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Dec 28, 2022
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How to install WarStrike MOD APK v0.1.52 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WarStrike MOD APK v0.1.52 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] WarStrike MOD APK v0.1.52 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


Amazing graphics control and gameplay, however one thing that i didn’t love was there was no option to mute the music within the game! There is only one option to disable all music and sfx to a minimum. Plz update .

Okay, i’ve already rated the game five stars and have a an excellent review. But i experienced some bugs. 1. The energy bar doesn’t charge to maximum, it’s able to recharge into four energy bars. So it’s only able to be able to play 2 missions. 2. Sometimes I can’t hit my opponent. 3. There is one thing I dislike, and that is in the icons app that comes with the game.. Please modify it to appear like a real game. The game itself is excellent. It’s that all. I give the game 4 stars because it’s an excellent game. We hope that you will get rid of the bugs quickly with several enhancements.

This game is incredible l love it and am waiting for more mean warstrike 2 and include additional story mode.

The game is enjoyable with a great storyline, but after a certain mission, it becomes glitchy and I am unable to press any buttons, so I have to quit the game. I’m not able to obtain any leveling cards.

A very excellent game. Really big bugs. It’s impossible to play the 2nd chapter because I fall and hit the roof, and I can’t detect anything. The hud can be customized but the joystick will not get larger or smaller. If you don’t precisely tap the joystick, it will turn and you’re lost. Moving, aiming and jumping and aiming are all good. However, combining them can be unbalanced. Improve the game and continue the great work.

It’s finally a great story with great graphics. It’s a fantastic game. However, there are some issues that are easy to solve. The AI of Enemies is is still superior to other games that run at less than 100mb, but it’s too boring. The location for spawning needs to be improved. One literally spawned right on my face. Speedrunners will be able to see this immediately. You can also jump out of the map with ease. Do something about it and make jumping more useful. It’s useless to jump.movement pads can’t be increased, and sensitivity is sucked.

I’ve just shown the gameplay on YouTube and I think the game is great. I’m interested to try it even though it appears to be Battleops. The graphics look great despite being an offline. These are the type of games that are offline, …. great job. I’ve removed one star after giving it an attempt, because I did not like the way that enemies are dying too fast, and the game isn’t solid.

Fun fact: I downloaded the game, and watching YouTube at times and then open playstore, I can see it’s 51%. I then watch YouTube again and open playstore and it’s in 3%.

This game is a total blast . HONESTY It’s nostalgic. As if you were playing a console FPS game with Android. This game is worthy of five stars but 3stars is what I’m going to give due to the following controls that move around, especially the analog controls. the aim freezes also. Lagging even with low graphics settings. *Refill energy cells do not fill up after you quit the game. On top of that, I like the fact that it doesn’t take internal memory like new applications that keep being released. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Excellent graphics, but please add a battle royale game mode as well as more maps for mp modes. And please, include more guns, especially secondary weapon , plsss include it in the next release…

The game is excellent. It offers great graphics, a compelling storyline and much more, but the reason I gave it rating 4 is because of the bugs, like you cannot kill anyone, the energy bar can only be filled with four bars, and the worst is that you cannot move the gun upwards or downwards. You only have it on the on the left and right sides making the experience a bit sour…

It’s an excellent game, however it’s filled with bugs, for example, enemies can shoot at walls, and sometimes the character isn’t moving and so on. Great graphics, story and gameplay, however make these bugs fixed and I’ll award you five stars. Improve the grammar too it’s a good game. Great game!

The game is simply incredible, however there are some issues that require to be addressed. 1. The joystick can’t be customized in the controls 2.Some times , the crosshair is visible once the scope is opened. Sometimes we shoot at enemies , but the bullets do not reach them. Please make all modes available to play multiplayer Sniper

It’s a fun game with graphics , however when we choose weapons and other things such as scoope, it will be more enjoyable in the absence of knowing where our enemies are. We will feel like pubg . Also, if you leap from an airplane and assign a task, it will feel seem more like a free fire and you are requested to let it go and change clothes to alter the look of my characters and some characters , like the pet lady e.t.c.

Warstrike is an excellent game, i was shocked by what I saw when i played this game for the first-time, it is definitely the kind of game that i’ve been looking for and it is worth the time to play, very as modern-day combat. The developers have done a fantastic job and i encourage you to continue to improve this game. We are looking forward to more amazing features. Great job!

This is the best shooting game I’ve ever played. The best part of it is it comes with excellent graphics. It’s not even a large game, it’s less than 75mb. The only one thing I dislike about the controls is that when I you walk normally, your character moves at a slow pace, however when I begin running, it becomes way too fast, but overall it is one of the best shooting games I’ve played.

This is a great game… the loading screen, guns, Story and so on. But there’s something lacking… especially do not use that app icons and images of your game as it appears like a clickbait game designed for kids..I discovered this game on YouTube and decided to play it. Also, in the main menu, there is an Idle character view is quite typical, so try to make it a an even closer view, where you can only shows a portion of the body and also animation. That’s it… Overall, 8/10

It’s one of the top games among the shooting games that are available on Google Play, as well as being more entertaining due to the storyline of the game. It’s time to wait to see the beginning of chapter 4: sniper mode or multiplayer mode.

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