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The best motorcycle simulator game of 2018 comes with the most realistic vehicle physics, unlimited customization, huge open world, addictive gameplay and endless fun!
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Sir Studios
Aug 4, 2022
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How to install Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator MOD APK v3.6.12 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator MOD APK v3.6.12 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator MOD APK v3.6.12 (Money) Game for Android

I really enjoy this game. There are so many cool things I can perform such as navigating ramps, but on Android (I own an Android phone, which is btw) it’s extremely sluggish, particularly when I have wireless or cellular data turned up. It requires 10,000 virtual coins to have a decent design for a motorcycle and not just one that looks like a shoddy motorbike. Additionally, if you play in traffic mode, some vehicles or buses hit objects, which blocks other vehicles and buses. It is urgent to fix this.

It’s an amazing game. It’s full of possibilities but I’m experiencing a minor issue that causes me to lose money rather than gain currently. I’ve made more than 100 000 dollars and the current number is 100 000 per when I complete one circuit. This reduces the amount I earn by adding 49 000, and the list goes on. Fix this. There are other bugs such as parkour need fixing, and also the issue with Arrow guidance. It’s still great game to pass the time and I really enjoy playing it. Please fix these issues and thank you.

Another excellent game. (I’ve played the most realistic car simulator) and this game has exactly the same issue similar to the game. However, there is a problem that’s different. When you win some races (the finish banner doesn’t show up, and all controls get lost. The bike just keeps running. The only option is to start the game again) (events that award prizes do credit to your account).

Include more settings, specifically for audio. Many of us would like to hear music. Reduced costs for bikes and everything else. We can watch an advertisement every time we want to earn diamonds or boost the benefits of advertisements. A mini-map to navigate would be useful on top of the vast map. Some of these jumps should be more manageable. Give us a decent beginning bike. Beyond that, an excellent game.

A great opportunity to play an exciting game. I’ve got to say, this game is a blast. However, it requires lots of adjustments to the controls. The steering is losing its ability to rotate consistently. Sometimes, it stops turning. What happens if it doesn’t go right when you push left, or vice reverse. The brake could have been too near to the fuel? The bike slows down when you press on the gas.. Also, what’s the matter with the controls for drifting? Only drift while racing? No Grip? What’s wrong? And Drifting is over sensitive.

I love it tremendously 5 stars, but the timed challenges do not make sense. You follow a road they advise you to follow, and then discover yourself somewhere in the wilderness, and when you realize “Oh, there’s the next checkpoint ” you’ve only two seconds left, and there’s no reason to winning. Please fix this. Thanks!

The game is far too enjoyable for me. The controls are a bit difficult and graphics are okay, but the cost of the bike to be over the top. I also had a problem bought a bike I have the amount of money, but the game would allow me to purchase it, but I had to add a few other things , like a larger city bike. It sounds cool and makes light around the bike in all colours, traffic lights for people allow riders to ride the bike bike and ride around the city using joysticks or moving controls. Keep the bike from Godzilla fan

All Play Store Best Simulation Bike Game Is Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator This Game Is So Realistic Graphics Best Control And Advance Built Improve I Requested Please Founder New Updates: Other Bike And Other Maps Location Additional Game Is So Realistic Improvement Please Please Please

The reason I’m giving this game four stars is due to the challenges as well as the difficult ones… 1st challenge that is the starter bike the one you’re playing the game, it’s very boring to play. 2nd, the unattainable parkour-related challenges. All I ask is for you the best to solve these problems…overall. It would be a lot of fun If all of this were corrected

It was at first that I enjoyed this game, but after there were some serious bugs that destroyed the fun game. There’s a glitch where there are only just two points to check… Two checkpoints!! But it requires 12 checkpoints to finish this time challenge. If you’re wondering how you’re are supposed to finish it? and then there’s this glitch in the parkour challenge you are just pushed through obstacles, and it’s a pain. Please fix it, I enjoy this game. It has a great graphics and gameplay, however the bug is frustrating, thanks for the fix.

Sir Studios, Love your games, but as I complete the parkour of level 1 near the end of the city. It is linked with the ocean. The bike is going towards the direction where I completed the event. No controls until I reset the game. It has happened many times. Please solve this issue, give me additional gold, and add new maps. I am loving your four games. …..

It’s an amazing game . A huge map, a variety of bikes to buy and numerous ways to earn cash . The only issue is that certain bikes can be very costly . They are also very difficult to get these . Every time I join the game , I do not have time to look around . It’s just a matter of working on the tasks . I like the aap, however . Keep it up! 5 Stars !!

It’s a fun game. Nice graphics. I would think it would be cool if, when the bike crashes, you slide from your motorcycle. There’s no bugs or crashes to be aware of. It would be more beneficial if you made the tasks (parkour time trial, parkour, drift, etc.) …) to be permanent, so that when you’re done the game doesn’t disappear. I love playing this game. I also own an ULTIMATE CAR DRIVING simulator and I’m pleased that the game doesn’t come with premium. I would recommend this game to all those who want to have a great motorbike ride.

There’s a glitch with the parkour game. If you click ” next” it will show an advertisement and then once you are back in the parkour game, you are playing in a third person perspective that only the bike can be controlled by an unmoving frame. It’s funny, however others may be able to complain to protect the integrity of the game. Thank you for sharing this.

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