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New addicting casual tower defense game in 2021 with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). Gear up and plan your defenses!
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Jun 3, 2022
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How to install Wild Castle TD v1.11.0 Apk + Mod (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Wild Castle TD v1.11.0 Apk + Mod (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] Wild Castle TD v1.11.0 Apk + Mod (Money) Game for Android

Fantastic game! To date .. However, it’s a bit (?) not quite right, and I would like to see improvements in the design of music and sfx The sound of damage has the same sound for all including hero abilities, it requires diversification, much like the sound of arrows firing, and the sound that it makes when it strikes is exactly the same as when golems punch hits .. This is, in a way, bad.this I think is the most important aspect to be watching out for because idling for long hours playing a game that has little variation in the sfx or music design can get boring quickly.

I’m giving it 5 stars not only for the in-game coins worth 5grand lol, but also because it’s a great idea with no energy limits as I’ve observed and you can return to missions by replay. Therefore, I believe it’s worth it with everything in it. I have adhd and it eases to keep me from becoming bored.

I downloaded it. The game is great. I’m not complaining about the graphics. It is easy to play, and I am able to enhance my hero and other things by playing. This means that i don’t have to spend real money as in other games. This is a great game, keep up the great work.

There is a need for more heroes More content, more heroes and more updates. And without 3x speed, how is one supposed to keep their place on the leaderboard Other than it’s an excellent game that has good idea execution, similar to grow castle, but with 3D graphics and lesser content. It needs more updates.

Fun game. A major issue with the add-on. When I click”bonus”, my game attempts to launch , but it crashes and the game re-starts. Too bad. I don’t even click on them for a while.

I had a great time playing this game. Insufficient content in the game contributes to spoil the experience. Thank you to the developers. Looking forward to more action in the coming updates. Cheers….

Excellent game, but… The developers are trying to reduce the fun. They’ve reduced boss fights to seven per day, which is absurd and the points are now going up by exponentially with each level. Legendary drops aren’t common and I understand this, but the the stats of gear is extremely harmful for players. The fact that you can get 4 damage per element is absurd. Excellent game, however, it could be much better by having more balanced and balanced characters and less effort from developers who prevent players from advancing to higher levels with a limited number of options currently.

I’ll give it 5 star rating as it’s a great game and is an excellent time-killer. However, I’d like to see more features in the game, such as we can improve our town, and also equip armor, weapons and other items to our heroes, build new mob, and most importantly of all, alter the terrain. It would be great if you take into account the four seasons to change the terrain. I would like to play more of it. I really love this game! Thank you guys.

Fun game, not too demanding. I really like the style and controls that are simple and easy to comprehend. It’s definitely better than Wild Sky, however it’s quite frustrating to see that Wild Castle lacks the personality that their other game does. There are many heroes in the game however none of them have any name or something to say. There’s no tale or even a concept. You do get to explore a small portion of the world via colonies. A plus is that it is playable offline. Excellent game, but it isn’t without flaws.

Not too bad. Was enjoyable up to wave 100. After that, it’s an extremely slow drag. The game is very repetitive. There’s an overwhelming amount of options and upgrades. A lot of. No customization or base mods. No maps. There are no’splash’ damage or delays. Are you really limited by the capabilities of your towers. The cost of upgrading and the many items to upgrade were more of a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.

It’s easy and routine. It’s a good idea to do it as you wait in an office of a doctor or something similar. However, there comes an point at which it becomes difficult to make progress and you’re feeling stuck. Any improvements after a certain point is so small that harder levels require way too excessive work. It was also necessary to turn the music off at a certain point. Only one song looped.

Fun for a short time but with no challenge that forces you to alter your strategy or any other kind of prestige system, the game becomes boring fast. There’s really no reason to get involved in the game of crafting, other that “just because”. Once you’ve got an effective hero line-up, you’ve effectively defeated the whole game. The game is a solid base component, but it doesn’t have enough variety. Additionally, while completely unnecessary microtransactions are outrageous.

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