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VideoShow Pro version has following extra features:
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MAY 31, 2022
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How to install VideoShow Pro – Video Editor v9.7.9rc APK + MOD (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded VideoShow Pro – Video Editor v9.7.9rc APK + MOD (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] VideoShow Pro – Video Editor v9.7.9rc APK + MOD (Unlocked) App for Android

The top! Thank you for placing the video onto Play Pass. Please consider introducing a trim mode. This one is where I can define “an interval” so the video will be divided into several videos with the given time. This would be helpful on platforms like Whatsapp where the maximum duration of video is thirty seconds, or other platforms that don’t have their own method of splitting.

The app is amazing and it is amazing. I’d love to see an option where you could see your video displayed on the timeline, select from the options below as the present, but making it similar to iMovie from Apple. Excellent application. Fantastic sound effects. I’d like to also have a feature where WAV files can be supported to add the music of your choice.

This application for a while however recently I’ve been experiencing issues when I apply different filters on my video. When I apply filters that have codes, like “NE7”, the app is always crashing. However, when using older filters with names that are long like “Calm”, the app does fine. Fix this bug to allow me to utilize newer filters with codes for names.

I’ve bought this application and it worked flawlessly in Android O, but on Android P it has some issues, such as the ability to not shuffle clips within the edit mode of clips the video preivew doesn’t work fully-screen, and much more. Fix these bugs

Upload keeps failing, tried everything, re-installed the application but the same issue persists. had this issue before the new update fix it. This is an app that is paid for to receive premium features this is a major displeasure… solve it! the issue make the app developer fix this bug or give me a refund, because I’ve wasted many hours when creating videos that share memories with my loved ones. Now I must switch to a different video application and spend countless hours putting together the same videos as it will not even save it to my gallery, thank you..

Beautifully clean edits. And even though some features such as the ability to sync music at a specific moment are a bit difficult, it’s the only video editing software I’ll ever use to stay clear of the other apps that are flooded with advertisements or subscription fees.

It’s just improving and getting better! It runs smoothly and the edits videos are great excellent! Everything I want. Thankyou! ps. Please ensure that the app is suitable for users of Chromebooks 🙂

App is running well. It’s upgraded from the basic version. However, it’s not working with the resolution of 720p. We recommend that you upgrade the app to be compatible in higher-resolutions.

It’s a very useful application. I had signed up for VIP for the entire time, but I am completely depressed as my video cannot be exported. What is the issue ?.how can I fix it ? What if we have the money to purchase it. I’m prepared for it however the language changes automatically to English to Chinese that I cannot comprehend. How can be able to pay. Pls. solve the issue, it’s essential for me. If the issue cannot be solved, I’ll join the other video editor, as I don’t have a choice.

I was in search of an program that could help me create little films and this was the most effective one I’ve used. As I type this, it’s growing and improving. It’s like I’ve barely even begun to grasp what it can do, and is still providing and giving. I’m going tell everybody how great this application. If you’re not as tech-savvy as me, this app is extremely simple to use and create professional videos quickly. I’d rate this app 100 stars If I could. Congratulations on the app!

There are a lot of issues with export. A lot of times, the application shuts down, fails to complete export, or even exports the media as the form of a blurry video image, even though you’ve clicked 1080p. Fox this, please!

To begin, let me say that I used to be a fan of this app, but it’s too bad that i cannot utilize it. I used to love this app prior to the cutting and trimming of video transcoding. The transcoding is extremely slow, it takes about 2 hours to convert a 3 minutes of video before it is fixed. In the meantime, i’ll use a different video editor due to the way it is. I’m using an LG Q7+. If you have any information from the developers, please contact me.

..This application is not compatible with videos as title can be described, instead, it converts images into slideshows. I love this app, but I am not a fan of how quickly the images change when a slideshow is constructed and it would be great if pictures slow down. It is also nice to have an option to include transitions (have many among them) and also include the duration of your pictures that can be customised by us however, overall it’s an enjoyable app, and that deserves five stars if the issues I’ve mentioned don’t cause you to be uncomfortable.

It is not allowing me to make videos with my own photos. I’m able to create videos only by using the search function and I’m able to create videos with images that I search for, not my own images. It is not clear what pictures we come across through the search function have the Creative Common Rights and are usable or are simply random images from the web. Similar complaints to those I had with the video maker app that is scoompa.

So I go to the application. It states “Video Collage Maker” I install it. However, when I launch the application, I am able to upload photographs. I gave it three stars since it can be used as an PHOTO collage maker but not as an video collage maker like the title says. Also , in your comments, you can see that all comments that say “a google user” with five stars are simply bots. I’m quite disappointed by this.

What's new

1. Fix issue that unable to download material
2. Added a lot of materials, let you quickly make amazing video
3. Add a variety of music
4. Optimize the user interface to make editing videos more convenient



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