a regular in this app. Usually it is the ones I need and have well known menus. Walking through the settings is very easy. It’s free, but it’s free. Since it is free, I give it a good review and 4 stars. Good job builders in the WPS office.
It is very easy and effective. I like it, I love it. I like to share this with my friends and colleagues because it is amazing to use. It is not difficult to use and helps a lot in my work. I can edit and work on my documents on my mobile phone without any hassle to bring my laptop with me … it is worth it !!!!! Other busy people like me should try to download and use it because they do not regret it. I started liking this app when I first used it. Thank you ..
I subscribed to the paid premium version. This is now reflected in the version version. I lost all my documents. Received repeated emails but no response from developers. Terrible experience. The rating will be revised if this is resolved. But for now, really frustrating.
This app is the best word and spreadsheet processing I have ever used. Since my last update, my PDF files have a special font, which is not clear enough to me. I suggest that there is a way to change the font style of a PDF document. Other than that, the app is great.
The app has made life easier for my staff and me. The document can be transferred easily and conveniently. We edit our work wherever we are and send it to the boss for vetting. This eliminates the need for paperwork. Ad prompt is not a boredom. It can be managed.
The video recording feature of our show may not work and sometimes it may be too late to reach the code gallery. Solve this problem for 5 stars (it’s very frustrating after investing so much time and energy in the video, because you know you’ve wasting them for no reason, so another minus star).
This is not a bad thing at all … it allows you to open many files in different formats, such a smartphone app is clear and responsive .. and it saves any file you have recently opened in the upper right so you do not miss what you are looking for … so yes, not perfect , But very good.
This app is good enough to open documents, but it also contains pop-up ads, which appear before opening any document and after a while some tools (such as pdf converter, watermarks, add or remove any file from pdf). If WPS Office Application Managers are reading this, please reply.

[Free Download] WPS Office + PDF v13.7 MOD (Premium) APK App for Android

What's new

WPS Office V13.6.1 is available now, including:

[New Features]
1.Extract text from PDF: you can use this feature to extract text from multiple pages at a time.
2.PDF form: you can switch among form fields quickly.
3.School tools: practical tools for teachers and students are provided.
4.Share documents: team members can share and collaborate on documents.



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