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FEBRUARY 20, 2020
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What if we tell you our WhatsApp has gotten better? Don’t be alarmed, our WhatsApp comes with new and exciting features and is called WHATSAPP PLUS: it’s weak at the moment. Plus Apps Plus (the unofficial) new WhatsApp version is here to be unveiled today. So let’s consider – what has the new WhatsApp Tassep Plus done to make WhatsApp fun for us? This is our tech.

Plus Plus has the following amazing features:
We all love our green WhatsApp WhatsApp icon. We do not? Yes we do. But WhatsApp comes with the Plus Plus Blue Icon. The changes are good and this new sign looks beautiful too !!
Change your color: We can never change colors in our WhatsApp but using VPSApplus, we can change the colors of almost every part of the app. That means we can change our background color and header color etc. So you can add more colors to your WhatsApp and enjoy using WhatsApp TasAp Plus.
Extended size of videos: We can send a maximum of 16 MB videos to our friends using WhatsApp and we are all dead and wanted to expand. And here is WhatsApp TasAplus with a 50 MB video size. So get this version for more video sizes and enjoy larger videos.
Status Thing: Not only can we hide our status and reveal to the people we want using WhatsApp apps, but we can also see the status of our friend below the chat unlike our WhatsApp in which we had to click on the contact icon first and then Look at the status. Better ease with WhatsApp!
High-quality images: I hate it when my WhatsApp switches all my headquarters images to full swag. But with WhatsApp TasAp Plus you have a different option for high quality images. So your images stay the same. Isn’t that great?
Exciting new themes: WhatsApp Tasap Plus includes exciting new themes. And they are just too many. Replace the entire look of your WhatsApp apps with WhatsApp Plus. Traditional WhatsApp does not offer themes so this is a great reason to find WhatsApp Plus.
Bright Fonts Colors: The same monotony of black font color has ended with WhatsApp TasApplus as with the new WhatsApp Plus you change the font color in your WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, you can add different font colors for unread messages, group messages. This is actually something new and interesting.
Location: With WhatsApp Apps Plus you can send your location to your friends. Wonder where your friends will inform you whenever you are somewhere? This is really a new feature I’m looking forward to using.
Plus why?
WhatsApp is really dear to all of us, but this cannot be overlooked as the fact that WhatsApp is a plus. We are not trying to detect defects in existing WhatsApp, but below are the differences between official WhatsApp and unauthorized WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus which will propel you towards WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus.

Better interface: Apples Plus is tall in terms of numerous theme options, font color options, and color settings.

Better Smilies: One of the things why we love WhatsApp is the awesome Smileys and Yours in mind! The Plus Plus comes with Hellfire Smile Plus. No emotion unresolved anymore.

More privacy and simplicity: Privacy Tips Plus offers users more privacy in terms of privacy and better access.

Video Size: In terms of video size, WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp. (One big 50 MB). You’re sure to find your WhatsApp upgrade, aren’t you?

What does VTSAP say about this?
I always hate everything that happens between me and my WhatsApp. But WhatsApp Plus I found great (no offense !!! Plus Plus Plus highly recommends all of them find amazing features in their WhatsApp to communicate with their friends. It has great aesthetic appeal. Trust me. You love it. Going !!

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